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  1. All bartenders do get a cut of the pool but if there are one or two that outstanding and take really good care of you I would tip mine more. I had one who would put up with our CC group from about 8pm till he was mopping the floor at 1am trying to get us out of there since his day started at 8am at least this is what he told me. I would ask where and I would be there but he did not show till 11am when his bartending job by the pool started, A couple of our group may be there with me where we would start our day if it was a sea day. I will not tell you what ship or when since I am afraid NCL will track him down but I tried several drinks for n/c since I had the package I still think that he should have charged me a little but he did not and I try to make it up in tips directly to him. I think that he appreciated the extra. Afterwards I said another NCL cruise different ship and he was not on it as he was telling me that he wanted to be on be on a different ship but I did meet up with his supervisor who first did not recognize me even though it was only 8 months earlier then she remembered me and we talked and I had a few in her bar. Neither one mentioned "my bartender" so I do not know where he is. Maybe another ship, line or went back home. Sorry to be so long winded but to answer your question yes if I find a good bartender who takes good care of you tip him a buck or two directly to him as you never know how the next drink will be,
  2. Thank You for your review. I am on the Escape in 5 months and 6 days (Oct 27th, 2018), I am going to the Bahamas for a week. I also have good time on NCL of course it could be the suite.however no suite this time but an AFT balcony which I have had before them and like them very much. I always seem to make friends on a cruise, last year I met a couple from the NYC area while I live in Buffalo but after talking and I passing the test ( I was requested our friend's name) who was a volunteer fireman while I knew him at this full time job. It took me a couple of tries but I came up with his name. Even though I could not really talk about him since we only talked on the phone and I met him once or twice in person we got along great. I also met a woman who lost her husband a year earlier and she was on the cruise by herself. We made her part of our 8pm after dinner get together which some times lasted till midnight-1am but she had a good time not being by herself and i would see her the next morning with her book by the pool getting some sun. Enough about that thanks again for your input and I can not wait to leave for NYC and the Escape.
  3. I have a friend who are planning on sailing on NCL to Bermuda and was wondering if the drink package offered by NCL which is one of the three things that they can obtain includes non alcoholic frozen drinks. They do not drink at all but like to drink these drinks if nonalcoholic. I told her that I do not know but I would find out for her. This is their first cruise so I am trying to walk them thru the cruise as to a room and what to get as their picks but leaving the final discussion up to them.
  4. Elvis 1209 Thank you for your offer, I have been on about 10 NCL cruises and every time they offer the class I and people that I have met on the cruise are there having a martini and just talking about things, A couple of us "may" carry on the tasting till 8-9pm taking time off for dinner then meeting again, Of course it is not a class and for the most part the cost is covered by the drink package. I enjoy a good gin martini but I do not drink them when I am on land, Just maybe a Tangeray (sp) and Tonic Enjoy your cruise as I will enjoy mine since I am living in Buffalo, NY right now with the ice snow and wind and the schools are closed again today
  5. Found this under Graycliff.com/dinning Think this is what you are looking for. You are lucky I am in Buffalo, NY with 55 mph winds and snow all day otherwise it would be pizza with some friends on mine Afternoon Tea Enjoy a relaxing interlude from the hustle and bustle of beach-going and sightseeing at the historic Graycliff Hotel for a Traditional Afternoon Tea. Graycliff celebrates this fine – and delicious – British tradition with a Bahamian twist. Afternoon Tea is offered Monday to Friday from 12:30pm to 4:00pm, reservations are required. Book Afternoon Tea
  6. I just googled Graycliff Chocolatier and came up with a web site which lists the 10 minute tour of the factory and a wine and chocolate sample in the afternoon which if I recalls consist of 5 different wines and 5 different pieces of chocolate but that was the only thing listed, I will be in Nassau on my cruise in about 8 months I am going here for the 10 minute tour then head to the run factory John Waitly?? which consists of a short tour and a couple of small samples of rum. They claim that they sell regular sized drinks I think 2/$20 and sells bottles of their rum along with other things, I been to Nassau several times in the past but I usually get off the ship look around maybe buy something then go to Senor Frogs for lunch and to make sure that I will be on board before they leave the pier
  7. I have asked this a couple of times but does the Escape or for that matter does NCL still have martini tasting classes?? This was a way for a few of us who met at our M&G to go out a couple ok maybe all the tasting have a couple (6) martinis and talk about different things. Over my last couple of cruises I have met couple of couples who I did not know but after talking to them about different things we had something in common even thought I lived in Buffalo. NY moving from Albany, NY after retiring and they were living outside of NYC or in NJ I hope they forgive me and I got that wrong. Anyway can you tell me if there are martini tasting classes on the Escape, if not I will have to find something to do in the afternoons, I am not into Micro beers after spending a week in Vermont for a week heading a different direction everyday fo look for breweries I found them but after a while it got old. I guess I will have to go to wine tasting classes and learn about wine since I do have a glass of wine with dinner every now and then Looking at your post I see that it is over a year old so maybe things have changed since last year on the Jewel December 2017 the Jewel did have them I will be sailing on the Escape October, 2019 to the Bahamas for a week so any info that you could or anyone else can provided with be appreciated. Thank You in Advance.
