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  1. 52 minutes ago, stellarose said:

    OMG. we are Jewish traveling on Carnival during Hanukkah. I am hoping they have stuff on board to light the candles. I am bering my Mench on the bench. 

    I've cruised a few times during Hanukkah; there's no candles allowed--they will take your menorah and your candles.  I just got a nice battery operated menorah on Zion Judaica's website for like $40 that i'll toss into my front window next year.  They do have a giant menorah in the atrium they light each night.


    I also found some amazing ugly Hanukkah sweaters ('lets get lit" and "oy to the world") and some stupid cute hannucats shirts to wear with my teenager on Etsy.  


    What Carnival ship are you on?  We're doing the Magic out of FLL.

  2. We've sailed on ships during Christmas time but being Jewish, haven't actually ever decorated for Christmas.  I'm feeling the holiday-ish spirit this year though and wanted to surprise my kiddo with some decorations.  Their website is pretty ambiguous on what is and isn't allowed, "fire retardant materials," and "no string lights," what does that leave?


    If you've decorated for the holidays while on board, can you offer up some ideas and maybe even a photo?  

  3. For the Panama Canal partial transit, it doesn't matter what side you are on, because it turns around, so you see what you missed going in on the way out.  As for location, I prefer mid-ship, mid-level; on the Miracle and the Pride (sisters to the Legend) I have been on Deck 6... once I was aft though, and that size of ship does rock a lot and I found that I spent a huge amount of time being lulled to sleep, and when seas got rough, quite an upset tum.  Generally speaking, balcony's are small, I think in a regular balcony room there are just two chairs, so it's not like a place you'll be lounging, although I spend most of my time on my balcony, even if there are no lounge chairs and just the more uncomfortable smaller ones.  Even when we've had 4 people in a room (in a suite) we have only had seating for 2, and when we asked for extra chairs we were told it's a no go.  My kid and my friend's kid spent a lot of time laying on beach towels on the balcony and were just fun with it.

  4. On 10/31/2019 at 4:44 PM, reeinaz said:

    I read the FAQ on B2B cruises on Carnival's site. It says I can bring on my total entitlement of wine (2 bottles for 2 cruises) but the extra bottle will be held until the beginning of the next cruise. It also says that any alcohol I purchase while onboard will be held until the end of the final leg of my cruise. They won't be delivering the bottles to my room the last night of the first leg. Are these rules generally followed? I've read postings that said otherwise but don't know if those were the exceptions or just as likely to happen as not. 


    They're going to do everything possible to make sure you don't get cheap liquor while on board.  

  5. On 11/3/2019 at 10:35 AM, lmb84 said:

    My question is this....We booked under "Hot Streak" offer which came with a $500.00 OBC FOR THE CABIN....I noticed this morning that our room category that we booked has come down quite a bit in price.  If I apply for the difference....do I lose the $500.00 offer that I initially booked under.  (I don't have that offer anymore)....it's just the room category has dropped...Thanks for any help


    The answer is probably no, BUT if you have a great TA they may be able to make it happen; I was able to hold onto a better rate with perks and the such on another line by having my TA call them and just ask for the reduced rate; saved me over $800 so far... 

  6. On 10/30/2019 at 6:54 PM, Tabatha1988 said:

    I’m having issues with family and my cruise is the first week of December, and I’m getting stressed. I’m wondering if anyone here had purchased the Value or Premium plan and it worked with the Ring security cameras


    Can you just upgrade your Ring service to the monitoring one for the month? It's like $10?  No clue how much the sensors are but if you are having problems, I imagine you already have them and can easily set up with the cameras and then set the parameters for there to be professional intervention. 

  7. 2 hours ago, Chicity Traveler said:

    Cruising on the Breeze on the 30th of November. Just got a message about an upgrade that will send me from an interior cabin on the Lido deck to an ocean front cabin on deck 1 for $78. I am seriously thinking of declining that offer. 


    They really are under-valuing the value they place on cabin deck; Lido is obviously more desirable, and deck 1 forward is very not desirable... They should be offering some big OBC for that downgrade... 

