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  1. That's interesting--that has not been the case for us! In fact I have always had to do what I can to track them down that last afternoon/evening to make sure they get their tips! I guess it depends on the steward and butler...
  2. No, but I did ask my butler once if we could keep a supply of that awesome bar mix in our room. He happily obliged. YUM.
  3. Disagree. I would NOT try and sneak anyone inn who did not pay for the privilege--it has nothing at all to do with embarrassment at potentially getting caught. While I may not be without sin in other areas, I totally am without this particular type of sin.
  4. I just think this is wrong. The Haven is for Haven guests who pay an arm and a leg to stay there. They pay for all the perks. In return they get (or are supposed to) fewer people, a more serene quiet experience. If only one person did this, no it would not affect anyone else. But it would still be wrong.
  5. I thought Ocean Blue was kind of mediocre. But now I might try it again and get grilled lobster! Have never had anything but a totally delicious meat at La Cucina (I guess I've been lucky!). Moderno is probably good if you like plate after plate of meat, which I'm just not into. I love Le Bistro and usually have really good food at Cagney's. We were on the Bliss a year ago and my all-time fav meal was at Los Lobos. We had so much fun too. It's all really just different strokes for different folks. The only food I have not enjoyed any time I have tried it is the free bar food restaurant--can't
  6. Yes I just found it. It's an interesting read, too! I get what you are saying, but if I can't say never until it's never, that would mean I was dead. And then couldn't say it even if I wanted to. I suppose I should have said "in 66 years I have never gotten it." Which is what I meant. Semantics!
  7. I am 66 and I have never had the flu. I never had a flu shot until 2 years ago. So now you know someone! 😉
  8. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I had actually forgotten all about this review and I ended up reading the whole thing, grinning, and wishing I was back onboard! Re your question, though, I was never aware of any steepness--I have a slightly weakened right ankle that I am careful of since I am an avid early morning walker (I have torn a ligament twice) so I would have been aware if it was steep. It was a gentle downhill slope. Go for it!
  9. Yes, we did make it. There was only one more cruise that went out after us before the shut-down. The cabana experience was unreal. The best day of the cruise. I posted a review of the cruise and there are lots of pictures of the cabana in it. I will look for the link. Here it is--hope it works:
  10. I agree with this. I think it will still be awhile before they do. And when they do, I think it's likely they will kind of test the waters with short cruises.
  11. OK, I get it now. Appreciate all the help. 🙂
  12. Good info. We won’t be buying a package, I don’t think. But would like to eat at the Steak place one night, and the Italian place another night. So if I reserve those two online, as long as I don’t reserve for the same time as our MTD, it will go through ok?
  13. Ok, thanks. I just wasn’t sure what they prefer or if they hold a table or what they do. I will of course notify them.
  14. I have a cruise booked with RCI for next May. It's been a few years since I cruised with Royal, but I am familiar with MTD--at least how it worked a few years ago. I went ahead and reserved MTD at 6:30 each night. We will want to do Specialty two nights. My question is this: On those nights we eat elsewhere do we need to notify the MDR that we won't be there on those 2 nights or do we just not show up? Not sure how that works. Thanks in advance.
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