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  1. A warm bath and a large whisky, is truly what you deserve for your effort. I think I might have been tempted to ask him to take the turf back and come again on a dry day, myself.
  2. Host Hattie, your fish and chips meal has my mouth watering. There are no pubs in my area, and few places that actually do fish and chips, so I am going to make do. I have battered cod from the market freezer and some Aunt Bessie's Chips from the British Depot, my local Brit foods store. And some malt vinegar from Heinz. It won't be as good as yours or the Golden Lion on QM, but it will fill a void.
  3. Mark, Eurostar now has trains to Amsterdam, so there is no need to change in Brussels. And Yes, I find St. Pancras a much nicer station than the old Waterloo International.
  4. As I was out for groceries today, I was listening to Classic FM in the car. Apparently Wales is going into a 'hard lockdown' for nineteen days. I gather there is a problem with available hospital space, as hard lockdowns do very little to slow the spread as several states in the US have unfortunately learned. I am glad you got your Fish and Chips HH, it may be a while before you can get more. With the spread in Europe, I suspect my mid summer westbound from Hamburg won't happen.
  5. There are chez lounges on the promenade deck and around the aft pools, You will find them relatively empty much of the time. They are actually more suitable for sun bathing than the balcony's are.
  6. I am glad it worked out for you LL. Let us hope by September 2021 Cunard is back to sailing, actually I hope it is July for my westbound, but that is looking iffy. And good luck on the Job Hunting.
  7. I posted earlier about booking a trip for 12 November, 2021 and commented that it didn't have the free drink package nor the prepaid gratuities. I thought that I had seen that on the voyage information but unlike the past it was not on my confirmation. I called my travel agent and she confirmed that both were on her records. I guess Cunard are not putting these on the confirmation so they can skip it if they want to. She sent me a screen grab from her system so that I would have confirmation. Very interesting.
  8. Enjoy Dinner. These days small pleasures make all the difference. Good Luck Hattie.
  9. Well, I took another step toward a 2021 voyage. Currently I am booked on a 10 day westbound from Hamburg on 22 July. The final payment for that is due in late March a little more than five months from today. By that date, I will have to be convinced that it is going to be possible to actually travel to Europe and the UK. As a back up I called my travel agent initially to see if she had the 2022 voyages available. And to check the status of my Future Cruise Deposit, from the 2020 voyage I canceled last March. In order to see the status she had to make a test booking. We decided on the 12 November 2021 Westbound nine day. My Future Cruise Deposit was not in my account. She called Cunard and found out it had expired four days ago. They reinstated it and we made the booking. The only confirmable Q4 was on the starboard side, so we did a Q4 guarantee which means I have a three in six chance of getting a port cabin, We are talking about November, so I would really like port. The Nine day November is $3000, more expensive than my ten day summer voyage in July. I guess Cunard is seeing pretty good action on late 2021 voyages. And no free drinks and only $400. obc. which should be fine. I was surprised about the price. So I have until 15 July 2021 to pay the balance due. By then we should know if travel is even possible.
  10. No one has mentioned the complementary lunch in the Verrandah restaurant. I did enjoy that twice on my last two voyages.
  11. Fear Not Christmas definitely will happen this year, it has to I have a bunch of new ornaments for the tree, five from Halcyon Days, four from Thomas Jefferson Foundation Shop and two from Gumps, the famous San Francisco Store that rose from the dead this year.
  12. I cannot remember the year, but it was before the Queen Victoria was "remodeled' and we had the Mauritania Suite with a huge back deck. We traveled from Los Angeles to Lanai, Oahu, Maui and the Big Island, I think in that order or it may have been the big island and then Maui. On the return to Los Angeles we stopped in Ensenada, Mexico to make it a foreign cruise as required by U.S. Law. We had a lovely lady Butler named Santa who was wonderful and served six of us dinner at the table in the suite with great aplomb. I asked the guests to come and select the entre during the day, so we could at least make her efforts a bit easier. The guests were Britannia passengers and got a kick from ordering from the QG menu. Santa was again our butler on a voyage from Venice to Ft. Lauderdale a few years later also on OV. and repeated the great service. She is by far the best Cunard Butler I have had in 18 voyages. Because land radar only goes out to sea a few miles, I assumed the sailing would be smooth and tropical because no disturbance appeared on local radar. It was in the month of February and the second sea day showed how powerful and nasty the Pacific could be in Winter. The only way to enjoy the deck was to pull the chairs up under the over hang and wrap up with a blanket. Cruising in the islands was lovely.
  13. My first will be a spicy Bloody Mary in the Queens Grill Lounge waiting for the Grill to open for the first lunch.
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