  8. This is a topic that has been beaten to death about 10,000 times... but I feel like people haven't had both experiences so I'll throw in my two cents...


    First though, if you book through a TA you absolutely can order stuff through the Fun Shops... I now only book through a TA and I have never had any trouble logging into my account and buying whatever the heck I want in their Fun Shop.  If anyone gave you that info, they are wrong.  If you want internet, you book it and pay for it yourself; they don't do any of that if you don't want them to--and I don't want my TA to do any of that.


    If you book on the website, you don't have a human being to really deal with, you can call the 800 number and get a person, but they're not really super invested because they're not making sales off of you.  If you end up booking online and then getting a PVP,  you now have a person who works for Carnival, and their duty is to their employer, not to you.  If you book through a TA you have someone who is making commission and getting paid ONLY when you are happy and they are serving you.  This gives them an incentive to do whatever you need for you to be happy.  


    Now.  With that said, a few caveats for both.  There are some GREAT PVPs... they do exist, but I have never had one that would even quality as mediocre.  If you find one you love, hold on for life, because they are beholden to their employer, not to you.  There are also some TERRIBLE TAs.  People ask me all the time for my TAs information and I always tell them to find their own local person; most travel agencies are small, local, women-owned businesses so find someone local to your community.  I also can say, from my current personal experience, booking through one of the giant TAs, avoid that like the damn plague.  It has been one nightmare after another, and for the 14 days before final payment date (several weeks before final payment was due I had made final payment) they were having a computer error that left me unsure if I would even have a reservation because it refused to recognize my cruise as paid; and you have to fight with a computer voice to get a person.  

  9. I've done the aft wrap, and really don't think it's all that "better" or "worse".  The benefit is, you get a lounge chair, which you don't get if you have a regular balcony.  I also don't think it's worth the sometimes 1000$ more price tag.  I also have a strong bias against being in the back of the ship; we were in the aft wrap suite a handful of years ago and I found that to be really too soothing and anytime we were in the room I either felt the movement too much and didn't love it, or I would find myself not being able to stay awake.  If you've never had a balcony, then you're in for a treat either way.  I know some people swear by aft rooms; I prefer mid ship.  


  10. On 10/28/2019 at 2:27 PM, soonernstlouis said:

    Hi All.


    I‘ve been going back & forth on booking our next Carnival Cruise and am now considering Valor out of NOLA.  Since the pricing out of season on this ship is normally reasonable, I want to choose a balcony.  But I’ve heard so many good things about booking an aft wrap balcony I was really wanting to go for one of those.  Unfortunately there are only about 6 such rooms on the Valor and even selecting cruises well into 2021 finds nothing available.  So my questions are:


    •What is the typical upcharge from per day from balcony to aft wrap?

    •Is “aft extended balcony” really any better than balcony if aft wrap is not available?

    •How far out did you have to book to get the aft wrap or did you have to use a PVP/TA to actually locate one?




  11. There's a retractable roof on the Miracle; it's great and allows for the use of the pool deck.  We did Alaska on a HAL ship that is a "sister" to the Spirit class, and the water was definitely too cold to really swim in, BUT having the retractable roof made it possible to use the hot tubs at night and it was pretty comfortable.  On the two days that we weren't in ports, we were able to relax comfortably on the pool deck in summer-ish clothes.

  12. 23 hours ago, princessjanee said:

    We booked a Ocean Suite on Miracle on deck 6...after looking at some YouTube postings for those cabins we noticed the lifeboats were positioned right below us.  Can someone tell me if the lifeboats will obstruct our views when looking down from our balcony...


    I've cruised multiple times in the OS on the Miracle, and you can see the lifeboats below you, but looking out, they absolutely do not obstruct views.  There's not much to look at down (other than an open deck) so you really aren't missing much. 

  13. I've cruised the same ship more than once because it was the closest to me in terms of ports and I prefer doing 8 night itineraries; I've cruised the same 2 ships at least twice each, and this Christmas sailing a different ship for the second time; and then next New Years Eve sailing the same ship on another line that we took to Bermuda.  I like doing the same ships because we generally know the layout of the land, but I also enjoy exploring new ships.  It's really not a good thing or a bad think I think. 

