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  1. gamblin'gal

    Website pain

    Hey all, I just went in to check my cruises on the RC website. I have 5 booked cruises which all are showing "no payment due" Anyone else having an issue with this???
  2. gamblin'gal

    Status for Blue Chip players?

    Hello, we are D+ & Club Royale members on RC. We received a free cruise on Celebrity. How can I tell what color/status I am with the Blue Chip club? and what types of perks do I qualify for? Thank you
  3. Perhaps this is a silly question. We sailed two years ago on Viking Romantic Danube & our cruise was interrupted by low water. Viking did a good job of transferring us to new ships etc. However, I prefer not to do that again. Does anyone know which river is least affected by the water levels????
  4. gamblin'gal

    Ft. Lauderdale to Miami

    all great advice thank you!!
  5. Hi folks.....it is cheaper for us to fly into Ft. Lauderdale for our Miami cruise. We will spend the 1st nite in a hotel. Has anyone used SAS Transportation to get from Lauderdale to the Miami port? Were you satisfied? Are their times convenient? Thank you.
  6. Hi folks....we have not sailed from Miami....in years. we are flying in a day early, due to possible weather issues in Ohio. Can you recommend a hotel/motel in Miami that is close to the docks, that is clean & offers a shuttle to the Miami docks? thanks so much
  7. I just booked a new cruise for 2019 & used my Casino Royale comps. The rep on the phone indicated that they were implementing a new program with "tiers" and that letters/emails were going out starting April. Has anyone received this information?
  8. In December we are landing in FL & sailing out of Miami. We will arrive 1 day prior to our cruise. What is the most cost effective way to get from the FL airport to a hotel near the Port of Miami? Thanks
  9. gamblin'gal

    RCCL Website

    OMG I totally agree...in fact I just now, sent them a message. We are Diamond Plus with 28 cruises....how is my status reading at "pre gold" What...............getting worse instead of better.
  10. Hello all....We are looking to book for the Carib. February or March 2019. How can I tell if all scheduled cruises have been released to the public?
  11. gamblin'gal

    Deployment 2019-20 booking season begins

    I am little confused on deployment.....we are looking to book for February or March of 2019. How can I tell if all the cruise information has been made public?
  12. gamblin'gal

    Saving a cruise for comparison

    thank you all....but it would appear that the "save and compare" function no longer exists
  13. Oh my...I am getting old!! I am looking to book our next cruise and for the life of me, I cant remember how to "save" 3 cruises so I can review them. Can someone walk me thru it? Where do I find the button that says: Save??:(
  14. gamblin'gal

    Smoking in Brilliance casino

    Yes!!! we were on the BOS at the same time....the smoking was bad...lots of people just sitting at a slot maching, smoking...and watching people play the tables. No one seemed to moniter the non smoking section..nor did they care to. Very annoying
  15. gamblin'gal

    Brilliance of the Seas casino questions

    we just got off the BOS this week....yes, we found the casino to be small...but adequate. hubby & I are both Club Royale members so we spend most of our time in the casino. The slots played pretty well this time. After 7 pm, it was hard to get on a poker machine and the 3 card poker table was busy. Fun time...only complaint was the smoking as people to not adhere to the non smoking signs. Don't both purchasing any of their scratch offs for $5.00. We bought 35 total and did not win even a dollar!!! Go early and have fun!!