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  1. DON'T FORGET THE BEARS when out bicycle, walking etc. At least take bear spray, you never know. They are silent & deadly. Even the BLACK bears are or seem to be LARGER than lower 48, they can be aggressive. Don't forget , EVERYTHING there wants to eat you, HaHa
  2. Been on 22 Alaska cruises, done a lot of stuff, some on every trip over & over. Vancouver as a general rule is better port out of, more scenic etc, more time in ports, better times sometimes arriving & departing. TOO much to type here. Whittier is great port for turnaround, not much of a town but some great trips to do out of
  3. Have done this several times. GREAT trip, diff. times in ports etc. Would like to do one next year again. Vancouver is the port for this one
  4. SAIL FROM VANCOUVER B C, Seattle has for years been a dump hole for touring, do a B/B ,wind up in Vancouver, fly home from there. You will have diff. ports up & down, TIMES are important in ports, things to do in Whittier if doing B/B. Been Alaska sail 22 times, know lots to do & not do
  5. Been on the Pride , American workers are lazy on that ship, little service BUT other country personnel (make decent wage), work harder at pleasing
  6. this is not worth talking about, so I said something that MIGHT not be entirely true, will get facts. I do know what I am talking about. Lets quit this thread, not going to go anywhere, EVERYONE has opinion. Don't downgrade CC, MOST is great in comments , learn lots from them , NOT stupid people like you suggest . Stay Home, stay safe, but for me--OUTDOORS FRESH AIR. GOODBYE
  7. h1n1 i thought not have a vac , I know past prez have not acted responsible to SARS, H!N!, MERS etc, this time we got right on it. As far as numbers, they are skewed AKLL OVER the place, many as stated would have died from something W/O this China one. Who knows---NO ONE, even doctors and so-called professionals have NOT a clue. I am tired of all this China stuff, lets get back to cruising
  8. Hey, this is on your dime, don't let others tell you how to be comfortable unless they are paying the THOUSANDS to go. I have been about 50 cruises, don't TUX anymore, too lazy, besides I don't think I can get into it, just black polo with sport jacket over for formal, then take jacket off for show. I have seen many people come in with slacks & long sleeve shirt, sometimes short sleeve MOST OF ALL ENJOY your trip & LIFE
  9. they still have no vaccine for h1n1 and Sars and maybe meRsa
  10. Barry had the "Shutterfly" website/page where he kept track of everyone that wanted to
  11. Were you on the Crown the 1st leg British Isles before TA? Yes MANY on Cruise Critic, "Barry" website commented for quite awhile AFTER getting off at Ft Lauderdale that they were sick for months, many on ship were coughing no matter where you were, during shows you could not get away from them.
  12. I got one also, did not load up fast enough, so just clicked off. I did medallion 28 day on Crown in Sept. where I think the TA across pond, people got on SICK and spread like wildfire where MANY were hacking all over ship, BAD FLU that spread where couple months later, STILL posts of almost dying, some did on TA, we both had it for longer than 2 months off ship. WONDER if this was START of the China Flu now
  13. DO Portland stop BUT be careful of excursion people that do nOT offer refunds if ship does not stop, get as much as you can on this trip, we were the 12 day in Sept. would do again, WANT MORE IRELAND & SCOTLAND
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