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  1. You need to quickly show the authorities that are restricting us the "evidence" that is available to be "seen", as you have done. I wonder why they haven't "seen" it also. Gather your sources of factual evidence and whop it on them.
  2. If you saw some of the video the guests took on that cruise of the mess and fumes that surrounded them much of the cruise, it was not anything anyone would care to endure, and especially have to pay to endure. But yes, I really like the Sun.
  3. I swear I don't intend to only bear bad news. I want to cruise. But with news like this AP article this morning, I just can't see how cruises can possibly be approved to resume. Yes, maybe a cruise to no where within a sterile ship bubble could be done....or approved. Beyond that, for now I just don't see approvals happening. I've got some doubts about some of these already scheduled out of foreign ports happening even. And I'm referring to the ability of US folks going cruising, not just cruises restricted to only select country EU guests. I am considering my view of reality rather th
  4. Only way I'd be doing it for a long time.
  5. Nobody wants cruises to resume more than me. But....just this afternoon’s news says we are a long way from being out of the virus woods still. Variant spreading still, many countries back to rising cases and deaths, and more restriction being imposed again. Until this is better controlled, just too many uncertainties for anyone or countries to just turn it loose yet. My opinion based on the data. Wish it wasn’t.
  6. The Sun got major refurbishing just a couple of years ago. Part of it was done on an active cruise which screwed up so much, closing part of the ship, chemical fumes, that the guest got partial refunds.
  7. I'm out of the vaccine information loop, but it seems that supply should be much more available...somehow. Here in Tennessee, some counties are finding they now have an over supply since so many folks are not going to get one. In Wal Mart yesterday, they had a sign posted on the front door that vaccine shots were now available, just drop by for your appointment. Our local Kroger is giving them all day long. It seems, based on this, that the US won't be a vaccine hog much longer.
  8. Will know specifically in ....late 2021 or early 2022. Or shortly before final payment.
  9. As stated several time before, a vaccine requirement FOR NOW is about the only way these cruise ships will ever start sailing again, FOR NOW. However, as the virus situation improves, and it has a long way to go in many countries, and the majority of folks have elected to be vaccinated, which then brings down the risk to a manageable level, then I will speculate that the vaccinated requirement, and mask requirement, will be history, just a bad memory. But for now, if you're not vaccinated, it sounds like you won't be sailing, FOR NOW. It almost sounds like the non vaccinated are whining, "I
  10. IATA iPhone passport being developed. It sure looks like if you ever do wish to travel internationally, you'll have to be vaccinated or show other proof.
  11. My opinion, no way NCL will be ready for any cruise by June.
  12. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/cdc-issues-next-phase-guidance-cruise-ship-industry-n1262970
  13. Much of Europe is not looking very good at the moment.
  14. Wow! I just got another one of those one time good deals today, book now and get two free offers. But this good deal ends today!!!!!! Again..... I better jump quick. There is no end to NCL's BS offers over and over. I know I get at least two of the slick brochures a week.
  15. I scanned them and put them in iPhone, photos, favorites.
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