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  1. Jilly your view looks heavenly, very relaxing. Just the sort of thing we all need right now. I too don't have 22 good enough friends I would want to go away with and more to the point I don't think they would all want to go away with me either. Lola
  2. mysty - strangely, some of this wonder comes back to you in old age, like cracks in the clouds when the sun comes through. Just not quite enough to keep the stolid grownup at bay.
  3. For some reason the cat funnies resonate particularly with me - I have a nasty feeling that I have a catlike personality. Not really desirable in a human being. Thinking about the beginnings of a bit of freedom, I wonder if it is looking up for you, Daveywavey, in your corner of Wales? It is cold but sunny here in my little corner of the East Midlands, Have a good day coolers Lola
  4. Thanks, Lois. The only member of the Royal family I was ever in the same room with. An admirable spouse for the Queen; they complemented each other perfectly and a very interesting (and attractive, when I met him!) man. I think we will appreciate him more now that he is no longer with us.
  5. tts - no doubt lots of things will be different by next summer, but things about Saga which will probably remain the same include some which you may be interested in, and others probably not: we have appreciated the door to door transport, meaning you do not need to touch your heavy luggage after your driver takes it from your front door until it appears in your cabin. You do have to share the transport with another one or two people, as you live a fair way from the port, like us. Sea days do offer a lot of activities, like bridge, often painting classes, a choir, some good lecturers etc.
  6. JP and TTS - I get some of the acronyms, but LAM is a new one on me. Are we allowed to know what it means, or is it a bit rude. Having a little peripheral medical knowledge, I have heard of NFN (UK only, I guess) which I suppose is not used any more now people can look at their notes. There used to be some wonderful ones, now no doubt sent to the woke graveyard in the sky.
  7. Bemused by that, mysty, until I realised that in the USA (and maybe Canada?) I think it is pronounced Van Go, whereas in the UK we tend to say Van Gogh. Sorry, can't write that exactly as it is said, but sounds as if you have a problem with your throat.
  8. I admit to doing a toilet roll hoarder job - ordered heating oil a bit before necessary in case the price goes up in the next week or two.
  9. You seem to have had a similar experience with Regent as we did. Several enjoyable ones on Voyager, and then one quite a few years later, after several on Seabourn, on Mariner and it was not enjoyable and we vowed we would not go on Regent again. I was not actually trying to criticise Regent, more trying clumsily to explain the different ambiance between the two lines; I know some people adore Regent.
  10. As someone who has many Regent and Seabourn cruises under their belt, you might like to know the differences in staffing style between the two lines. Seabourn staff come from all round the world, and quite a few are young people who have worked in bars or restaurants ashore and want the experience, whereas as you will know Regent staff are mainly from the Phillipines and it is their job for life, hopefully for them. This does mean that Seabourn staff tend to be 'chatty' and interesting to talk to, and are chosen for personality as much as efficiency (though they are nearly all extremely effi
  11. That's mean - I especially asked you not to visualise me in my new jeans! (Though it is not far from the truth).
  12. Good morning coolers I'm not bad at embarrassing the children, indeed have just ordered some bright pink jeans, and I am fairly sure they won't want to be seen with me in them. (I have not got a huge backside or fat legs, in case you were all having a horrible vision). Lois - glad you are liking your bed. Since having two separate lots of metal put into a femur I need to sleep on my back, and am now used to it, with an extra pillow - but am told I do snore sometimes. Lots of spring bulbs in the garden now, and intermittent lovely sunshine, and the clock
  13. That is one of the few that cracks you up every time you see it, and I realise that I am now getting a bit like Julie Walters in it. Victoria Woods is much missed.
  14. Wow! drron, that is almost unbelievable. Thanks for uplifting us with nature's incredible beauties. Lola
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