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  1. We are going in on September 28th (Saturday) & Returning on October 6th (Sunday). we plan on using Express shuttle, to and from. It looks like folks say not to book anything prior to 2:00 pm. Not looking to race to the airport, just want to be sure of getting there. Thanks for ALL your info
  2. oh good grief....just noticed that .....sorry for the confusion
  3. This would be utilizing the Bush/Houson airport.
  4. Good morning all. I had heard that traffic in Houston is extremely heavy. When we disembark from Galveston & head back to the Houston airport, what is the earliest flight we should consider? thank you
  5. Just got off a 5 day on GOS. Since I planned the cruise for my sister & her BFF, I was overly concerned about all the negative comments that I found her. Yes, the ship is small and old. However, we had the best time ever. The ship was clean & the customer service was great. We ate most of our meals in the MDR & found the food to be tasty. If you are a gambler, this is the ship to sail on!!! The casino was always packed and EVERYONE was winning. Sadly, the smoking might be a deal breaker for some. Keep an open mind when you go & enjoy this charming little ship before they are gone.
  6. that would be awesome...we are Blue Chip & Casino Royale members & always come in a day prior for our cruise. We wanted to stay at Hard Rock but they quoted us (last year) $550 per night.
  7. We set sail on GOS on 5/13. I am reading all of the comments but taking them with a grain of salt & keeping my fingers crossed at the same time!!!🤪
  8. Hello folks, We are leaving on the Grandeur of the Seas (an oldie, but hopefully, a goodie) on June 16th out of Tampa. We are hoping to buy a couple bottle of wines prior to cruising. It looks like there is some shopping on Channelside. Question: Is it an easy enough walk to go to the store, drag our luggage behind us & buy some wine, then back to the dock to board? (we are not in our 20's)
  9. awesome, however we are not on FB...do you have a phone number?
  10. WOW such a great response!!! I have several options which is wonderful. Thank you everyone!!
  11. Hello folks.....we have done many cruises, but have never sailed out of Galveston Tx. We are coming in from Cleveland OH & will come in one day prior to our cruise. Does RC offer shuttle service from Houston to Galveston? If so, for how much? How far in advance should I book out? And is the shuttle service on the same day of the cruise departure? How about the return? anything you can offer would be greatly appreciated?
  12. Hello all, we are returning to Bermuda in June, for a 7 day adventure. In the past, the casino was closed or had very limited hours while in port. Has anyone been there lately & know if this has "loosened up?" Have wonderful Easter.
  13. Hello CC folks. We are headed to Bermuda in June. This is our 2nd trip & would love to swim in the ocean. I dont know where our last visit was, but the ocean waves and currents were very strong. Can anyone recommend a beach that is calm & not deep? We need something that we can reach via cab or bus from the cruise docs & has bathrooms. Thank you & have a blessed Easter
  14. how did you like horseshoe bay? we are looking for a beach that has calm waters
  15. Hello all....we are seasoned cruisers with RC/Celebrity, thinking about doing a 5 day carib on VV. What will be different for us? We are D+ with both lines, so we get many perks. What can I expect to pay additional for on VV? Is is set up the same way? Main dining room, or speciality restaurants? Are the speciality restaurants an additional charge? Mostly concerned about what a 1st time cruiser on VV will have to pay additional.....thanks all.
  16. we have done this many times......book one under each of your names, & once you get on the ship, go to guest services & have them re-arrange your names & rooms. Make sure that they also transfer over your credit card info.
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