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  1. TheOldBear

    Muster Stations outside

    Hate to interrupt - but the Type 41 DDG's [Sheffield & Coventry] lost during the Falklands Islands war were all steel designs - no aluminum superstructure [unlike the USN DD-963 and derivative DDG and CG classes] The Samual B Roberts, a much smaller Perry class FFG, did survive multiple Exocet missile strikes - and the Perry class had an aluminum superstructure. Former DCA - USS McInerney [FFG-8]
  2. TheOldBear

    Case of wine on the Queen Mary

    Our last trip my carryon contained mostly wine, padded with socks and underwear [6 normal bottles of 'good' wine and a magnum for in room consumption]
  3. TheOldBear

    Cruise critic boards issue?

    Still happening, at least on the board's home page - Safari, MacOS 10.14.1
  4. TheOldBear

    Switching Cruise Lines

    I had interpreted the OP's ask as leaving on one ship and returning on the other - with nights in Cuba in between, not simply two round trips on two different ships.
  5. TheOldBear

    Switching Cruise Lines

    Is this even permitted? Disembarking from one ship and embarking on the other might mean that both cruise lines could violate the PVSA [Passenger Vessel Services Act] that restrict how foreign flag carriers can serve US ports and passengers.
  6. TheOldBear

    Uh-oh, Spam Bot is Attacking

    The 'report post' function needs to be visible in the topic [e.g. 'Ask a Cruise Question'] view, and not just when 'hovering' the cursor on an open message. Marking large batches of messages as spam is needed to counter large batches of spam [and blacklist / throttle the source network]
  7. TheOldBear

    Spam report?

    Hover over it? - I didn't want to touch it Considering it was chinese spam in the Cunard forum, it was probably a Titanic 2 sales pitch
  8. TheOldBear

    Spam report?

    The old boards had a report post widget on each post - there was a massive amount of seemingly chinese spam on the Cunard forum. The new boards have an ignore feature, but a spam report feature seems needed too. [and yes, the spam report should notify the spammer]
  9. The card reader may be an old-fashioned mag stripe reader - may not be chip enabled [have not checked personally] Just checked the ferry website - there is a buy online / display in app option that bypasses credit card issues. See https://www.ferry.nyc/ticketing-info/
  10. It quite walkable - there is a sweet level underpass to 'South Street' crossing under the limited access FDR Drive. To the right [3 QM2 lengths] is the South Street Seaport, and the left [4 QM2 lengths] is the Staten Island Ferry terminal. If you have reserved a Liberty Island ferry ride, the Statue Cruises terminal is one more QM2 length into Battery Park.
  11. TheOldBear

    Dancing Shoes?

    I bring and wear my dance shoes - highly polished for wear with a Tuxedo, as my normal evening footwear. I don't need to worry about picking up grit in the soles onboard ship - not like wearing them to dance at a folk / dance festival. [e.g. Dance Flurry in Saratoga Springs]
  12. TheOldBear

    Passenger Choir on QM2

    They are onboard for the September 15th eastbound crossing [and the matching westbound is the 'space week' crossing]
  13. TheOldBear

    A day in Southampton

    There are two Southampton turnaround days on our next cruise - so I will be interested in two answers 🙂
  14. TheOldBear

    Camera suggestions

    You may want to take a look over on DPReview's being guide page https://www.dpreview.com/buying-guides There is a specific category of compact, long zoom 'travel' cameras [like the Canon suggested above] or water resistant 'tough' cameras for beaches and other potentially wet excursions.
  15. Have you checked over at the Cruise / Travel Insurance forum? https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/499-cruisetravel-insurance/