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  1. I'm with you on the right now part. I really miss cruising but plan to start out on a 3-4 day as opposed to a 7 day just to get a fill for things and then next year go 7. I have been looking at a 3 day on MSC that is reasonable out of Miami for the time slot I am looking at but have some concerns about if I would enjoy the ship. I did the Barcelona cruise on MSC and was not happy with the food or pretty much anything else. I was totally not prepared for it being sooo European which did not make for a good experience for me so I am concerned about all MSC ships at this point. I am happy with Ca
  2. Nope same thing happened with the travel agencies. Lost my agent of 11 years, no warning, found out on his FB account.
  3. See this is something I don't understand how is someone whose cruise was in August getting a refund before someone whose cruise was in May. Our group is still waiting, 5 of the 11 cabins cancelled on March 17 and I still have a couple of people who don't have their refunds from that cancellation which is 90 days today so I have called the agent to check it out since Carnival will not answer any questions directly for me. The other 6 cabins got cancelled on April 1 and still no money. I think if you have a group the refunds should come to the entire group at the same time because we all paid ou
  4. I had the same experience, however, I have dealt with my agent for 11 years and knew he always returned calls and emails timely. Unfortunately he had been let go by the company and because I knew he was on FB I was able to locate him and read that he had been let go. I was upset with the agency because while I understood he no longer had access to his clients, as we were a group booking, someone should have been assigned to take over his clients. That has since been rectified but it should never have caused me a days worry. I hope you get a resolution to your concerns.
  5. Girl me either but I am thinking it definitely won't be until 2021, still hiding from COVID - lol
  6. Really have you read the post on here, I don't generally get annoyed by the post and if I do I keep it to myself because that is not my thing but you got your money back in 45 days for a 5/23 cruise and there are people who were scheduled in April who still have not received their refunds. We had 11 cabins for our 5/9 cruise and we are still waiting for 7 of those refunds. Please feel how you feel but you are one of the very blessed ones.
  7. Nope not by Cruise date because we had 11 cabins and 5 of them cancelled in March and the 6 cancelled April 1 but have only gotten money back for 4 of the initial 5 and none for the 6 that cancelled April 1 so I believe it is by cancellation date or as most of us are thinking no rhyme or reason - lol.
  8. Yes this has happened to my group as well, I think it just depends on who has your booking to cancel.
  9. Just got off the phone with the fill in agent since my original booking agent is no longer with the company (hoping he will return). My problem was 5 out of our 11 cabins cancelled our May 9 cruise on March 17, I received the final payment back for 2 of those cabins on May 8, however, they were entitled to the full refund including their $500 deposit once carnival cancelled our cruise but I did not get that back and was told by a carnival agent the travel agent would have to call and ask for an override of that deposit because on March 17 the option was for the full refund of the final payment
  10. If that remaining money was your deposit you will have to call them to have them manually override that deposit because at that time the deposits were being put towards a FCC only. That is what I was told by a carnival agent this morning.
  11. I believe this may be correct. We had 11 cabins booked and on March 17, 5 of those cabins requested a refund of their final deposit with the option at that time for the deposit to be put towards FCC which was the only option at that time, however, once carnival cancelled they were all entitled to a 100% refund. This morning on checking my account there was a deposit from carnival for 2 cabins in the amount of the final payment not the 100% which tells me they processed the original request that was made on March 17. I am still waiting on the final payment for one of those cabins as the other 2
  12. My cruise date was also May 9th for 11 cabins and 23 people total but we have not received anything back so maybe as someone said earlier money comes back faster on AMEX than on any of the other means of payment. All of the initial deposits per cabin came off my debit card and then there are additional payments totaling $16,000 so I am waiting for a lot of money to hit my account. I have made it clear to everyone it could take up to 90 days and do not contact me asking me about it, I will let you know when it hits my account. The problem is everyone's money will not hit at the same time as the
  13. Yes I believe as you say this is what is going on, I believe I posted a similar thing earlier but just not as elegantly as you put it - lol - we know all people don't work with the same ethics as others so i am still hopeful my group of 23 falls into the hands of a very hard working employee.
  14. I know how you feel, our cruise was leaving 5/9 for our 9 day Mother's Day cruise and I would be putting the finishing touches on my packing so a little sad but happy we are safe. I am hoping to be able to take my annual birthday cruise in December but remain cautious for now and hopeful that things will be easier by that time. Bought a nice pastel dress to wear for mother's day and will still wear it right around the apartment building as we are still in shelter in place which is fine with me. I am hopeful that our money will start to come in as there were 23 of us and most of the charges ar
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