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  1. Well Done Blue Marble. I hear you about the sky colors. They are usually the worst part of the puzzle to deal with.
  2. Good June to all. This morning my gardener arrived and helped me plant my new Persian (aka Bearss) lime which already has set fruit and new blossoms, and my new improved Meyer Lemon (also blossoms and fruit). We re-potted a Calamandin, and a gardenia in larger pots. I will replant my old root bound lemon and lime in the spring. There is too much growth on them do it now as it would likely shock them to death. The gardener also weeded around three California Live Oaks that I have in the ground having grown them from acorns and put cedar mulch around them. He weeded and prepared the ground around my two Texas Live Oaks and my Cathedral oak and next week he will plant asiatic jasmine as a ground cover to keep the weeds away. In South East Texas with lots of rain and lots of heat we are able to grow bumper crops of weeds nearly year around. So mulch and ground cover are helpful. My contribution to climate change has been to grow and plant trees. So far I have planted more than 40 (various oaks, sweet gum and pine) on my two acre garden, and I have four pin oaks and two southern Pines in the nursery for planting in the fall. The neighbor hood squirrels kindly plant acorns in the flower beds and saplings sprout. I put them in pots and grow for a couple of seasons, them put them in the ground. It has been quiet in my neck of the woods, but the cities are redolent with protestors and looters, more looters than protesters. in most cases. That should settle down with the work week restarting. I suspect we will see a huge spike of corona-virus cases in some parts of the population in a couple of weeks. Sad, Truly Sad.
  3. That sounds terrible Vette Princess. I have been watching the events on Television. Stay safe, and hopefully your property will be o.k. The state Governor and mayor need to get their arms around this. A massive show tonight of the National Guard, which I understand is planned, might help.
  4. I have my reliable "Red Ryder" bb gun, it won't kill the little tree rats, but is does get their attention at least for a while.
  5. I hate deer. My rear garden about one half acre is completely fenced so I can safely plant things that the deer like. The front garden is open to the road, and while I try to plant deer resistant plants, trees and shrubs. I failed to check on two Acer Palmatums, and the deer ate most of the leaves on the red Emperor One. Both are now screened with an eight foot wire fence and will be until they are more mature. The flowers are blooming up a storm and the butterfly bushes are heavy with their purple flowers. A week of heavy rain (free water) has everything growing like crazy. The pool is warm enough to swim in and I do my deep water aerobics every day. I had another hair cut and did my grocery shopping. I am going to have to go to Trader Joe's earlier in the day though. Standing out side in the humidity nearly did me in when I went at about one p.m. Steaks on the grill are planned for Sunday and then another week at home. Everyone have a great weekend, and look forward to June next week.
  6. Mid day on the Memorial Day Holiday. Last night, the Memorial Concert from Washington, usually with thousands on the Mall, was done remotely with bands and artists in distant locations like Nashville. Rene Flemming did sing a couple of songs from a roof top over looking the Capitol building. Some of the concert was from earlier years using video recordings made in 2015 and later. Yesterday, it was very rainy in my part of Texas (southeast) with 1.6 inches, and an incredible lightening storm always fun to watch from the safety of the screened porch and the air has been cooled to a moderate 80f (27c) and with the moisture out of the air more comfortable. Showers expected this evening and tomorrow. I collect my Bearss Lime and Meyer Lemon trees from the nursery tomorrow and put them in pots to replace trees that had gotten too root bound to grow in the pots. I had planned to grill steaks today, but yesterday forgot to put my rack of lamb in the wine marinade with herbs de Provence in the refrigerator. So I did so this morning and will roast it tonight and leave the steaks frozen until next Sunday. I live in a forested community in a semi rural part of the area with private roads. Today, the neighborhood entertainment committee staged a "graduates' parade with the kids graduating from high Schools, middle schools and elementary schools riding in decorated golf carts throughout the neighborhood. It was fun to watch and a fire engine led the parade. That will suffice for formal graduation events this year. I understand that the U.K. is instituting 14 day quarantines for visitors, starting 1 June. That puts my plan to have a flying visit to London in July for a pal's 50th birthday on permanent hold. Fortnums to the rescue with a bottle of Le Grande Dame. sent for the occasion. And so we begin another week and soon another month, with the economy gradually creaking back into operation, stores, restaurants and bars opening with social distance limitations. Sadly many of these business owned by individuals will never re-open. But there is a feeling that we are moving forward.
