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  1. juicyjuju, Transiting the Panama Canal is something Margaret & I promised each other we would do on a Crystal cruise ship. The fact the itinerary includes stops in Key West (where my grandmother first took me in the late 1960's when I would visit her in Coral Gables during the summer) and Charleston (close to where my youngest brother lives, in Myrtle Beach) made it a "no brainer" for Margaret & me!
  2. Hi Stickman1990. All prices I am quoting are in US$ (as per the invoice from my travel agent in September 2018 - when Margaret & I paid our initial deposit; and the current cruises prices as per Crystal's US website - which I access via a VPN). Yesterday, Margaret & I booked Los Angeles to New York City on Crystal Serenity in 2022 to take advantage of the US$2,100 per person Book Now Savings (which is supposed to end on January 8): https://www.crystalcruises.com/voyage/los-angeles-to-new-york-ocy220815-18#suites-and-fares It will be inter
  3. Hi Jimmycruiser, In both instances, I was referring to "Brochure Fare", not the "2-For-1 Fare". In September 2018 the 2-For-1 Fare for an E1 Stateroom was $6,999 per person; today, the 2-For-1 Fare for E1 is $9,099. Book Now Savings in September was $2,100 per person, and today is only $1,000 per person. $4,899 for an E1 booked in September 2018 compared to $8,099 to book today is a massive saving (before any additional discounts such as Crystal Society are applied)!!
  4. When my wife & I booked the Crystal Symphony cruise from Athens to Barcelona (https://www.crystalcruises.com/voyage/athens-to-barcelona-ocs200920-21#suites-and-fares) in September 2018 (two years in advance), the Brochure Fare for an E1 Stateroom was $13,998 per person, and Book Now Savings was $2,100 per person. Today, the Brochure Fare is $18,198 per person, and the Book Now Savings is only $1,000 per person. It pays (saves) to book early!!
  5. ak1004, you've well and truly been "Crystalized"...!!
  6. Margaret & I take the time to speak with service personnel, and always treat them with courtesy, decency, and respect (not implying the OP and/or others don't) whether onboard a Crystal cruise ship, or on the land. Within a couple days during our first Crystal cruise, from Monte Carlo to Athens onboard Crystal Serenity in October 2010, numerous of the team members, especially those on the Lido Deck, were calling Margaret & me by our names, and this has been repeated during each of our other six cruises on Crystal (and once, when we weren't actually passengers - as I will d
  7. Speaking of Avenue Saloon piano players: When Margaret & I were on Crystal Symphony for back to back cruises (Barcelona-Southampton-Hamburg) in May 2012 (before the ship went into dry dock) the piano player (I forget his name) who was performing in the Avenue Saloon failed to board the ship before we sailed out of Lisbon, and had to make his own way to Oporto, our next port of call. According to word on the ship, his contract was cancelled, and he was replaced by another piano player for the Southampton to Hamburg cruise
  8. WOW...!! https://www.9news.com.au/national/tiger-woods-1-million-private-jet-flight-inside-crystal-skye-luxury-charter/23fc076f-4981-435a-a32b-061a0ed21103
  9. Reflections for today, here in Victoria, British Columbia (one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited!). Reflections 190819.pdf
  10. August 18 - Cruising Queen Charlotte Sound Sunday, 18 August 2019 5:30 PM I've just finished doing two loads of laundry (it's 5:30PM as I begin composingthis update), and now Margaret is in the laundrette, ironing a few items of clothing, which will cover us until we depart LAX on Friday evening, and arrive home in Brisbane early on Sunday morning. Today is the last sea day of our cruise, and it's been a thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable day for Margaret & me (even though both of us were awake before 5:00AM, and couldn't get back to sleep). Being a se
  11. With Microsoft OneNote, I have no way (that I am aware of) to see how many people are viewing my notebook for this Alaskan Grandeur cruise. If you don't mind doing so, I would appreciate you posting a reply here on Cruise Critic to let me know if you are (or have been) reading the notebook. Regards and many thanks, Charles
  12. I have now updated my Trip Report notebook for our day in Ketchikan yesterday (August 17): August 17 - Ketchikan, Alaska Sunday, 18 August 2019 4:30 PM Ketchikan, the "Salmon Capital of the World". Ketchikan is how I envisioned Alaska, and it certainly didn't disappoint in any way whatsoever. If you're interested in reading a little about Ketchikan, here is the Reflections daily newsletter for August 17: <<Reflections 190817.pdf>> There were three cruise ships (including Crystal Symphony) in port in Ketchikan:
  13. Thank you for the feedback Keith, as it makes me more motivated to include information on "local" activities and things to do in each unique port. The longer this cruise goes, the more Margaret & I are loving Alaska! We have friends who went on an Alaskan cruise (not Crystal) last year, and they've proposed we go together in four or five years; if Crystal is here in one of those years, we just might do so.
  14. Reflections newsletter for our day at sea today, August 18, en Route to Victoria, British Columbia. I have updated my OneNote notebook for our day in Sitka (Friday, August 16), and it has so many photos which won't copy and paste here on Cruise Critic, so please click the URL below if you'd like to read the notebook (no password required): https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmbYMPurTz3jhsd3KKKnjJhVQo2BSQ I will update the notebook later today to cover our day in Ketchikan yesterday. Reflections 190818.pdf
  15. August 15 - Hoonah, Alaska Saturday, 17 August 2019 6:30 AM From the Reflections daily newsletter for Thursday, August 15: After so many late nights, Margaret & I enjoyed sleeping in until around 9:00AM (we're usually early risers when home, often waking around 6:00AM), and then we watched a rebroadcast of "Symphony Today with Weather Updates" hosted by cruise director Russ Thomas Grieve and bandmaster David Price. The guest launderettes were reopened a day earlier than we had initially been told, so I went and put a load of whites in the
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