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  1. We will be on the Celebrity Beyond in Oct hoping to see these three towns during our stop in Villefranche. If we take the train to each, will there be alot of sites we can walk to from the train station, or will we need to taxi to different sites? Hoping we can pull this off on our own. Thanks!
  2. Any recommended restaurants near Trevi Fountain?
  3. I will also be stopping at Villefranche in Oct on the Beyond and still trying to plan how to wander around on our own for this stop. Will there be any tours available via van or cabs right off the ship? Thinking Nice, Cannes and maybe Monte Carlo if there is time (7 to 6). Or would a HOHO bus, if there is one, be a better option? Because it will be our first visit to Europe, I'm a little leary of hopping on trains and getting back on time. Thank you for whatever suggestions you have.
  4. Thank you, it was to be a gift for a co-worker from someone who really wanted to get her something nice. I guess we called a day too late; the ship left Barcelona today. I will try the egift thing if there is no other way. I appreciate your comments and suggestions!!
  5. I have talked to 3 different people at Princess Cruises who couldn't help me. One finally gave me the phone # of the ship but I can't get through on my phone. I want to buy a co-worker a dinner out with her family and a spa package but the cruiseline couldn't do it because the ship already sailed today. Is there an email to anyone in guest services on Regal Princess that could perhaps help me? Thank you.
  6. This is the Celebrity excursion I am interested in. But if there is an easy way to do something similar, I'm all for doing on our own. Or any other recommendations for this port please. In Oct. Cinque Terre, a national park and territory protected by UNESCO, is known for its dramatic scenery, which you'll admire as you journey through three lovely villages. The area is dotted with cliffs that rise sharply from the sea, sheltering secluded rocky beaches and coves. From Portofino, travel by boat to Rapallo, then board a coach for the scenic drive to Levanto, where you'll hop aboard a train to reach Vernazza. You'll have about an hour to explore this small but charming town. Then board a local boat to Monterosso, the oldest village in the area and easily the most scenic. Enjoy a guided walking tour and then take more than two hours at your leisure to embark on your own exploration. Browse the shops, pop into a café for a snack or drink, and chat with locals. Stroll back to the station and hop aboard your train for the ride to Levanto. After a scenic drive back to Rapallo, board a motorboat bound for Portofino to return to your ship. IP08
  7. We are staying at the same hotel for our 10/3 Celebrity Beyond cruise. Also interested in some good restaurants even if they involve a taxi somewhere.
  8. I will be on the Celebrity Beyond in October. We do not stop in Naples, however, I'll have 2.5 days in Rome prior to the cruise. Is it worth it to take the train to Amalfi Coast for the day from Rome? Also, we will make stops in Portofino and Florence. We are looking at ships excursions but are there places to see near the port? Any must sees in these ports? Thank you.
  9. Hello we will be in Mallorca in October on Celebrity Beyond. They have a ship excursion that is on a vintage train. Is that the same train talked about in this thread? Is this recommended? Step back in time on this journey aboard the Sóller Vintage Train. Enjoy a scenic coach ride to the port town of Sóller where you’ll see Sóller’s Church. The church was built in 1912 by the architect Joan Rubió y Bellver, Gaudí’s pupil. After exploring the port town, you’ll board the Sóller Vintage Train. The wooden train dates back to the early part of the last century and is one of the island's most popular attractions. Enjoy an enchanting train ride through the Sierra de Alfàbia Mountains, passing olive groves, locus-bean trees, and lush pine forests. This tour is provided by an operator that has been third-party certified to meet the Global Sustainable Tourism Council's Criteria for Tour Operators.
  10. Hi we are sailing on Celebrity Beyond in October Italy, France, and Spain. These are out France ports: Corsica, Nice and Provence. Looking at ship excursions that we can wander around and do things on our own, but are any of these ports right at the towns listed, or are they all a drive to get there? Just wondering if there is anything just off the ship that we could explore on our own. The excursion explanations don't list how far the drives are. Thank you. Any recommendations of "must sees" are appreciated!!
  11. I think it is the same on Edge and Apex??
  12. How bad would the view be from this cabin? Celebrity says 15% obstructed but it appears as though you couldn't see anything to the left.
  13. Thank you all for your very informative responses and suggestions. We took a total left turn on this trip and ended up booking the Beyond! Italy, France, and Spain 9 day. So no more Venice, will hopefully see another time. We are spending a few days before and after. Once we sat down and looked at all the options, we felt it was a good time to go big! We last cruised Celebrity 22 years ago on the Mercury; that was our one and only time. I know now that we will be spoiled and will be converted to Celebrity fans. Thanks again!
  14. Thank you! We are going to be reviewing both itineraries hopefully tonight to decide what we want. I am presently booked on NCL Gem with an itinerary very close to the Constellation and I"m sure either ship will be better than that one. I really like that Celebrity lets you book your flights when you book. NCL apparently books for you and you don't find out what it is until 45 days prior. We live in South FL so don't normally have to fly to cruise (only to Alaska so far).
  15. Thank you, that's helpful.
  16. Mainly wondering if being on a much smaller ship, and older ship that apparently hasn't been refurbished in a while, may not have as many dining and bar alternatives that we are used to. We love the shows too and have gotten used to large Broadway type shows. I know Celebrity is quality + but couldn't find many recent reviews regarding the ship and what it has to offer. Thank you.
  17. Thank you so much, that is pretty much what I wanted to hear.
  18. Hi we haven't sailed Celebrity for 23 years although very interested in trying one of the new ships. However, we are trying to decide on a cruise to Italy for our 25th anniversary and saw an itinerary we liked that included Venice. If we are used to new large ships (mainly have sailed RC), would we be disappointed in the Constellation, or maybe the Reflection? This trip would be more about the ports than the ship but want to enjoy the onboard experience also. I know the service would be wonderful, but would we likely be bored with the activities offered? We are in our early 60's but still very active. Thank you.
  19. Is it necessary to buy tix in advance? We will be flying into Rome then taking the train to Venice, I wouldn't know how long it would take to get to train, how late flight might be, etc.
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