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  1. Bigmike911

    Bringing a bottle of Spirts on Board

    Not on Princess. They have a hard fast rule two bottles of wine, no spirits, and they actually check. Not only that they didn't have my preferred spirit to buy by the bottle and consume in my Suite. Last time I will ever travel with them.
  2. Bigmike911

    Westbound Transatlantic

    If you are going west bound and want sun book Port. As you are in the northern hemisphere the sun will be over the equator south of the ship. Room numbers on the port side are even numbers.
  3. Bigmike911

    Extra costs

    The gratuities will be $13.50 per person, per day Grills, $11.50 per person per day all other. The drinks packages are a Beers, Wines and Spirits Option ($69* per person per day), a Premium Soft Drinks Option ($29* per person per day), a Soft Drinks Option ($10* per person per day) and a Speciality Hot drinks option ($15* per person per day). These prices are inclusive of 15% bar service charge. Some cruises are offered with 'free' alcoholic drinks of $12.50 per. Your Travel Agent can help with that. I hope this helps. Bon Voyage
  4. Bigmike911

    Kiel to Hamburg

    You might consider using Cunard's preferred luggage service which replaced Cunard Care. It is Luggageforward.com You can send a large bag from any Cunard Port to the US for a reasonable price. Especially when compared to hauling it around. You leave your bag with the forwarding agent at Kiel as you exit the ship and the next time you see it, it will be delivered to your door. I posted this information on the board, and several people who frequent the board had personal experience with the company and were pleased. You might check that out. They have a toll free number you can call and speak to a representative and get any questions you have answered. I have booked a 50lb suitcase to be sent to Southampton from Texas for my next cruise and then from NYC to Texas for my return, it was less than $465, including added insurance ($3,000) and expedited delivery in the US.
  5. Bigmike911

    Embarkation Day Lunch QM2

    I seem to recall that the Britannia Dining room was not open when I boarded (at about 1 pm) last time in Hamburg, and we had to walk through the corridor leading to it to get to the lifts. The Kings Court Buffet was open as were the Grills.
  6. Bigmike911

    Bringing a bottle of Spirts on Board

    It is possible to bring a bottle aboard, Cunard will not confiscate it, and you can drink it in your stateroom. It is probably not wise to bring more than one though. Remember one of their lines of business is selling spirits, but they will likely let one bottle slip by. Other lines are not as nice and will take the bottle from you and return it on the last night of the trip. My Princess Cruise experience.
  7. Bigmike911

    Transportation from Southampton

    And Cunard has excellent and reasonably priced dry cleaning as well.
  8. Bigmike911

    Disembarking in Hamburg - hotel recommendations

    I recommend the Fairmont Vier Jareszeiten then. It is in the center of Hamburg on the Binnen Alster Lake in a premier shopping and restaurant area. I stayed there on my last visit to Hamburg and was delighted. I have had the opportunity over my life to stay in some of the worlds great hotels. This one is among the top. It has great service, great rooms, and the only Michelin Starred Restaurant in Hamburg. I stayed on the Bel Etage floor with a balcony over looking the lake. As for passing the time. A tour of Hamburg would be fun for there is much to see, and I particularly enjoyed the Miniatur Wunderland, a warehouse of model trains and air planes. It is a world class attraction one of the most visited in Europe. In addition to the restaurants in the hotel, there are a number in the vicinity within walking distance. And one of Germany's best department stores The Alsterhaus is a block or so away. Here are some links. https://www.fairmont.com/vier-jahreszeiten-hamburg/ https://www.miniatur-wunderland.com/ https://www.alsterhaus.de/en/
  9. I believe you can leave any time with the self disembarkers and go directly through immigration.
  10. Good luck on that. Having traveled by taxi from the terminal through Red Hook to LGA my impression is that the area around the pier is 1. Industrial and 2 run down. You might want to look at google maps for Clinton (DeWitt, not Bill) Wharf if you continue down Clinton Wharf toward Brooklyn, where Clinton Wharf turns into Broome Street, you can go directly ahead on Pioneer St. Walk a couple of blocks to Van Brundt Street. There appears to be a few eateries there. Alternatively You might consider taking the ferry from Red Hook (right around the end of the Arrivals Terminal) to Wall Street Pier 11, which will take you to the tip of lower Manhattan, with a world of opportunities to eat and sight see. You can even walk 10 to twelve blocks or take a cab to the World Trade Center and the 911 Memorial and museum. Well worth spending time at. Week days the Ferry runs every half hour in the a.m. a bit less frequently on the weekends. The fare is $2.75 per person, per trip. They have an app where you can down load your tix to your smarty phone.
  11. This web site will tell you about the US in general, and has a link to the NYS rules. https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/pet-travel/bring-pet-into-the-united-states/pet-travel-dogs-into-us
  12. Bigmike911

    Transportation from Southampton

    I usually take the train from Southampton Central to London Waterloo. Trains go every 30 mins or so, and cost about GBP 21 per with advance internet purchase. The travel time is one hour twenty to one hour thirty five. You would have additional taxi to Southampton Central four GBP of 15 or less, and depending where your London Hotel is located an additional GBP 35. I love the train, no traffic congestion and easy on easy off. level ground. That being the case, be sure to tell the Taxi Driver in Southampton that you want the "London" Side of the station. The station straddles the tracks and if you get to the wrong side you have to haul your bags up and over a walkway, where the lifts may or may not be working. I love traveling on the trains in Europe. As you watch the country side wizz by you get to see a bit of the UK.
  13. Bigmike911

    New York

    Yea, I went to the VP and could not complete the form. It looks like it is a UK site form. I have booked airport transfers both for the US and the UK. The last time I did it I went through my T/A. or booked at the excursions office on board. I have gotten to where I take a taxi to LGA because the price is about the same as a transfer, but faster. There have been so many changes with the web site, I am not sure anymore what they actually offer.
  14. Bigmike911

    Excursions Le Havre

    Well, I guess time will tell. I have it down to two possibilities Honfleur, and the American Beaches.
  15. Bigmike911

    Viewing & reserving excursions on Cunard.com

    When you look at a voyage with multiple stops on the booking pages, you can get a little map showing the route and on the right side are square boxed up and down arrows. When you look at each stop they will show some or perhaps all excursions for each location on the cruise. I looked for my 24th September sailing from Hamburg and found two for Hamburg, Four for Southamption, perhaps six for Le Havre (some of which seem to have price errors- as I doubt anyone will pay$999 to visit the American or British Beaches). There is a description of each event. The pricing seemed reasonable for the Hamburg and Southampton excursions.