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  1. Bigmike911

    Wine Delivery to Cunard in Southampton

    Half a case of Champagne? So far Cunard have been much more tolerant of guests bringing wines and spirits on board, than most other lines. But, remember alcoholic beverages, wine and spirits in particular, are an important source of revenue for them. However, if folks bring large quantities of wine or spirits aboard (because they can save money) it will cut into Cunard's revenue, and the will put a hard fast stop to it. Let's not spoil it for the guest that wants to bring one or two bottles of a favorite wine aboard, by being (how do I say this politely-I can't) greedy.
  2. Bigmike911

    Canyon Ranch SpaClub

  3. Bigmike911

    Canyon Ranch SpaClub

    Voyage Personaliser. Go to the tab marked "Booked Guests" enter your details and your confirmation and it will (after much legal mumbo jumbo) take take you to your record, where you can select you enter your personal details, and give you options. One of the options is Spa offerings.
  4. Bigmike911

    Canyon Ranch SpaClub

    The Canyon Ranch Spa, is only on Queen Mary 2. Since the OP mentioned it by name we can presume he is traveling on Queen Mary 2
  5. Bigmike911

    down loading the E tickets

    Just print the first page. You don't need the legal mumbo jumbo. All of your voyage information is on page 1.
  6. Bigmike911

    I need some advice please

    Your post seems to indicate you don't know much about your QM2 crossing. One of the reasons people book QM2 is for the formal atmosphere of the ship. I think you would be well advised to look at the Cunard Web Sites to get a better idea of life aboard. Make sure it meets your needs and expectations before spending a significant price on the voyage. You didn't say which level of accommodation you were looking at. There are minimum dress standards for evening dining in Britannia, Britannia Club or the Grills. If you wish to dine in the Britannia, Club or Grills dining rooms on Formal evenings your husband will need at minimum a tie and a dark suit or blazer. You can wear dressy pants to dinner. There is a buffet called the Kings Court, where you can eat breakfast lunch and dinner wearing casual clothes. You can also get lunches in the pub, and sandwiches in the Carinthia Lounge. There is always room service if you want it. You don't have to drag formal wear with you, you can have it sent directly to the using the Cunard's White Star Luggage Service.
  7. Bigmike911

    QM Grills Access from Stairway C?

    As an alternative you could walk (or take the lift) one deck up or one deck down and walk the the D stairs along the corridors, then up or down as appropriate to Deck seven. In the event the weather is not amenable to walking along the deck.
  8. Bigmike911

    Cunard Site Down?

    The Cruise Critic site has had problems for several days. It keeps trying to load and reload and you cannot go anywhere on it. It seems to be trying to load advertising. Today Tuesday 4th December is seems to be stable. Let's hope they keep it so. It is very distracting to have technical issues, and I quickly loose interest in the site, and go elsewhere.
  9. Bigmike911

    Best way to get to Newark following QM2 cruise?

    Cunard has a bus transfer to Newark Liberty Airport EWR. It takes about 1.5 hours. The cost is $50-60 per person (It has been a while since I took it).
  10. When I try to log into the board, I get multiple flashes of the home page. I was finally able to connect. Are others having the same problems. I have had the problem over multiple days. Some days fine, other days many refreshes of the home page screen before I have been able to select the Cruise line or the board. I just kept trying and finally seem to be here.
  11. Bigmike911

    Teens need to wear a suit too ? QV

    Maybe he doesn't have to, but I think he might just enjoy having a nice blue blazer to wear.
  12. Bigmike911

    Ten best things about Transatlantic on QM2

    I would add the food to the list of 10 best, and would take a bit of issue with the ''faded" comment.
  13. Bigmike911

    QM2 review from first timers

    Very comprehensive Phil and Vicky, I am surprised you like the KC so much, it usually gets iffy reviews. But I am pleased you liked it. As for the Canyon Ranch Spa, I have had similar reactions from the staff. They don't work for Cunard, and seem to take the attitude that they can be rude and condescending as a result. I usually avoid them except for a gentlemen's manicure at once a voyage. I am glad you enjoyed the crossing. Perhaps we will be on a future cruise at the same time. I have done 16 and have two more already scheduled.
  14. Bigmike911

    Doctor visit on the Queen Mary 2

    It is wise to have more than the minimum of any prescribed medicine with you that will get you to the cruise, during the cruise and until you get back home again. The medical center is not a full service pharmacy . I have a Medicare Advantage plan and I have never had any problem getting the next prescription filled even with ample left on the current one. I tell them I will be out of the country for an extended period of time. One word of caution some medications have a set number of re-fills, but may require a Dr. visit for an new prescription when the refills have been exhausted. Check with your pharmacy and your doctor.
  15. Bigmike911

    High Balcony room vs. Single Oceanview

    The balcony cabin will cost you more than the single ocean view when you have paid the single supplement. I had an opportunity to visit a single on my last crossing and found them to be very nice indeed. So it's a tough choice. In nice weather months I would take the balcony. In the winter, the single.