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  1. The first day can be pretty cool sailing out of L.A. However, after entering Mexican waters, warms up much like Carribean.
  2. And from my airport to most destinations, I can book it cheaper myself. Just depends.
  3. The petty small charges that keep getting added and increased make me stop and think how much am I loving NCL still. However, when the cruise package value offered overall price finally far exceeds what I could find on another cruise line, I then jumped ship. After 22 NCL cruises, my next cruise is booked on another cruise line.
  4. It's not the dollar. It's not the $5 dollars. It's not the limit on the items you may have with a free meal. It's the appearance of the pettiness these issues provoke. Do these small items of restriction justify enough revenue increase for them to off set the bad attitudes they provoke? Personally, if I was marketing, I'd just raise the total cruise package price base $100 and lift all these petty restrictions. None of us would actually even realize the base price increase, since they bounce up and down constantly. And we would board with a much more NCL loving attitude. That would be my marketing approach.
  5. Yes. You will be given dollar credit for the 250 minute promo and pay the difference to upgrade to unlimited. I haven't done a 12 night so don't know specifically what the up charge difference would be. After you board, you will have information on how to connect to the wifi and also up grade if you wish. However, for me it was easier to just go down to the internet manager's desk and have them do it for me. He/she can also at that time put a log in and a log out icon on your devices for you.
  6. Yea. That cuts you short a day in Bermuda.
  7. This is it exactly! All of the above. These little petty recent add ons or rules just go a long ways towards reducing the previous wonders of how the cruise was perceived by us before. It just adds a discomfort. It's not the money, it is the gesture towards their guests, "we value your loyalty, however here are some rules you must adhere to now while we thank you and tell you we love you". We've done 22 NCL cruises and have now booked our first one on another line, just to try it. NCL...you're just making me feel discomfort to often now. Do love your crew though.
  8. The SF suites have had both in the past. However, there is a date when that changes...maybe... And those changes even mentioned whether the SFs were on deck 10 or below. Somewhere on the NCL web site that is mentioned.
  9. We always have a certificate waiting for us in our room. And it shows up on you on board account when you access that.
  10. Plus, as you approach the dock area, there are lighted signs saying which ship is docked where.
  11. Same day, even for free...not for me . And any offer I've checked, I could have booked cheaper myself. Guess it all about where you are flying from.
  12. I used to take shuttles. However, we've begun to Uber it frequently now. Going to the port with Uber is easy (although the last Uber guy was not very familiar with the Miami port off loading process). Going back to the airport after a cruise, with the huge crowds waiting, Uber finding you can get complicated, depending on the port I guess. Have used Uber but took a shuttle last time at Miami. We try to arrive at the ports around 10 or 10:30. Quicker check in and then a short wait to begin boarding.
  13. Not obvious on your first time Jewel ships' deck 11. Our first time we booked a deck 11, same thing. I had no idea that the deck above would be so noisy. I would never have imagined that these expensive cabins would not have been noise insulated better. So unless you somehow just stumble onto reports of these being noisy cabins, for your first booking on deck 11, you just don't know. I now have a good idea of the quieter areas of deck 11 to book. But I fault NCL for not having planed better when the ship was built.
  14. The iconcierge app has been replaced by one called Cruise Norwegian. However, it looks like it lets you book some items.
  15. Had a cup of Belikin beer last months. Nine bucks! Went back to the ship.
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