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  1. We have been on all class ships except the Sun. We booked Island to do the Panama and expected to not like it. We really didn't find it that bad and were pleasantly surprised. I think the only thing we didn't like was that the theatre didn't have an exit down at the lower level. It took a long time to get out of the theatre. (I think this is the ship...) And we only notice because we are type A!

  2. Our very first cruise was on the Tahitian Princess in 2003, which is the same size ship. We had nothing to compare it to and loved cruising so much we are now 25 cruises in! We met a couple on that cruise that we are still friends with, that had already done 25 cruises and they said we started with the best!

    I don't remember a lot about the entertainment etc but we certainly had some memorable dining experiences with all the people we met.

    We would certainly go back and try the small ship experience again. It would be interesting to compare it to our big ship experiences, now that we are seasoned cruisers! Maybe a World Cruise some day????

  3. Unpack and head to Alfredo's for lunch! We were on the Regal in March for the first time and fell in love with Alfredo's. Our only charge was for the sangria! We went back another day (and had more sangria) :D



    Ditto!!!! Except switch the Sangria for a bottle of Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc!

  4. We did this cruise from Quebec city to FLL. We really enjoyed it. Unfortunately we missed Charleston because of a bad storm and some of the roughest weather we have ever sailed in.

    We had never been to Saguenay before and I don't know if it's on your itinerary, but we never new Canada had a fjord! A real beautiful sail in/out. Almost everyone in the town came out to see the ship leave. Very welcoming.

    If you dock in Brooklyn, try and hit an Ample Hills Creamery. Some of the best ice cream we've ever had!

  5. Yes, we have done this cruise. It was excellent but unfortunately we missed Peter Port because of high winds. Do try and take the cruise during the Tattoo. It was well worth it. Make sure you do a tour that gets you up to the Antrim coast in Ireland. It was beautiful.

    We had a huge roll call on this trip (200) and we did many excursions with companies sourced off the ship. There are many highly reputable tour operators that can put together any schedule you would like in each port.

  6. We did a Vancouver to Fort Lauderdale cruise w/full Panama transit in 2009 on the Coral. We were in cabin A309 which was referred to as a ‘bump-out’ cabin.


    We chose the ‘bump-out’ cabin to obtain the least obstructed views from the balcony.


    (Realistically, while going through the Panama locks, we opted to be out ‘on deck’ watching the event from either the promenade deck or up top for a full 360-view.)


    If you review the deck plans, you will find both Balcony and Mini-Suite cabins that ‘bump out’ on Aloha, Baja and Caribe decks.


    An example of what I mean by ‘bump-out’ using Baja deck on the Island would be balcony cabins B309/B310, or B622/B637.

    These cabins protrude out from the adjacent cabins on one side, providing a better angle for viewing forward or aft down the side of the ship.


    Conversely, if you look at cabins B311/B312, you’ll see them somewhat recessed.


    Views from these recessed balconies would be more limited because they are set back into the deck more and obstructed to one side buy the projection of the ‘bump-out’ cabin next door.




    We have booked a bump out for our Panama cruise. Are the balconies on these cabins the same size as the balconies on the regular Balcony cabins? On the deck plans they actually look a little smaller.

  7. We just finished a cruise on Harmony of the Seas. We have done 6 cruises with them and 15 with Princess.

    We think the service in the dining room is better on Princess. We found the service on Harmony very rushed and disjointed, although we liked some of the unique options on the menu we don't see on Princess, like Salmon tartar, beef Short ribs.

    Although RCI has some of the huge productions shows, we actually feel that the 4 primary singers on the Princess ships have better voices and are more talented. The Bravo show on Princess is excellent.

    We LOVE the pizza at the pool and the choice at the International Café.

    We find it boils down to.... we sail RCI for the WOW ship and Princess for the Itinerary and that 'at home' feeling.

  8. We just got off Harmony of the Seas and had convinced our Diamond Plus friends who only sail RCI to do a Princess California Coastal in the fall of 2019. I told them about this great cruise I had looked at other years that overnights in San Fran.


    I went on to get the details and dates and much to my surprise ....no California coastals in the Fall, other than a couple of days!!!! So disappointing!


    We always go cruise to the Caribbean in the winter but would be ready to cruise in the Fall. I noticed that Princess has deployed more ships to Canada/New England. I guess that's where my California Coastal went to!


    RCI isn't into California Coastal either. Oh well. We may have to figure out how to get there in the spring.

  9. There are many beautiful beaches so best is subjective

    Beach conditions change day to day and sometimes hour by hour so you can’t predict what the conditions will be at any time. It isn’t unusual to have rain on one beach but not on another

    IMHO the best beaches are Smith Bay, Sapphire, and Magens. Others would have a different list

    Taxi is the easy way to get to and from the beach. Figure around $10/person each way


    Did you find it easy to get a taxi to Smith Bay? Was it $10 each also? We have done Magens bay many times and want to try something different next time we go.

  10. Good thing I looked for a thread before starting another. I guess I have been spoiled for years being able to follow friends and family cruise the globe or able to sail Tracey Arm and see Glaciers from my desk! Or my parents can follow my husband and I on our travels.

    I used to love to have my coffee and check out the web cams. Now I just get ticked off. why aren't they accurate anymore???

    First world problem, I know....

  11. We stayed at the Clarion Neptune. It was fairly small but within walking distance of Nyhavn and the Stroget. It wasn't all that expensive and it included breakfast AND dinner! Both were excellent with lots of choices. I can't remember if it had elevators so you will have to check that out.

    It had a minibar and the wine was reasonable. A couple of Brits suggested we make a sandwich for lunch from some of the breakfast offerings. We did that, grabbed an apple Danish for dessert and put it in our fridge. Then at lunch we took our sandwiches, a small bottle of wine, glasses, and went down to sit on the large wooden deck at the Theatre(just down from the hotel) dangling our feet over to the water and enjoyed our lunch. It was awesome in the sunshine watching all the boats go by in the canal. One of our favourite lunches!

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