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  1. I too use it for my toothbrush and it has kept the brush going as long as I needed it. I am an old soap and razor shaver so I didn't need it for a razor.
  2. I met Steven several years back on a crossing. He is a vast fountain of Theatre Lore, and a very pleasant fellow. I would hope to see him again on a voyage in the future.
  3. Norma, thank you for this positive review. I have booked to use them to ship my big bag from Texas to Southampton for my voyages in September and return from NYC. At first contact they seemed competent, and it is great to hear that is reality too.
  4. I don't book on board, but buy future cruise credits. In years past they gave you an automatic $300 OBC for a six day or longer voyage, The last couple of times, I booked, I got two hundred from the FCC, six hundred for the booking itself, one hundred each for Shareholder credit and military service. I also got the suites drinks package and prepaid gratuities. The last few voyages, I have ended up with credit at the end of the voyage. My travel arranger is very good at getting me a big boost.
  5. My next open voyage July 22, 2020 Westbound T/A from Hamburg has a final payment date of March 24th 2020, 120 days before sailing, and the cancellation penalties start on March 24th as well.
  6. It has been some time since I traveled on QV, but I did dine in the al fresco dining area between the Queens and Princess Grill. If you were a QG passenger a QG waiter brought you the QG menu, if you were a Princess Grill passenger a Princess Grill waiter brought you the Princess Grill menu. We were at sea, and the wind made it uncomfortable to dine there, so I did it only once.
  7. Call your card issuer. I believe, that even in Canada you can dispute the charge with your issuer. Cunard will either produce documentation or write off the charge, in which case you will get your money back from the issuing bank.
  8. Boy that was a long, long time ago. On my first QM2 in 2004 voyage we took the VSOE service from Victoria to Southampton to the QE terminal. It was a luncheon train with a great meal (at about $400 per as I recall). The same train waited for the Southampton tour passengers to return to head for London. The Luggage transport was by truck (lorry) and it was there when the passengers arrived on both ends. I have tried to book it again, but is hasn't been offered.
  9. My last point. I was looking at a per employee pay not a per passenger. The employee might serve ten or twenty passengers per day. If the cruise line like Carnival a US Corporation had to pay a U.S. "living wage" in quotes because there is a movement to make it a US law, and that employee was paid $150 per day at the US "minimum living wage", the fares would have to go up. It is not that way today, and the employees get far less, which goes back to my initial post that I choose to give an additional tip, because I believe in being generous to people from poorer countries who are trying to better them selves by taking these jobs. My Last Post On the subject.
  10. That Trekky is the $64,000 question. Why indeed?
  11. In the U.S. the minimum 'living wage' is $15.00 per hour. A ten hour day would yield $150. not $50. Increasing your estimated $50 per day to $150, would likely cost you more than a 'little' more.
  12. I suspect that if the cruise lines paid their employees a 'living wage' as Americans and Europeans understand it, few of us afford to travel by sea.
  13. There are Taxi's at the Steinwerder Cruise Terminal where you will arrive. I would think they would be as efficient as a car service, and likely cost less.
  14. This question always brings a variety of replies some pro tipping some con. Here are my thoughts on the subject which are offered for free and can be dealt with accordingly. I am an American and we are used to tipping for services provided. I know that the staff on Cunard, usually come from less prosperous countries, and most have families they support. So that motivates my generosity. The people I provide a tip in addition to the daily shared tip are my Butler and steward, my waiters and usually a bar tender in the Grills Lounge and the Comodore club if that person has been particularly helpful for the entire voyage. The amount of the tip is based on the number of days that the voyage lasts. It is US$ 5 or a multiple of that amount depending on the role and the amount of help. I have also declined to leave an additional tip or given a reduced amount to individuals whose efforts have been more casual and less than enthusiastic. I give the tip very discretely directly to the person in one of my 'personalized stationary and envelops' the Concierge graciously provides me along with a note of thanks. I do it the day before dis-embarking as the staff some time gets shuffled on the last day. I have noticed that If I see the same person on the next cruise they are usually very pleasant and welcome me back aboard. I was lucky enough to have one Butler for two 14 day voyages, she told me how much she appreciated my tip, and her enthusiastic effort showed it.
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