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  1. Like Nike says “Just do it” and enjoy sea days! I think the theme is going to be “Relaxation”
  2. It has not shown up on the website, but we just booked the Symphony from Miami to Lisbon (and we also booked Lisbon to Athens). We were fairly confident that this cruise would be offered and our TA confirmed it was available. We were booked on the 22 WC but the Grand Voyage just didn't interest us as a replacement. Why it isn't on the website is a surprise to me, so many people have said that they wanted a cruise to nowhere....this almost qualifies.
  3. I am on the Moon, 25 days Athens to Dubai, and i have not been notified. I do expect the first 9 days Athens rt will go but the 16 day cruise to Dubai appears to be history! This means the Moon is available for the TA. My travel agent is trying to get an answer but nothing so far.
  4. Today the website shows the Oct 23rd Athens round trip as available but the Nov 1st cruise to Dubai is "waitlisted." My TA is having a difficult time getting an answer from her contacts at SS. I have read that SS may be substituting the Moon for the Dawn for the transatlantic out of Lisbon on Nov 19th. The cancelation of the Dubai cruise is logical because of the cost of transiting the Suez canal both ways assuming that all of the Dubai to Singapore cruises will be canceled also. Keeping the Moon in the Med makes sense.
  5. We are still waiting for the announcement of the TA on March 26th. Crystal has announced a new cruise on April 6th, from Lisbon to Athens but so far hasn’t announced the TA fro Miami to Lisbon, we wonder why. It is obviously going to happen!
  6. I am sure most of you received the email about this promotion. It must be selling very well, my TA has been having a difficult time getting through to her Crystal representative. We have booked 21 days starting January 22nd. We mentioned this to our nephew (he is single) and now he and several of his friends have booked because of the low fares and 10% single surcharge. We also have three family members that will probably book at least one week of the cruise. Our nephew is paying $2,352, for one week, a verandah room on the 8th deck with an unobstructed view. This amounts to only $336 per day, what a deal! I know the summer and fall bookings have been disappointing but with winter approaching, a Caribbean cruise looks pretty good and with these low rates it is a “must do.” Tell your single friends and particularly those wanting to try Crystal about this promotion, it is for a “limited time” and could be stopped at anytime.
  7. It appears to me that the Symphony will be making a TA from Miami departing March 26th ending in Athens on April 16th. Obviously there will be stops along the way and possibly it will be at least two, possibly three cruises. Miami to Lisbon or Barcelona then possibly Rome then to Athens. iIf you look at the website this makes a lot of sense and could work! The Grand voyage is really hard to predict. The original 22 WC minus NZ and Australia, with Indonesia, Malaysia or other SE Asia stops added could work! On to Istanbul arriving April 16th is a possibility. If the Symphony TA is offered we will book this cruise!
  8. We don’t mind these changes and just hope we can continue on to Dubai on the following cruise.
  9. Is the Crystal dance band playing each evening for dancing? I know there are not Ambassadors on board but wondering about the band.
  10. One of our best experiences was our trip to Iguazu Falls. I highly recommend the Belmond Cataratas and don’t miss the bird park at the entrance to the park!
  11. We are currently in Athens on the conclusion of our 28 day Greek island hopping trip. Tomorrow we fly to Dubrovnik for two weeks in Croatia. we are staying near the airport but we are tempted to take a cab to Piraeus to see the Moon! Probably won’t!!! We will be boarding the Moon here in Athens on October 24th, so we will have to wait. Everyone sailing should be on board and enjoying the newness of this magnificent ship. We hope you can find time to let all of us share your experiences.
  12. There is free wifi in the Athens airport and when you land you can use that to download the QR code. We left the US with the printed copy of the letter and had no problems. They did check the QR code with a scanner as you entered the immigration area.
  13. Come on over to Greece, we have been here since May 21st and everything is wonderful!
  14. The final payment n my 22WC shows July 21st. This may have been pushed out but I have not been notified of any change!
  15. Don’t worry you can check your email when you land I am sure you will have the code.
  16. Yes, we got the Greek QR code via email while in the air traveling to London. We were apprehensive but it worked exactly as they said it would. when boarding the flight from London to Athens they asked to see it and upon arrival in Athens they checked it again. We were also selected to be tested again in the Athens airport and we were swabbed and quickly processed. It actually worked to our advantage because we were then in a very short line to go through immigration. Everything was quick and easy! when we got our taxi to the hotel our driver said we were the first Americans he had seen. He wanted to stop and buy us a coffee but we politely refused.
  17. We are in Greece (not in Athens) and have been touring the mainland and islands since May 21st. Everything is really returning to normal, the Greek people are really happy to see tourists return! This Saturday they are allowing music to return to restaurants and cafes which is a big thing for the Greek people. We are vaccinated and the trip was on American Airlines from Dallas to London and connecting via British Air to Athens. Everything went very smoothly and those of you coming to Greece to board the Moon should have no problems in traveling. Just fill out the arrival forms on line and show your vaccination card on arrival. More than likely you will be surprised by how “open” Greece really is and we are rarely asked to wear a mask (happy to do so when asked) except on public transportation. We will be in Crete near Souza Bay when the Moon arrives and look forward to seeing the ship. we return to Athens on October 23rd to board the ship for our trip to Dubai.
  18. We board in Athens on October 23rd bound for Dubai on a btb. Can’t wait!!!
  19. We had a wonderful visit to Myanmar in 2019. Toured Yangoon and flew to Baden for the hot air experience over the many temples. If we went back we would love to visit Mandalay.
  20. I was thinking of the Symphony starting in Hong Kong not Sydney.
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