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  1. Back in 2017 we each purchased a 6 day spa pass, and used days from the pass on both the eastbound and westbound legs. We will likely use this approach again for this year's round trip.
  2. Usually an IT disaster like the Cunard/Princess/HAL website rollout results in a promotion for the manager, and continued contracts with the outsourcing company responsible for the update. Scot Adams' Dilbert is usually a reliable guide to this
  3. I was able to watch that show last night - via BBC's "Acorn" service. We have that as an app on our Amazon Fire TV Confusingly BBC has two competing so called 'over the top' streaming services 'Acorn' and 'BritBox' with slightly different content on each.
  4. That seems to be a good option - but I was thinking about renting a combo like one of these G9 + PL 100-400 M1.2 + Oly 40-150 + TC [Lensrental's 'wildlife kit'] M1.2 + Oly 150 - 400 [new 'pro' level lens] Plus bringing my existing small setup
  5. I also have the pair of 'R' lenses [14-42 & 40-150] and was happy with the results on our 2017 cruise. This included some photos taken in the 'Royal Court' theatre of the National Symphony & passenger chorus. There were a couple of occasions I would have liked to have had a slightly wider perspective, there are lots of options from adding the 8mm 'body cap' fisheye - to the 12-100 f4 or even the new 12-200 f3.5-6.3 lens. Any of the travel zooms might be a bit unwieldily on the M10.2 body, so getting a grip might be useful. For Alaska, if I need some extreme reach - looks like rental is the only option short of winning a lottery prize.
  6. The passport card would serve for a government / photo ID that some ports require to admit you to the port area [they can't scan your ships card to fetch a picture like the do on the ship] If the cruise is one where non-passport alternate id is sufficient, the ship's id + the government photo id would suffice for all routine uses. There are some cases where you need to bring a passport book with you. Fox example, at LeHavre France I needed to have my passport stamped leaving and returning to the ship on a one day port visit. Needless to say, that was not a cruise where driver's license + birth certificate provided sufficient id to board the ship in Brooklyn.
  7. We had a couple who were upgraded to Queen's Grill at our Britannia dinner table for both legs of our 2017 transatlantic round trip. So it should be possible to join folks in Britannia - but likely not the reverse [but it can't hurt to ask]
  8. Nothing is $free - but there's a lot included in the fare. The exceptions are noted every time you need to sign something [Spa access & treatments and I think the golf simulators are about it for pools and sports extra charges] Ice cream is sometimes a dining room desert, and soft serve is usually available in the Kings Court - both are included. I think Sir Samuel's has some extra cost ice cream [adult milkshakes]
  9. [Need someone authoritative to weigh in here - paging John Bull 🙂 ] I think the currency differences are due to the legal status of the Channel Islands. They are not actually part of the United Kingdom [England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland] but instead are remnants of the Duchy or Normandy So Queen Elizabeth is their monarch, but she is wearing her 'Duke of Normandy' hat while in that role.
  10. We booked the M929B round trip [via an $UNNAMED_BIG_BOX agency] soon after the 2019 voyages were announced [booked November 2017]. At that time, we could have booked any Britannia category, and ended up selecting a midships sheltered balcony on deck 5.
  11. Well, Zeiss was showing one https://www.dpreview.com/articles/1799282416/zeiss-zx1-hands-on-with-the-full-frame-android-camera?utm_source=self-desktop&utm_medium=marquee&utm_campaign=traffic_source
  12. Its a reasonable, consumer grade lens from a well known retailer. Consider it a benchmark price for comparison. I have a similar grade lens for my Olympus (and some old Canon lenses in FD and EF mounts around somewhere).
  13. There are a few online vendors - Lensrentals.com is a site recommended over on dpreview.com. For used, keh.com is fequenly mentioned. If you have a local camera store, they may have some used equipment. Any EF or EF-S lens should fit your camera body. It’s a very common lens mount, and a check on B&H photo shows a Tameron 70-300 lens for $129.00 This lens does not have image stabilization - for EF mount lenses that is usually found on the next price tier upwards. This should not matter unless you are trying for a long handheld exposure.
  14. You may want to consider renting a long lens, instead of purchasing a lens. another alternative is purchasing used instead of new.
  15. I think there are quite a few shared features - the cameras are of similar vintage, and use the same generation Venus processing engine. The FZ1K uses a much larger sensor and lens, and features an in lens 'leaf' shutter that allows for some trick balancing flash with daylight that focal plane shutter cameras [Mirrorless, SLR] cannot match. The FZ300 has a small sensor - and that lets the entire package to be much smaller, and a longer range on the zoom [crop with the lens in camera, instead of cropping the image on a computer] I would go with the FZ1000 - its a fairly natural upgrade from my ancient [and quite bulky] FZ-50. Either one would make a good complement to my Olympus mirrorless camera kit.
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