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  1. My all-time fave is the Caribbean Manhattan at the Alchemy Bar, although I’m not sure it’s even on the menu still. It’s my go to pre-dinner drink EVERY night! I especially LOVE the marinated cherries!
  2. I think I read somewhere that you want to go to Flamingo Beach when you’re in Aruba and if you do I highly recommend you pack your water shoes! The beach was lovely, but it was SO rocky in the water that it actually hurt my feet. Also, they only had a certain number of tickets available to purchase online a few days before I got there. I had to keep checking the website every day & scored tickets on cruise day (3 days before my arrival in Aruba) by going online 1st thing when they opened. It was $125 for a day pass which included lunch & a drink when I went in March 2022, but totally worth it IMO.
  3. My sister and I shout out YOLO YCTIWY (pronounced Yo-Lo Yick-tih-wee) whenever we want to justify spending extra money!
  4. I have to assume this question has been asked/answered but no matter what search terms I use I can’t find it! If you have the Cheers package does it include your drinks on Half Moon Cay, or only on the ship?
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