  8. I am sorry and you are correct 2019. What I am really looking for does the Escape have martini classes or did NCL do away with them. I am not much into the micro beer tasting but for an hour or two I and friend either I know or just met enjoy the martini classes where we can take about the martini or anything else that crosses our minds
  9. Yes I would like to know also if NCL (Escape for my October, 2918 cruise) still have the martini classes, As I remember there where 4-5 classes in the afternoon usually on sea days where a person could sample 4-5 different martinis. There was usually a group of us that goes 5-6 people among the 15-20 who attend. We liked these classes since we could learn about different martinis and talk about different things also. A couple of us would find a martini bar after the class, later on in the evening or a off day when there were no classes and have couple of martinis, This would be the only time I would drink martinis but I do drink gin and tonics or rum and 7up when on land. Any feed back would be great or we might have to find some other type of tasting, Me- wine since I really do not care for micro beer. Thanks Sam The Cat
  10. Scubagirl I would like to thank you for your input regarding John Watling;'s Distillery I am really looking toward going there since I do much in Nassau other than shop a little go to Senor Frogs then back to the ship. I must be getting old. I look for your posting where I am going as you seen to have knowledge about the different locations. I usually just go to the Bahamas but m next cruise maybe in 2010 will be to Bermuda for a week then to Alaska, Alaska cruise will be about 3 weeks since I will be taking the train from Buffalo to Seattle and leave from there. It is not a bad ride since I have taken the train from Buffalo to Portland for work. The only problem I arrived around 12 noon and was put right to work which I did for the 2 weeks I was there then hoped the train back to Buffalo
  11. CILCIANRQTS Thank you very much for the information, I checked their web site and they did not say if you have to be part of a tour group or could be by yourself even thought it appears that a lot of tours do stop there. I sent them an email but has not heard from them yet I gave in and we are stopping at Grey Lord? to take the chocolate candy tour then to the rum tour then to Senor Frogs where we are having lunch then back on the ship. When I lived in San Juan Puerto Rico tor a total of over 3 years I loved taking family members who would fly down to see me and make sure that I was doing ok on the Bacardi Rum tour even though my mother did not drink and my one sister drank a little they loved the tour and the warm weather as compared to upstate New York in January. Thanks Again Sam
  12. I have a question can you show up at John Watling’s distillery and take the tour and have a couple of samples or is the only way to see the distillery is to go on a group tour There is only the two of us. Thank you for any feed back
  13. Good Morning Greenie Nice to see that you are still on CC and going on cruises, What happen to your river cruises?? As far as the martini tasting if they do not have them I will be missing a lot. Last year on the Gen a group of us M&G people went to them and we had a ball during and after dinner just talking about things we all had the "free" and we had our fill. One person was a fireman who knew some one that I worked with but was killed in Manhattan the day of 9/11 since in his "spare" time he was a volunteer fireman and we talked about him but I could not say much since I had been retired for 10 years now 11 and lost touch with most of the people who I worked with since they retired or was transferred. Anyway in 9 months and one week from yesterday (Sunday) I/we, ok going with the wife but that is another long story, on the Escape to the Bahamas for a week. I am looking toward the cruise since being retired I do not get any vacations, I help out my landlord at the 2 bars that he owns and I can open one hack of a bottle of beer. I do not hang around there other than in the AM before he opens at 11am helping him to get ready for the day by cleaning, tending bar while he makes his runs to the bank and other places and I attend bar if I am lucky maybe 2 customers will come in like me retired. If I am lucky he will stop by and get 4 slices of pizza for us to have for lunch then I leave for the day till the next day. Since then the "young" [people come in after work and begin their drinking, This is how my day goes except for shoving snow like we did this weekend but so far we did not get the second storm and 8 inches of more snow on top of the 12 we got the day before. Keep in touch and let me know how the Bliss is since NCL is pulling out the ships that we been on and love, Dawn, Gem, Jewel and the Spirit.
  14. Just wondering since I have not seen any postings does NCL still have martini tasting on it ships? I attended "classes" on the Dawn, Gem, Jewel but can not remember if the Spirit had any martini tastings. I am sailing on the Escape in October and was looking toward this. The group I was in and I think we attended all but one were either from the M&G or someone that I met at a bar or dinner time. We had about 60% of the people were people I met on the ship. I would not mind going to wine tasting and am thinking about the wine lunch that they have. Thank You
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