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  1. In the no dumb question if it’s an honest question category,,, i’ve cruised often but was never a ‘spa’ person. First MSC and matched Gold so. What is up with the free hour in the thermal spa? What is a thermal spa I guess I’m asking.
  2. Coming first week in December. Latest time in the year that we’ve visited. Traveling with several toddlers this time and hopefully visiting our favorite beach. But I read somewhere that the public facilities aren’t open then? No chair rental? Umbrellas? Food? And a BIG one with toddlers are the bathrooms open?
  3. Is there a playground or large grassy area for the kiddos to run around and use up their excess energy without going far from the ship? Maybe mini golf even? I’m looking for Something to do the afternoon before leaving port.
  4. I’m thinking we’ll just drive up that morning since there doesn’t seem to be a close or easy option. We have no interest in sightseeing that day, just arriving fresh and relaxed for the cruise.
  5. Using this port for the first time this coming fall. Are there any convenient hotels? Awesome if anyone can suggest any park-sleep-cruise packages convenient to this port.
  6. Looking to take multiple family groups next summer (2024) on a big family vacation. We will have assorted toddlers and one 2yo and a 1yo, obviously not potty trained. It’s important that I only look at ships that have a splash pad that is baby appropriate. Does anyone have firsthand knowledge about this on the Liberty? I’m really only looking at ships out of Bayonne/Baltimore areas because once I start adding flights for 18 people we can’t afford the trip.
  7. Did you look at your cruise planner? That’s where my BOA obc was. When I made a purchase there, it asked if I wanted to use the obc first.
  8. also a non-alcohol drinker here, But I understand you can use the vouchers towards water bottles, and fresh squeezed OJ inthe morning too.
  9. I have a 10:30 scheduled arrival time for Oasis next month so at least then.
  10. I didn’t know you can use the vouchers for the fresh oj in the morning. This is really a thing?
  11. Excuse me, but IMHO it can be a great way to use vouchers if you happen to be Diamond, but can’t/don’t drink alcoholic beverages due to medications you may be on. Yes I am that person happily using my vouchers for bottled water and virgin Pina coladas, and now maybe milk shakes too.
  12. Scopolamine Patches, has anyone ever heard of cutting them in half to reduce the drowsiness side effects? I never thought of doing it until i heard a wife of a friend does. Is this safe, smart?
  13. One of my favorite perks actually. I love the morning beverage in the DL. Just a tea drinker here, happily several times a day, and the machine and the setup suits me just fine. if the coffee and/or the coffee machine offends you, please don’t use it.
  14. Does anyone know if the vouchers work on CocoCay? And I see water CANS for sale in the planner, i much prefer bottles, usually preorder a dozen. But can we bring any on with us? Will the drink vouchers get me water bottles at a bar? first cruise since the restart, not sure what to expect.
  15. Been many times, one cruise we played tag with a few hurricanes, always moved the ship away. Had most ports changed for others, no problem with that. We also left the day SuperStorm Sandy hit Nj/NY. That was interesting almost fun, did sail too close into the storm, the captain was very open with us on how the storm was unpredictable and we got caught. Tables sliding, the kitchens shut down for 24 hours for safety so no hot food. Handed out cold cut sandwiches no-one starved. Balcony doors not sealed at bottom so some flooded rooms. Lots of flooded hallways and wet carpet. Biggest problem was they told us 1/2 of the parking lot was under water at the port. Didn’t know if it was our car until we returned
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