  14. On 10/23/2019 at 6:52 PM, rcarrosq said:


    We are platinum with over 22 cruises and booked a last minute cruise in June sailing on the Breeze on Nov 2. We like midship interior cabins and this is what we chose. Today we finally got our cabin assignment. We were given #6495 aft. Seriously? This cabin is darn near the very last cabin on that deck. At this point is there anything we can do? In a cabin so far in the back we will feel every pitch and roll. I was under the impression that our platinum status would help us get a decent cabin. We also requested early dining but are confirmed for late dining. I was told by my TA that we could see the maitre’d in the MDR on the first night to see if it can be changed. It was suggested we grease his palm. Again....seriously? I thought platinum came with some perks. 

    Has anyone here ever been able to change a guaranteed cabin?

    This is one of the difficulties of doing the guarantee cabin, particularly when you have a location you prefer over others (I do too, i'm with you on the mid ship).  Before booking you should have looked and see what interiors were available; I did this a few summers ago on another line, and it ended up working out well, I booked a balcony guarantee category, but liked all the cabins that were available, and figured since it was my first time on that line I'd end up in a less desirable cabin.  I have read from some people that you can call and upgrade to a specific cabin or category that you would prefer, but then you're on the hook for the price difference.  I do think in your case it's probably be better though since you are upset about where the cabin is located so that you can worry less about the location.


    Now, I wish I could give you some advice about dinner; we are in a suite and they won't even give us early dining or put us on the waitlist; and I have my TA calling them repeatedly in the hopes they'll just get tired of fielding the calls.  I would not suggest bribing with money to change; it's their job to try and make you happy by moving you, if they can, to early dining.

  15. On 10/22/2019 at 11:38 AM, RobertHemsley said:

    Hi All,


    Me (29) and my girlfriend (27) did our first ever cruise this summer on the Oasis of the seas in the Med and absolutely loved it.

    Now that is a giant freaking ship.... My parents are going on the Allure next week and I am dying to hear how crowded it was, because I am dying to go on the Harmony (my name), but hate huge crowds.

    On 10/22/2019 at 11:38 AM, RobertHemsley said:

    We are looking at booking another cruise but this time as a larger family group on the NCL Escape in the Caribbean as the free at sea offer makes the cruise more than half the price of an RCL equivalent.

    This deal is making NCL quite attractive, that is for sure.

    On 10/22/2019 at 11:38 AM, RobertHemsley said:

    This includes my parents who are in their 60's and my Sister (35) her husband (35) and their two daughters (1 and 4).


    Looking at photos of the pool and sundecks, and also the layout of the ship. is it really crowded compared to the OTS? Looking at beginning on Feb.

    My parents (super loyal RCCLers), myself, and my kiddo had connected staterooms on the Escape to Bermuda.  The ship was close to sold out, and we never thought the ship felt exceptionally crowded.  We always found pool chairs in the shade (we are a very pale people), and could always find a seat.  I am sure if it's a max capacity sailing, it would feel somewhat more crowded, but I think the ship is really well designed in that it never felt overwhelming.

  16. I wonder if the price difference has little to do with the perks and more to do with the fact a balcony is massively more attractive and therefore more expensive than an oceanveiw or a balcony?  I guess it would depend when you're looking, what ship you're looking at, and where it's going.  We only cruise in balcony's and above, but I feel like on NCL the price difference from the OV to the balcony is always pretty decent.  It's probably more about supply and demand than anything else.


    Now.... something I did notice that feels a little weird is that *every* sailaway category is sold out for every random cruise i've looked up to see if that was true.  Either I'm really good at picking randomly (I doubt that) or that's where they're "making" this extra dollars.  

  17. Something similar to this happened to me on another cruise I have booked on another line; but it was $177 and I was freaking out.  It was a glitch in the finance dept. and when I was panicked it would cancel after final payment date, it didn't.  I think as long as you can access the edocs you are good to go.

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