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  1. Bigmike911

    Bag Weights to Measure Up

    They just don't make luggage like they used to. I have two nearly identical Hartmann roll aboards, one twenty years old and bunged up, but it still has its wheels. I have a newer one about 4 years old and returning from London in September found a broken wheel for the second time. This was thanks to BA not Cunard. Fortunately Hartmann have lifetime guarantees, but it means sending it to have it repaired, or dropping it off at a 'local' repair shop with a 60 mile round trip. I inherited my dad's 50 Halliburton Aluminum cases, but they are from an era where airports had porters to carry the bags so no wheels. Some time you just cannot win.
  2. Bigmike911

    QE Queens Grill attire

    On formal evenings? Or on smart attire evenings? Every now and again, I used to travel on other cruise lines, generally because they went out of a local port, and I saw men and women, in all forms of dress, if you can call it that. The reason I prefer and now only travel with Cunard is because passengers dress like ladies and Gentlemen. For me that means formal wear on formal evenings, and ties at dinner. But then I am an old fart, having grown up in a time when people tried to look their best in public.
  3. Bigmike911

    Laundry Turn Around on QV

    I have found on more than one occasion that laundry I sent out in the morning for regular laundry actually came back the same day. I guess it depends on how much they take in every day
  4. Bigmike911

    Case of wine on the Queen Mary

    The last time I traveled on Queen Mary 2, I believe that they actually had a wine list, and a pretty good one. Why would anyone put up with the hassle of hauling wine, champagne, or spirits on board when they are readily available? That is just one more item to be dealt with. Perhaps one of the folks who recommend this practice can explain why.
  5. Bigmike911

    down loading the E tickets

    I hear you. My bank is always trying to get me to go paperless (their paper, not mine) for the same purpose, and yet they include one or more pages advertising their services, and in the case of my credit card 'convenience checks'. I suggested once that they cut out the extra pages and the customer service person said they do that for 'my convenience' to let me know that there are additional services that they offer. Really?
  6. Bigmike911

    Bag Weights to Measure Up

    Every time I travel with Cunard, I send a 50lb suitcase with my formal clothing and shoes and other items with White Star Luggage. Because I pay Cunard for this service, where by the way you can take as much as you want, as long as you are willing to pay for it, I expect that it will be handled by Cunard. The suitcase is not a steamer trunk, just a large suitcase. I roll on an airline compliant roll aboard and a carry a briefcase. Those Items with the well priced on board laundry service have been good enough to get me through a 16 day cruise in style in the past. I have never had a comment from Cunard about the weight of my luggage.
  7. Bigmike911

    Wine Delivery to Cunard in Southampton

    Half a case of Champagne? So far Cunard have been much more tolerant of guests bringing wines and spirits on board, than most other lines. But, remember alcoholic beverages, wine and spirits in particular, are an important source of revenue for them. However, if folks bring large quantities of wine or spirits aboard (because they can save money) it will cut into Cunard's revenue, and the will put a hard fast stop to it. Let's not spoil it for the guest that wants to bring one or two bottles of a favorite wine aboard, by being (how do I say this politely-I can't) greedy.
  8. Bigmike911

    Canyon Ranch SpaClub

  9. Bigmike911

    Canyon Ranch SpaClub

    Voyage Personaliser. Go to the tab marked "Booked Guests" enter your details and your confirmation and it will (after much legal mumbo jumbo) take take you to your record, where you can select you enter your personal details, and give you options. One of the options is Spa offerings.
  10. Bigmike911

    Canyon Ranch SpaClub

    The Canyon Ranch Spa, is only on Queen Mary 2. Since the OP mentioned it by name we can presume he is traveling on Queen Mary 2
  11. Bigmike911

    down loading the E tickets

    Just print the first page. You don't need the legal mumbo jumbo. All of your voyage information is on page 1.
  12. Bigmike911

    I need some advice please

    Your post seems to indicate you don't know much about your QM2 crossing. One of the reasons people book QM2 is for the formal atmosphere of the ship. I think you would be well advised to look at the Cunard Web Sites to get a better idea of life aboard. Make sure it meets your needs and expectations before spending a significant price on the voyage. You didn't say which level of accommodation you were looking at. There are minimum dress standards for evening dining in Britannia, Britannia Club or the Grills. If you wish to dine in the Britannia, Club or Grills dining rooms on Formal evenings your husband will need at minimum a tie and a dark suit or blazer. You can wear dressy pants to dinner. There is a buffet called the Kings Court, where you can eat breakfast lunch and dinner wearing casual clothes. You can also get lunches in the pub, and sandwiches in the Carinthia Lounge. There is always room service if you want it. You don't have to drag formal wear with you, you can have it sent directly to the using the Cunard's White Star Luggage Service.
  13. Bigmike911

    QM Grills Access from Stairway C?

    As an alternative you could walk (or take the lift) one deck up or one deck down and walk the the D stairs along the corridors, then up or down as appropriate to Deck seven. In the event the weather is not amenable to walking along the deck.
  14. Bigmike911

    Cunard Site Down?

    The Cruise Critic site has had problems for several days. It keeps trying to load and reload and you cannot go anywhere on it. It seems to be trying to load advertising. Today Tuesday 4th December is seems to be stable. Let's hope they keep it so. It is very distracting to have technical issues, and I quickly loose interest in the site, and go elsewhere.
  15. Bigmike911

    Best way to get to Newark following QM2 cruise?

    Cunard has a bus transfer to Newark Liberty Airport EWR. It takes about 1.5 hours. The cost is $50-60 per person (It has been a while since I took it).