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  1. Sorry, because I didn't answer your question. I've been to both Montego Bay and Falmouth. Falmouth is the better of these two. They have a little closed off port village. I haven't been outside the fence, but they usually have some performers as well as the shops where you can get Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. I think I got a better price at Dunn River Falls. Avoid their open market. Everyone has their hand out. They give you a "ungift" but not a gift, because they ask for tips. We handed the "ungift" back, and walked away. This was the second time w/ the hand out request. Someone
  2. Our five hour tour turned into nine, nine w/o lunch, thanks to the tour guide directing the bus to stop at several gift shops. We drove up to the ship, boarded and they pulled up the gangplank right behind us.
  3. Could I snap a photo of it of do I need a super long lens?
  4. Are there shops right off the pier, like in Falmouth?
  5. I hope they're k-cups. The last time we cruised on Liberty, they had one cup drip coffee makers w/ 4-cup filter packs.😁
  6. We contacted the Loyalty Ambassador, and received our new ship cards under our door. One of them still showed the old level, so DH had to brave Guest Relations. With over 700 Diamonds on our first cruise, the Diamond Event had to be moved to the aft theatre.
  7. It used to be in our profile, but I couldn't find the diamond amenity gift. How do we pick it?
  8. They cancelled our other cruise, and the new one had no available suites above JS. Do they still Charge for room service?
  9. We've used ours in the dining room. Unless things have changed, unlike Princess, you're limited to expresso, cappiccino, mocha and regular coffee. No cafe Caramel. But it's been a few years since we've been with RCCL.
  10. I think so. We had a few left over. I think you can get some paper cups in either the Cafe Promenade, or the Windjammer.
  11. With covid, we may be spending more time in the cabin than usual.
  12. Did they bring back Fox News? Do they still have movie channels?
  13. I'd wait until either your cruise line or TA get the notice. During non-pandemic times, I got a better offer through rather than if I'd tried to make the change myself. The last time, they kept silent, then contacted us on a holiday weekend w/ a 2-week deadline. In our case, the holiday was a four-day weekend.
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