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  1. And if not in a hurry, stay on the coast highway driving down. Much nicer than the San Diego Freeway. However, is slow going through all the little communities.
  2. Even when gas prices were up near four bucks because of crude prices, a surcharge was never implemented. I don't know if it has ever been done.
  3. Haven't been to Rome, but at every other port as the porter takes the bags, usually 3, I hand him a five dollar bill. They always seem pleased with that and say thanks.
  4. If it hasn't changed, it is Duc De Valmer Brut. It makes great mimosas. Don't think I'd drink it straight though. Locally, it sells for $5.99 a bottle.
  5. It's also the free bottle if you choose. I did and gave it to my son-in-law, a frequent wine drinker. He said, "not bad". I agree.
  6. We've used Super Shuttle several times. LAX though can be a major nightmare when you get there though.
  7. Jump on it quick. If before deadline, you should be entitled to cancellation and refund, if US and not contract with a TA otherwise. If you are entitled, you can cancel and rebook at the new price, or they will probably just give you the new price. However, if there were any additional benefits with the first booking they might not be available with the new price. So you need to compare.
  8. I was an ATC kinda guy for 38 years. When I hired in it was white shirt, tie, and sports coat to walk around the facility outside the control room or tower. Through the years the dress code was gradually relaxed. Been retired now 18 years. Recently had occasion to be in an ATC facility. Troops were wearing flip flops, beachwear shorts, and tank tops. But they were all under 30 it looked like. A generational cultural difference. And if the FAA didn't go with the new flow, they would be without any new employees. If NCL doesn't go with the new cultural informality, they will also be without any future new cruisers.
  9. Only if before final payment deadline. Otherwise you might ask for a bit of OBC to help out some.
  10. Ships are just not marketed for a formal experience any more than we any longer dress up to fly commercially. Generational changes occur and have. The huge majority of folks to whom NCL markets their cruises are from a present culture that does not at all recognize formality in anything really. Actually, that is just a natural evolution of life, generational changes. So a person should never look at a cruise as an opportunity to have a formal evening. Do so if you wish but plan to be in the very, very small minority of others doing it.
  11. In our last ten years on the various cruises, I've seen formal dress go from occasionally seen on most cruises to none that I can even remember on more recent cruises. I think you will be alone if you do.
  12. The best gift always is moneygram or money somehow. Let them by a nice birthday gift for themselves. However, not sure how to get that delivered.
  13. The bus is a good and cheap ride back. I even stop off along the way at Swizzle Inn and then back on. Course, wouldn't want to make that stop with kids I guess. Bermuda taxis are pretty pricey. You made a reasonable choice based on your circumstances. But your choice. Can't see anyone owing you a refund as long as the ferry did eventually get all the other guests back.
  14. One year ago this week, pretty much same issue. We returned from Bermuda on the Dawn, water glassy smooth. As soon as she docked in Boston it was announced to the new boarding passengers that the scheduled trip back to Bermuda was off. A hurricane aimed at Bermuda. Dawn left that afternoon with a left turn up the coast to Canada. Hurricane season. You don't never know.
  15. However, Cabo is walking right outside the port. The other two basically require a taxi, tour, or city bus beyond the immediate port area.
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