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  1. We have a March 2021 Cruise booked in the Yacht Club. My wife is a nurse. We provided them with a copy of her badge and current pay stub. TA had to cancel and rebook but end result was a $2,000 plus savings on the cabin and a $300 OBC via the labor day sale. That went so well be booked a February 2021 cruise on the Seaside in the Yacht Club for $2,700 for the cabin plus the $300 OBC. In over 50 cruises, best deal I've every had the pleasure to take advantage of... Now...we just need both cruises to actually happen..
  2. My FCD was turned into a FCC when Princess cancelled our cruise. As a result we did not receive our $200 FCD OBC when we booked our replacement cruise. I had my TA call and she was able to obtain a replacement "Goodwill" $200 OBC in place of the FCD OBC. For those who wonder if using a TA is worth it we've lost 5 cruise so far and she has been invaluable in working with the various cruise lines on refunds, FCC's and other issues that have cropped up.
  3. MSC just switched ships on our 7 night March 2021 Caribbean cruise. Gave us a $200 OBC for our troubles. Doesn't look like Princess feels the need to do the same.....
  4. Just to clarify it is $5 for the cruise not per day correct?
  5. Beware of RCCL 50% BOGO sale marketing. The drink package price on our upcoming RCCL cruise under this sale has ranged from $54 PP to $65 PP plus gratuity. Most of the RCCL sales are just marketing
  6. In my experience you are not charged sales tax on the package but in ports with sales tax like Florida you are charged sales tax on the drinks you consume. If you consume a $10 drink with the package assuming a 7% sales tax rate your sign and sail account is charged 70 cents to cover the sales tax on that drink. If you don't have the package you are charged the $10 drink price, gratuity and the 70 cents of sales tax
  7. We received an invite to bid on an upgrade to a RS from a regular YC suite for our January cruise. Minimum bid was $775 PP. We declined to bid.
  8. Yes there are. The open air trucks with seats in the back for 8 to 10 folks. It's a short trip
  9. I also paid $65 PP. Do I have to call for the price adjustment? I tried to modify the reservation online but wasn't able to generate a $10 PP refund
  10. Can you buy this package onboard? I have OBC I want to use. It's a shame MSC doesn't let you use your OBC in advance when pre purchasing on there website
  11. The boat doesn't do any fast turns or crazy stuff. It is fast. They use a jet boat due to some shallow areas of the river,
  12. Hi Buck I thought the tour time was about right, not too long for us. Yes there was a Marine head on the boat. Not fancy but doable. Also the boat stops about half way through at a place that has nicer restrooms as well as snacks and refreshments. The boat was not completely full. We were able to move around to different seats as well as hanging out in the back of the boat with the first mate. Yes, I would do this again Surmy
  13. I understand that the motor yachts will be getting brand new tenders when they are stretched. Hopefully that will make tendering a better experience
  14. Are you able yo purchase the $89 PP per Day A;; Inclusive package on board? or do you have to buy in advance? I'm interested but want to use OBC so i'd like to buy on the ship.
  15. Check your rates, Windstar has a sale on until July 10th. My price dropped $300 PP
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