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  1. WOW! I just looked up Maya Chan, it looks amazing! The only thing is the 30 minute ride to and from. Also, If you want to leave early, is it a problem or do you have to leave a certain time so people can share a taxi?
  2. So there is a beach right at the port? If so, if I want to just hang at the beach, I can stay here and save myself cab fare? Do you have to pay for beach chairs and umbrellas?
  3. Is this a beach or a pier?
  4. I live in Orlando and cruise often out of Port Canaveral. I parked at the port once until a friend told me about Park n Cruise. I have never waited for a shuttle to leave the port (It seems, when one shuttle pulls away, another pulls right in) and waited once to get the shuttle to the port, but not long. My car is ready for me to leave, I get off the bus and right in my car. https://www.parkcruise.com/#1527793356979-62c14184-f30c
  5. Thank you. One other question, are there 2 lots and you either go to the covered garage or open lot?
  6. Thank you for this post. I was thinking of renting a car from Orlando, but now I may just take my own car and park at the port. I have a couple of questions for those who have parked at the port. The Port of Miami website states...Travelers who choose to leave their own car for parking at the port can leave their car in a well-lit garage with security or in an open lot, which is also well-lit and gated. The price for parking at the Port for either is $20 per day. So is it in a garage or in an open lot? Do they ever sell out and not have enough spots? I won't get to the port till around noon or 1pm I think I have more, but am watching TV and typing and forgot them lol Thanks in advance
  7. Are all the refurbishments totally completed? I am going to do a cruise on her in June but want to be sure it is complete before I go. Thanks, I'm excited to do a smaller ship this time around. Will be nice and relaxing.
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