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  1. This morning, (Texas time) I found a great new You Tube Web channel called Cruise Cam-Southampton Cruise Ship Live Stream. The camera is located in the Ocean Cruise Terminal and has a view looking over the terminal down the channel. The only thing missing from the picture is Queen Mary 2. But I did watch a giant container ship slowly cruise up the channel, and it was some indication that life is going on in Southampton and the UK. Another of the snippets that give hope.
  2. Thank you LL, so far about 20% of the population of the state have had either two shots of the Pfizer or Moderna, and the One Shot Johnson and Johnson, and another 30% have had one shot. So we are making progress. The process I went through was a drive through and I must say extremely well executed. They should be able to vaccinate four or five thousand people each day at that particular location, so the numbers should climb rapidly now.
  3. Well, as of 1 pm local time today 12th April, I have had my second Moderna shot, and in two weeks, I will be as immune as I am likely to be. So far no issues with shot number two. I will continue to be masked at places that request a mask, but otherwise, it will be history. I feel like I have climbed a mountain and now can leisurely amble down the other side back to life as we once knew it. I am one happy camper.
  4. I was rooting for the Lark. It has to be my favorite piece of music, classical or otherwise. It is so peaceful and promising. Just what we need these days.
  5. My gardener and I worked in the back garden this morning. Trimming Sago Palm fronds which have died. And doing general clean up of dead bits. The Ferns are showing signs of recovery, so that is good. The Gunnera Manicata I planted this year is growing nicely, in spite of the best efforts of the plant shipper's efforts to destroy the plant by plastic taping four of six fronds causing them to break. The rest of the garden is in various stages of recovery from the spring freeze three weeks ago.Everything seems to have it's own recovery schedule so I have not done any wholesale plan
  6. HMS Burnham began life at USS Aulick, built by Bethlehem Steel in Quincy Mass in 1919. She was transferred to the Royal Navy by Lend Lease and served through WWII. She last served at the RN Reserve Fleet at Milford Haven. So one presumes the marker commemorates that event.
  7. Stewart, thanks for the update. Lynn truly was a wonderful lady and made friends easily. I think that is why she enjoyed her cruises. It gave her the chance to meet new folk. All of the people she met, myself included have been made better by her time on this earth. She also had a wicked sense of humor.
  8. My travel agent called two days ago to tell me that the Future Cruise Deposit from my now canceled 22 July, 2021 had been put back in my account. The idea light went on and I looked at my August 2022 crossing and found that preceding the west bound from Hamburg, was an eastbound from NYC to SOU to Hamburg. There was no offering for the two day east bound from SOU to HAM prior to my westbound, but not deterred, I emailed my crack Travel Agent asking her to see if she could find one. She worked with Cunard and got me booked on the eastbound M223C two day crossing. It is a bit more th
  9. I read your note on the Bank Holiday, and was reminded to switch Classic FM on to enjoy their four day Hall of Fame 2021 broadcast.
  10. There is a lady who used to post on this board named Lynn (Known as Jimsgirl). She would often take round trip Trans Atlantics. On one crossing she had a stroke in Brugges. She was taken ashore to a Hospital. Cunard's Insurer stepped in to make sure she had proper care. When she was able to be re-patriated she was sent home Business class with a companion traveling with her to make sure she got home safely. I would say that is worth the Cunard Care. I am 77 and I have been traveling since my early 60's and I always buy Cunard Care. It is worth the peace of mind it gives.
  11. Congrats on the daffodils NBT. Spring at last.
  12. How exciting, congratulations on your new house. Now you can occupy your time with moving, buying furniture and appliances, or maybe even a new fitted kitchen. Good luck Hattie.
  13. When my hair went grey then white it got very unruly. I went short. A weekly haircut is required to keep it under control. You can imagine what I looked like from March 2020 until the barbers could reopen in July. Of all the things that I disliked about the lockdown was not being able to get my weekly hair cut was for me the most onerous. The barber is open. You have to sign in and if you want a specific barber wait out doors or in you vehicle til he or she is free. They contact you, and you enter the shop when they unlock the door. You have to wear a mask the entire t
  14. Colin, I read your post and gather that your MIL did not make it. I am so sorry for you and your Spouse. Your family have my condolences. This has been a rough year for us all.
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