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  1. Not sure how "tech savvy" you are, but if you bring a travel router you can share a single plan with multiple users at the same time by logging into your router after the router obtains the ships IP address.
  2. We printed ours out last week for everyone.. children included. We were using Chrome browser from a laptop
  3. Not sure how tech savvy you are but you can purchase a travel router and share a single package with multiple users by logging into your router after getting the ships IP address. All users must be in the range of the travel router.
  4. They may be shooting them selves in the foot! What they don’t realize is that people are not stupid and there is still plenty of competition for people to go elsewhere. I for one see a lot of “smoke and mirrors “ in all the perks that are in the pricing structure. It’s up to us as consumers to figure it all out and get the most bang for our buck. Thanks for posting.
  5. The only excursion that I would personally hold off on booking before being on board is a beach day excursion. We did that once and when the day came it was overcast and raining and the excursion was not refundable 🙁. Not a fun day to be on the beach.
  6. We just used the water taxi....$ 7.00 per person round trip.
  7. We have very good luck with either Uber or Lyft. Pick up times are under five minutes!!
  8. I think you will find that you will get much more bang for your buck by going with an independent insurance provider.
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    Yes they do... not being a smoker I really didn’t pay attention to what brands they stock but I saw cigarettes being sold.
  10. Not sure if this will help you but we were on the Dawn last February with the free 250 minute plan and we had a strong signal in our room. Our children have I Phones and we took our I Pads and we were able to do "audio" facetime with them with no major problems. That is audio only with no video feed (Like a telephone call). Like someone else replied.... I think a lot depends on signal strength and the amount of people using it on any given time. Best of luck!
  11. You are not alone unfortunately. We had so many issues and bad communication with MCS that we were almost ready to give up. They even applied two final payments to our charge card so we were billed twice for the same cruise and it took them over 10 days to finally find the mistake and issue us our credit!! We finally got everything fixed but it wasn't easy. Just hang in there and hopefully you will catch an agent that knows what to do. Good luck.
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    You are very welcome... have a great day 🙂
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    As Far As I Know......
  14. Just paid recently and had no problems... received via email within 5 minuets
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