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  1. I read the Seabourn link you provided and did not see any mention of “quarantine” in the cabin.
  2. So much for staying at home for the holidays https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/crowds-seen-at-ohare-as-travelers-depart-chicago-ahead-of-thanksgiving-holiday/2376658/
  3. As long as the ship does not discharge passengers in another port US laws definitely allow these cruises.
  4. you live in the UK so for you it would not be an international flight but for those in the United States it would still be international flight to England. Many of the crewmembers are from the Philippines so getting a flight from there to Singapore would be fairly simple. Another option is to bring the crew on in Singapore and deadhead to Dubai were the cruise season would begin. This would allow for quarantine and training of the crew. As you said it’s a real gamble for Crystal to make the decision to start cruising.
  5. I think it makes a lot of sense for Crystal to start to cruise out of Singapore instead of dead heading to London. It would be good for the crew and for the company to get up to speed with these cruises. However I am not sure how well it would work out for the passengers. It would be similar to the first cruise after a dry dock. Many of the ports of call from Singapore to Dubai are opening up to tourism and with the new safety protocols in place it might work. The Mediterranean ports are more problematic than the ones in Asia. Also, Dream Cruises is operating out of Sin
  6. The itineraries from Singapore to Dubai and Dubai to London Will have to sail in order to get the ship in position. If they do sail we will probably book them. We will wait to book these cruises until the last moment and flights into Singapore may be a problem. I would anticipate that these two cruises will be very unusual. Probably few passengers and new crew so they could be interesting.
  7. I just wanted to thank you for your recommendation. We just booked the May 24th, Rotterdam to London. It may not happen but it really works for us.
  8. No it was directly from Crystal.
  9. My nephew just called me and he received a 15,000 refund from Crystal for a cancelled Christmas River cruise. To say the least he was shocked.
  10. I switched my TA Miami to Athens booking to one in the fall 2021. We booked the Moon from Venice to Dubai, 25 days vs 27 days. We still want to see the beautiful new Moon!
  11. Yesterday Dr Fauci said that everyone (in the US) that wanted the vaccine should be able to get it. That is good news, certainly not the final answer, but maybe we can start cruising again.
  12. Yesterday Dr Fauci said that everyone that wants the vaccine should be able to have it by April. That is cause for optimism! This is not the only answer but it “is cause for optimism” as stated as the title of this thread!!!
  13. Another Mt Fuji picture! The seagull just happened to be in the picture. I guess I was photo bombed!!
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