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  1. Does anyone know if there is more than one Concierge on the "Gem" to handle all requests. Also, are they basically stationed at the Haven Desk? I like to talk face to face rather than over a phone. Thank You in advance.
  2. crystalaziza

    My Excitement is Dwindling..help!

    OP, listen, just go and see for yourself. There is always someone who doesn't like something even if it is served on a silver platter. I think the food is wonderful and a lot will say it's bland. I think a cruise is all about what you make of it.
  3. Well then, I guess I'll just have to cancel this cruise, because in order to do it, that was the only flight available that would work. & yes, you are correct I am NOT a Psychic.
  4. Thank You for the vote of confidence. I have sailed NCL many, many times and know all the possibilities. As I said there are very few flights back that will work for us. I do plan on being 1st off the ship, I have Uber on my phone, I have no luggage to retrieve, my boarding pass will already be printed out, I usually have TSA Pre-Check., so all these things are in my favor. A 6:a.m. or 11 p.m. flight will not work for me, so I am left biting the bullet. I am not comparing this to Miami, I just know that you have to make things work for you, and I am banking on Sunday morning little traffic, and the ship being cleared at a reasonable time, which is actually what my original post was asking about. I will let you know how I make out. Ships returning on Sundays don't leave a lot of wiggle room for me when I need to work on Monday, especially when you have to return from a time zone with a 3 hour difference. If I can be at my gate by 10:15, I'll be golden. I'll be in touch!!!
  5. Thanks guys, My flight is at 10:35 a.m. out of LAX (Don't shoot me) to RDU & my sisters is at 12:53 p.m. to ROC. As I said there are not a lot of choices going back to the east coast. I plan on going to the Haven concierge to set up a meet up at about 7 ish. I did this in Miami, was 1st off the ship when cleared at 7:25, had to actually wait for a taxi about 2 minutes because they were not even lined up yet, got to the airport through security and sitting at my gate 5 minutes before 8 a.m.. Do I expect this to happen at LAX? NO!! But I can run like the wind and as I said all our luggage is carry on, boarding passes printed out 24 hours prior to flight. It is what it is, and I accept the way the day falls for us and am hoping Luck will be hovering overhead on that morning. That lightning bolt that will be seen in the sky over LA that morning will of course be us!!!!!!!
  6. Anyone who has been on NCL recently know what time the ship has been cleared on average. I'm sailing in January and was wondering what kind of luck I'd have getting off the ship about 7:30a.m. Please don't tar & feather me, there are few flights going back to the east coast that will work for us, & even though they are already booked, I want to ease my nerves. I know anything can happen at any time & we could be stuck out at sea playing tittily winks at 7:30 a.m. Just looking for time cleared history. We will be on the Gem returning (Sunday) 1/27 from the Mexican Rivera. No luggage to retrieve, just our carry ons. Thanks all in advance.
  7. crystalaziza

    Food on NCL - Have you noticed a downward change???

    As for me, I have always come off the cruise having had very good food from somewhere. Whether it's wings or a prime rib or LeBristro's. Also, for as many people who will complain about nasty food, there are an awful lot of those people also complaining about how much they ate and how much weight they have gained. Now who eats nasty food to the point of gaining weight? I'm sure NCL tries to please as many as possible, but impossible to please all.
  8. crystalaziza

    Comedian Tim Kiminski

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Poo! LOL Thanks Mike
  9. crystalaziza

    Comedian Tim Kiminski

    Being a fan of Tim Kiminski's, I see from his FB page he is going on the Gem 10/10/2018. Does anyone know how his contracts run? I would love for him to still be on for the 1/20/2019 sailing which will be a bit over 3 months when his boards. He is so awesome & I would love for my sister to see him. I already called NCL, but they only say variety entertainment is listed. Okie Dokie then!!!!!
  10. crystalaziza

    Bliss - Los Angeles Cruise Port transfer question

    Oh this is just what I wanted to hear. Thank You soooo much!!!!!!!!!!
  11. crystalaziza

    Bliss - Los Angeles Cruise Port transfer question

    How about on a Sunday?????? Less traffic? Cause that's when I will be returning from a Mexican Rivera Cruise on 1/27 Flights back to RDU are all mostly night time and will get me back a whole lot later than I want.
  12. crystalaziza

    New Government Fees

    Why such a jump in Government Fees? I've noticed some have nearly doubled.
  13. crystalaziza

    Online check in

    I've read these posts about having to put in a CC # for purchases on your on line check in. I did both my check in & my sisters check in yesterday for travel mid - January and nowhere was the a place asking for that info. not sure why but we are both 100% checked in.
  14. crystalaziza

    Early Arrival

    If the doors are not already open you have to line up out on the landing, stairs and sidewalk in line. They open the doors at 9:00 a.m. but there are ONLY a few chairs on each side of the pre -security check in (8 I think) then the rest is standing room only in line behind the pole and tape zig zag thingy majiggies. Security opens at 9:30 and after your bags are scanned, you may go through the line to check in and get your key card. They will then give you a group #, then you have to sit and wait until 11:30 ish. All of this is barring any foreseen disasters. I have experienced some. Have I missed anything? Hope I've covered your answer..
  15. crystalaziza

    Sailing with 18 yr olds/2 rooms?

    I had a very similar situation just a bit ago with drinkers and non drinkers & my son being 18. If I were in that situation being my son was only able to drink wine and beer with my consent, I would book a drink package & a soda package for each room. This way the other friend would at least be able to have something to drink. I personally thought the corks & caps was way too much for me to spend to have it worthwhile for my 18 year old to drink. Home it's 21, I didn't really want my son to be sloshed all the time at 18, and not that he would be. You have to weigh the odds of each. How much would he drink? Would he drink his worth in the total price of the caps & corks vs just paying for each? Not that my son never got something other than beer and wine ...but that's a whole different topic. Even if you were to book you & hubby in one room & son & friend in maybe a connecting to balcony room, they wouldn't make you pay for a caps & corks for friend, cause he would not be privy to it due to no parent on board. Hope I've given at least a little insight! Good Luck & Happy Cruising!!