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  1. Opinions are all over the board. I wish I knew which one was the 100% real truth. I'm not a psychic, but I surely hope my 10/30/20 on the Breakaway going to Bermuda and Bahamas sails. My worry is that it sails out of Manhattan. I was told by the TA I have used for 13 years, that she is pretty confident it will. They will start a few ships at first, and my cruise itinerary is a favorable one due to the low impact Bermuda and Bahamas had on the virus. Canada & New England would not be, due to certain restrictions from where it would be sailing to. I can't remember the exacts on that one. I got such a super price with great perks for the 3 of us in a Balcony that I would hate to pass up on this one. We'll just all have to wait and see what happens. It also will depend on anyone's air travel as to where Airlines are and are not flying to, especially Europe. So keeping my fingers crossed. Good Luck to all who are booked.
  2. This is what they have said.********* Norwegian Cruise Line extends sailing suspension; ships won't sail until August Morgan Hines, USA TODAY USA TODAYMay 20, 2020, 12:30 PM EDT Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. is extending its sailing suspension through July 31, with ships now scheduled to resume embarkations in August. Frank Del Rio, CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd., said during an earnings call Thursday that Norwegian has been planning a phased relaunch. Del Rio said wants to do "everything humanly possible within the bounds of what technology offers today" to be able to look his family members in the eyes and tell them that Norwegian's cruise ships are safe to board. Del Rio added that ships won't operate until that point, and when operations start to resume, it will be a gradual process that takes several months.
  3. Well, I'm in the same boat with some of you. I have a 10/30/2020 cruise booked on the Breakaway out of "Oh No " (Manhattan). My final payment is due 06/26. My sister and a friend are coming along. My issue is I don't want to put thousands on my CC and having to be stuck with that bill to pay if there is no guarantee the cruise will sail. A future CC will do me no good, as I will still be responsible for the credit card payment. If My sister and friend do not reimburse me for this cruise, I'll be stuck for their portion of my cc bill. I talked to NCL yesterday and was told they have shut off the automatic cancel tool on their website and would NOT get cancelled if my final payment wasn't paid when due, and that I would get lots of e-mails before it actually cancels. In essence buying me some extra time to see if it actually does sail. Does Not mean this is true. I had had others tell me before "that is not correct, who told you that"? So I take what I'm told with a grain of salt and am just hoping for the best. I have a super price and perks for this sailing so I don't want to lose it. A lot can happen in 5 months. I was also told other info, but will not go into detail due to time. I was told they are planning to sail again as of July 1st. Out of where and to where are anyone's guess. I myself wouldn't mind being on a larger ship sailing at 50% capacity if this were to happen. So many opinions from everywhere, I guess time will tell. I wish you all luck!!!!!!
  4. O.K. so I'm not 100% sure what it's called, but I think it is the Cruise Critic Community Daily Newsletter that is sent by e-mail, that you open to read all of the new content that people have postedon what ever cruiseline you have chosen, which mine happends to be Norwegian. Before they changed their format I use to get about maybe 50 - 60 new content and with the change I now get about 5-6 and for the past 2 months now my e-mails have stopped all together. I have been receiving these since 2009 when I joined and was the highlight of my morning with my coffee. I have gone in and made sure everything that was suppose to be checked was checked, and if I try to sign up it says I'm already signed up. I really miss my daily content on NCL but I am not getting my e-mails, I've even gone back to reset my computer to an earlier date & nothing. I was getting them before my last cruise 2/29/2020. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!! LOL
  5. Not exactly sure what they are called, but has anyone else not gotten their daily cruise critic e-mails. All of a sudden it seems I've not been getting them for a week or so. Also, I'm not sure what I need to put in my preferences, but seems like when I do get them it's only about 3-5 new posts compared to their old format which I was getting maybe 40 or 50. Thanks all
  6. WOW!!!!!! I have a completely different prospective. For me****** I'm just happy being on a ship. With all there is to eat, I will check out ALL my choices. With so many, it's o.k. for me if I don't see anything apealing in the buffet, cause I've made a meal out of french fries, or soup and bread with butter (yummy), or chicken wings from O'Sheehans. I've probably eaten more chicken wings in my life than anything else, and that is o.k. with me. I don't care to sit in the sun (past breast cancer survivor) so no lounge by the pool is fine with me. I don't care to swim in the pools or be in the hot tubs, (I'm somewhat of a germaphobic) I know they chlorine it well but I'm just as happy staying dry. I have gone to the main dining room, by myself, for just the appitizers because that is what I wanted. I've made milk shakes from the ice cream and milk. My own special dessert from a little bit of this and that from here and there. If I get a steak that's a little chewy, I eat more potatoes. I'm happy with a bag of popcorn in the Atrium watching a movie. I'm free to do what ever I want to do. I can go take a nap, play in the casino (if open) people watch, do trivia or watch another activity or just wonder around and play a game on my phone. I have an in home day care and am happy I'm NOT cooking, cleaning, changing diapers. I'm just happy being on a cruise. Yes there are things that I may not like, but I then find something else to do. My choices are endless. I have an upcoming cruise on the Escape in 3 days, in a solo cabin. I guess if life throws me a lemon, I make lemonade or a pie. There are a whole lot more issues in life that I spend my time worring about. Not condeming anyone. To each their own, this is just my prospective of my cruising experiences.