  7. Since the message function is not working, I wanted to tell you that I am thinking of you on your voyage with the big C. I hope you are making good progress, and feeling well. Best wishes to you for your recovery. Mike
  8. Yesterday, Thursday is my usual shopping day. I also had errands, drop clothes at the cleaners, visit the bank, and I went to Trader Joe's the specialty grocer. Once again lines and limits. The large super was also very busy. I think this has more to do with the Memorial Day holiday on Monday, rather than a big change in shopping habits. We are well into 'summer' by temperature and humidity. 90f (32c), but the good news is that the pool is now 85f (29.4) I know you Brits think that is way too warm, but with arthritis that comes with 'maturity' cold water is not a pleasant swim. I do deep water aerobics and the water temp where one can move about with out pain is wonderful. Some scientists say that warm weather will help diminish the spread of the virus. I hope that is so. two weeks into the re-opening and there has not been a spike in cases, other than those that have resulted from an increase in testing which was expected. Hospitalizations are down significantly which is probably a better measure. Effective today restaurants in Texas can have 50% capacity for dine in, as we move into phase two of the re-opening. Monday and Tuesday I will spend the day listening to HRH The Prince of Wales who is doing two programs on Classic FM 8:00 p.m BST, 2 pm CDT here. He is quite right about the ability of classical music to diminish stress and anxiety which we have by the ton these days. I have a lovely steak to toss on the grill, Monday along with a baked potato and a nice salad. Not the Queens Grill, but then not bad either. Best wishes to Brits on your Late May Bank Holiday, and to my fellow Americans have a wonderful Memorial day.
  9. Yes, I spoke to her day before yesterday. If she is on the line, I can leave a message and she gets right back to me. She is a gem.
  10. I booked directly with Cunard until the agent I used left them. After a bungled crossing with a new agent I switched to a Travel Agent and she is great. I have booked eleven crossing with her and never had a problem, and I get terrific OBC.
  11. I had already booked my westbound Trans Atlantic from Hamburg sailing on 22, July 2021, before I had to cancel the same crossing on 22 July this summer. I canceled before final payment because even if I had gotten Future Cruse Credit for this years crossing, I could not use it to pay for a crossing booked before they offered the credits. I intend to be aboard for the Crossing. At my age it might be my last chance, assuming that the rules in place next year allow it.
  12. I am glad to hear that your friend's daughter is home from the hospital. I hope that given time she is able to fully recover. Last year I took care of a friend who had cancer, requiring chemo, and surgery, followed by three serious infections. He came home in a wheel chair, but with effort, good nutrition, physical therapy, and a strong will, he is now walking daily for exercise. There is hope for your friend's daughter. We have been very lucky here in Texas. The number of cases and deaths has been a fraction of those in the northeast of the US. And Texas has 30 million people, the U.S. second most populated state with 48,000 cases, 1347 deaths. Over half of those infected have recovered. The state has begun to reopen' hence the hair cut today.
  13. Another milestone. A haircut. Since I went "silver" my hair has been awful to take care of and I made it a practice to get a haircut every week and keep it short. Over the past few weeks I gave it a corona-clip with my beard trimmer, not a particularly good clip, but it dealt with the cow licks. Today, I went to my barber shop. They alternate half the staff every other day. I went last week but my barber was not on the list for Wednesday so I went today, Tuesday and he was there. I had to wait for two before me to be finished. The procedure is to write your name, cell phone and barber and then wait in your car or in the chairs, benches or porch swing they have under the front eves out of the sun. It is 94f 34.4c and there was a nice breeze so it was easy. It is required to wear a mask, but that was easy. So I am clipped and feeling pretty good about it.
  14. What an amazing evening. We dined out, in our favorite Mexican restaurant. The Margarita tasted better, the Nachos subroso were warm and tasty, the entree was warm, fresh and wonderful. The feeling that I got being there, with many of their usual employees including our server Elizabeth who has waited on us for eight years was one of elation. There were even other regulars in the restaurant to wave to. The experience was terrific and wonderfully uplifting. We, all of us, the entire globe will get there. Don't let any one say it will all be different and new. it was exactly the same, just fewer people for now.
  15. LL. Perhaps they have a web site or a facebook page that has opening information, and maybe you can put your 'order' in for the Valet Stand. Good Luck.
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