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  1. I accepted the FCC of 110% and booked a river cruise in September 2021. This was a cruise we were looking to book so in our situation we think it worked out ok. I really am sorry that we will not get to experience the Eclipse but I didn’t feel like fighting to get back my refund would prove successful. Scenic could and would drag this out to the point that I not only wouldn’t get the refund but I might miss out on the FCC I hope those of you that fight the fight for your deserved refund are successful!! I just hope Scenic and the other cruise lines survive and we can all get back to cruising.
  2. I agree all three of the cd’s were great and it was a great cruise!
  3. Lawsuits almost always sound convincing at first glance. We were on the ship and there was just too much positive interaction between the two assistant cd’s and the passengers on a daily basis for me to believe there was something going on behind the scenes. I have been on a previous cruise where an unfortunate incident occurred and everyone on the ship was aware that something happened. coincidentally that incident was also on the Sojourn and on a small ship word spreads fast.
  4. We were on this cruise. There were two assistant CD’s I do not remember their names. The cruise ended in Singapore on April 10th. I remember that it was announced towards the end of the cruise that one of the two assistants was promoted to be a cruise director on another ship. They made a real positive/pubic ceremony making this announcement so I highly doubt that he was involved in any way in this incident. The other assistant was very visible throughout the cruise and performed in several of the shows. Both of these two assistant CD’s were always available and did a lot of interacting with the passengers during the entire 36 day cruise. If either of these assistants was under any suspicion of being involved in this incident they certainly would have been removed from the ship immediately at the next port. Incidentally on March 28th, we were in Colombo, Sri Lanka and the following day we were in another port in Sri Lanka. In my opinion the claim that this rape occurred, while possible, just doesn’t make sense to me. If it happened in Sri Lanka waters they would have brought in the local authorities immediately.
  5. The only answer for most of the traveling public is to have a vaccine and therapeutic cure for Covid 19. There are several reports that a vaccine will be available by early fall with initial availability for the most vulnerable and general availability to the general public early next year. We all hope this happens and the world returns to the new normal. In the meantime, we are booked on a 49 day cruise on the Symphony starting September 20th and we hope to be able to go. We will accept the risk and probably itinerary changes but we will not cruise under social distancing rules and with everyone wearing masks, etc. We are very willing to comply with these requirements at home but not on a luxury vacation.
  6. One of our favorites “Dennis”
  7. Serenity, January 3rd, 2018, Charleston, South Carolina. Many of the crew had never seen snow!
  8. The final payment date for these cruises is not until June, I expect several cancellations at that time.
  9. We will easily recognize each other since we will be the only passengers!!! Let’s have a drink in the Cove after sail way!
  10. We are booked on the Symphony for 49 days starting September 20th and if the ship sails we will be on board. Just thinking about Louie singing as we depart Athens brings tears to my eyes!
  11. Let’s plan now on meeting in the Palm Court for cocktails before dinner on the 20th, now that is positive thinking!!!
  12. We are also booked on the same 49 day cruise you mentioned. We have fully paid and don’t plan on canceling the reservations! If the cruise sails and we can get to Athens we will be on the ship. The itinerary will probably change but we don’t care we just want to cruise!!! If the cruise is canceled we will do as you suggested, spend time in hotels in Poland and Greece.
  13. You are not missing anything (based upon your situation.). After all everyone is in a different position and everyone makes their decisions differently. In my case I have deposits for future cruises on Crystal, Seabourn, Silverseas and Scenic. So from my viewpoint here is my reasoning. My deposits are for cruises in September of this year, March 2021, September 2021 and January 2022. These deposits and full payments total in excess of $75,000 and I certainly do not want to lose this money. I also have money in the stock market that I don’t want to lose. I have chosen for my reasons to not sell my stocks and to not cancel my cruises. If any of these cruise lines go out of business I expect they will be acquired by a forward thinking business executive that will want my business and reach out to me with an offer that just might be ok. Another thought I have relates to the concept similar to a “run on the bank” that too many refunds could inadvertently create where no one gets a fair return on their investment.
  14. We are also on the Symphony in September for 49 days. We agree totally with your assessment and conclusion. If the cruise is canceled we will take the fcc and apply it to our 2022 WC.
  15. We are booked on the Symphony for 49 days starting in Athens, September 20th, ending in Dubai on November 8th. We have all flights booked and several excursions booked and paid for in advance. We have fully paid for the cruise! We are also planning a 10 day visit to Poland prior to boarding in Athens. As of right now we intend on traveling as planned! Obviously this all could be in jeopardy depending on circumstances. So what is our current thinking? If the ship sails and we can get there we will take the cruise!! We would expect major changes to the itinerary and that would be ok. If the cruise is canceled we will apply the fcc to our 2022 World Cruise. If the flights to Poland are available we will go on the first part of the trip and when we get to Athens we will spend a month touring the Greek islands. We also believe in the tooth fairy and hope to see the Easter bunny through our rose colored glasses! We are obviously bored being at home and desperately want to travel.. don’t you!
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