  7. For those of you who have sailed in a solo cabin, (I've only done cabin crawls to the solo's) is the Studio Lounge on each floor or only on one floor for all 3 floors of solo's? Also Is there only 1 enterance into the studio cabins hallway or one at each end of the studio areas? It's hard to tell from the deck plans where the main door is. I know sometimes the rooms can be like trying to navigate a maze. Thank You
  8. Hey guys, Question; has anyone recently had an issue with your upcoming cruise online check in? I have 2 up coming cruises, one which I just booked that is actually less than 60 days out. My check ins are always done as soon as I book my cruises. Everything comes up with the green check mark as being complete except for the contact information. So my on line check in progress will not move past the 80 percent progress mark, keeping me from being able to print out my e docs. I've gone back & erased and re done the contact info and still nothing. I have more problems with NCL's web site than anything else on the internet. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this and what they have done (if anything) to fix the issue! Thanks a lot.
  9. Some may not know this, but you can pay for the soda package instead. It is probably the better choice. True they will not split up packages, but WILL do him alcohol and you soda, saves you almost $100.00 but is the better of the two evils. They've done it for me several times when my sister sails with me because she is Morman and doesn't drink, so they give me the bev package & her the soda. Did the same for when my son traveled with me and was not yet 21. Hope this helps. Even if you don't drink much or any soda, it's better than paying the whole grat fee.
  10. For those of you who are Platinum Plus and have sailed on the Bliss, my question is with the 2 free dinner vouchers, 1 is for LeBistro's or I forget the second choice, and the 2nd voucher is Maderno's or again I forget the second option. I believe it was LaCucina & Cagneys as the optional ones, but being that there is no Maderno's on board, what are the 2 choices that are replacing Madernos on the voucher. Thank you in advance.
  11. Not that I noticed, but I'm not really the spa person my sister is. For the $219.00 I paid, I only went 4 times. For me, not worth it. I'd rather spend the $219.00 in the casino. Lol
  12. I just got off the Escape, and we all paid $219.00 for the thermal Spa for the week. Before that we were on the Getaway and paid $187.00. Go figure. All were 7 day cruises
  13. Good morning, My question for past Haven Penthouse Guests is, when NCL's written amenities for the Haven Penthouse says "Invitations to an exclusive breakfast and lunch", do you know if it is the breakfast served in Madernos, and lunch in Cagneys, or does it very from ship to ship. We were on the Getaway and had an invitation for lunch & breakfast that were in these 2 resteraunts and was wondering if those were the same offered to Haven guests? Also the special Haven restaurant for dinner, is there a charge or is it complimentary? Thanks all in advance.
  14. OMG !!! It's so funny how opinions very. My sister & I along with my teenage son went to this about a year ago and absolutely LOVED the show and thought the food was excellent. Tomato with mozz cheese and prosciutto for app. Steak w/ grilled shrimp that was extremely good, and I will say of the 3 different mini desserts, I enjoyed 1 more than the other 2. I would do it again in a heartbeat!!!
  15. Thank You so much for the quick response. I knew it would be quicker than calling NCL. LOL This is just a new one for me. Never heard of them Thanks again!
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