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  1. Yes, it was a typo. You have simple terms here, Thank you! Why do they make it so confusing? oh wait, like someone said earlier, so you think you have OBC to spend. lol Now just one other question, can I use a cruise first and a cruise next on the same reservation?
  2. OMG!!!! I think I get it now! But let's see if I really do lol So if I buy the four $250's I get $500 CNC and pay $500? I hope it's right, so I don't frustrate you. Looking at the CNC grid, it all works out with the $125 for each $250 when you buy 2 or more. Do you have to use it for Deposit or can you pay your balance with it? and is the max certificates you can use per booking only 2? I really appreciate your reply, boy, you're right, they do try to fool you.
  3. Ohhh, I need help, I'm so confused lol I've cruised for many years but only 3 times on NCL. I will be sailing on our 4th NCL cruise in May 2024 and already paid in full, then we have a wedding to go to on NCL Encore in February 2025. I am trying to get the best price as the cruise in Feb. is quite pricey, my daughter and SIL booked in January, and I went to book now and it's 1k more for the same balcony type. So I am trying to understand CF and CN. From what I understand... CF you pay half price and you get full amount. $150 for $300 or $250 for $500. Do you have to use it for a deposit only? or can you use it for payment towards the cruise if you buy it after you book the cruise? CN from what I understand is that what you pay for the credit is what you get to spend. If you buy one $250 CNC you get $250 credit to use on the next cruise deposit AND a $100 OBC for use on the cruise you are currently on. If I got that right, my next question is, with CNC, is it only good for the deposit and can you use more than one certificate or do you have to wait for double up to use 2 certificates. I'm asking because I want to book the "wedding" cruise before it goes even higher, so I'd rather just get one CNC if I can't use 2 when I book. I thank you all in advance, and hope you understand all my questions.
  4. Thank you for starting this thread. I thought it was 2 weeks when you send it to Carnival directly, but going thru the app says 4 weeks. we shall see. I cruise in 3 weeks 5 days and got the alert that it takes at least 4 weeks but they will submit it anyway. Thanks Again
  5. Do we have to send a copy of what we own and name and booking number and date? where would we send it if I have a Carnival cruise booked? thanks
  6. Glad you had a great time. How much were the chairs and umbrellas to rent at Radio Beach?
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