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  1. For me - and I guess others - the things which are most irritating with young children, as opposed to unpleasant adults, is sudden loud wailing or screaming near to you, and toddlers running around dangerously in the Verandah cafe, with poor waiters trying to dodge them. The first problem is insoluble, it is normal for tiny children to suddenly cry loudly, but it can really make you jump! Also with older ones, running up and down corridors making a noise - however obnoxious they are, most old folks do not do this.
  2. The transfers work perfectly - the only difference for you personally would be that you would be likely to have a car to yourselves on the outward journey and if you live more than 75 miles from Dover would probably have to share with another couple on the way back.
  3. The problem of high spending customers is not confined to Regent - it is magnified when on a small ship, such as Seadream, when we have witnessed some appalling behaviour by teens in large families (also noting that the parents would be in a top suite, the 'kiddies' put next door to the poor plebs, kept awake by them making a racket at 3 a.m.} Sadly, money talks, and some who have a lot of it are not nice people!
  4. Apologies for nagging, Wingco - and anyone else who may respond. I think it is because at present I can only cruise vicariously, as my current situation does not enable me to even think about booking the usual two or three cruises a year we have been used to taking! Looking forward to hearing the good, bad and the ugly in due course.
  5. Just a last request for a report on this forum on Discovery's Christmas and New Year cruise, please!😣
  6. Yes, one feels that Saga really need a sort of top co-ordinator in their office - so many things about Saga are excellent, and then they let themselves down with an annoying lack of attention to details.
  7. What is confusing is that Saga cruises seem to have a multitude of phone numbers - even having cruised often with them, I still have not got them all sorted! Some numbers seem to take ages to answer, others are prompt. This may explain why people have such different experiences. Sorry, I cannot remember which are the 'good' ones and which the others.
  8. Is there any way to read the latest posts without scrolling through the many 'quotes' which include multiple photos? Interesting the first time; not so much and time consuming after that. I am not very computer literate, so maybe someone can advise. (The most irritating are, of course, on the Crystal site.) If not, dare I suggest posters do not quote them in their replies?
  9. Yes, just looked at the roll calls! I think the first excitement about the new ship has worn off bit, and I am afraid the 'old' Saganauts generally do not know about CC - most of them are around the ship with their ipads and laptops, so they are computer literate. I hope there will be more activity, or it may be 'use it or lose it'.
  10. Just hoping to revive this thread - very little from the Captain on the blogs, ditto any passengers, so I am hoping someone on board will have time to report soon. She has apparently done all the expected ports, according to Cruisemapper, and is now on a rather long haul back to Southampton.
  11. Regarding hosted table invitations, if you don't want any invites at all, just tell Seabourn Square at the start of the cruise. It usually works well, though the odd one might slip by. (Or don't answer the phone at 5.30 to 6 unless you are expecting a call from someone.)
  12. Yes, I am afraid that the days of a cheap inside cabin on Saga are nearly over, and they have moved up a notch in the 'luxury' or premium stakes. Sadly, of course, they are the company who will get you to Southampton or Dover ports door to door, which I don't think any other cruise line does - certainly not included. For myself, I find the 'extras' Saga include, like the drinks, tips and insurance as well as transport, do add up to being worthwhile and help with no bill at the end, unless you have taken excursions. But the initial cost is naturally more, especially with all cabins being fairly large and with a balcony.
  13. JMyrtle - a shame you did not like Saga Sapphire - and from your profile have gone off Fred Olsen also. You say 'once the new ships come into use' - obviously as you can see from this thread, Spirit of Discovery is already sailing, and the other new ship will be launched in a few months. Hope you will find a cruise line you can enjoy.
  14. I should have said that the above applied to Sapphire earlier in the year - I doubt if it has changed for Discovery, but hopefully if it has someone will chime in and report.
  15. No, they are all included - quite good brands, like Tio Pepe sherry, Campari, etc. And at least one bar will be open from 10 a.m., so anyone who wishes could get completely sozzled. (Never seen that happen!) Wine with lunch and dinner, or indeed at any time. I am not sure if single malts are included, for example, but apart from the fact that there is a limited choice of wines, usually four reds, four whites, and one or two roses, IMO the choice and generosity is excellent. Recently I said after dinner | did not drink coffee, so the wine server said 'why not have a Baileys on ice', something I had never done before, and actually enjoyed it and had one each evening, in fact she brought it without being asked. Regarding mixing with people at meals, if you prefer to dine a deux or just with friends you can ask to have a set table every evening, including for two, and still go in for dinner whenever you like during opening hours. We tend to do this being both a bit deaf and finding large tables difficult.
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