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  1. I agree 100%... Royal Caribbean should not keep the Insurance Policy money! I have purchased Insurance from 3rd. party Insurance companies and was able to roll my policy to a different cruise after I cancelled a previous cruise.
  2. I agree 100% with your assessment of the Tampa Terminal. We were there last year to cruise on Dawn and that terminal was a “horror show “. So frustrating, and the workers at the terminal could care less. Also the traffic outside was a mess also!!
  3. A lot of people also like the security that comes with a travel router... not only does it allow you to share many devices with one Voom purchase saving you a few dollars, it gives you added protection from getting hacked on the Royal Caribbean wifi.
  4. You are very welcome! Glad to help.... good luck and have a great cruise!!
  5. Range is very dependent on your surroundings but a safe guess is around 25-40 feet without any major issues I have had good luck with Anker Products such as this.... Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger …. but there are many others available on Amazon. Just be sure that they output 5V @ 2.4A … These battery portable chargers also come in handy to charge your portable electronics when you are away from hone.
  6. If you program Wifi repeaters this thing should be a breeze for you. As Host Clarea mentioned..Do the initial set up at home .. You would probably want to set up it's repeater mode (WISP) to repeat the ship's Wifi. Once on board set it up to pick up the ship's signal and then you log into your router. I purchased the GL.iNET GL-MT300N-V2 Mini Travel Router, Repeater Bridge, 300Mbps High Performance, 128MB RAM (Version 2) from Amazon. You will need to power it with a USB connection to a charger or a small portable battery pack works well if you are by the pool or away from your room. That should do it.... Good luck
  7. Yes... Amazon has them as low as $20.00.. the only thing is everyone sharing must be within distance of the router but it will definitely do the job. You just have to have a little knowledge on how to set it up and how to log in... really not too difficult. Good luck!!
  8. Absolutely right... thanks for clarifying 🙂
  9. Not sure how "tech savvy" you are, but if you bring a travel router you can share a single plan with multiple users at the same time by logging into your router after the router obtains the ships IP address.
  10. We printed ours out last week for everyone.. children included. We were using Chrome browser from a laptop
  11. Not sure how tech savvy you are but you can purchase a travel router and share a single package with multiple users by logging into your router after getting the ships IP address. All users must be in the range of the travel router.
  12. They may be shooting them selves in the foot! What they don’t realize is that people are not stupid and there is still plenty of competition for people to go elsewhere. I for one see a lot of “smoke and mirrors “ in all the perks that are in the pricing structure. It’s up to us as consumers to figure it all out and get the most bang for our buck. Thanks for posting.
  13. The only excursion that I would personally hold off on booking before being on board is a beach day excursion. We did that once and when the day came it was overcast and raining and the excursion was not refundable 🙁. Not a fun day to be on the beach.
  14. We just used the water taxi....$ 7.00 per person round trip.
  15. We have very good luck with either Uber or Lyft. Pick up times are under five minutes!!
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