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  1. knittinggirl

    Unacceptable Wine price-hike by HAL

    It's pretty weird when they include it in the Explore 4 only to change the rules when one sails. When Royal Caribbean first came out w/ beverage packages, people started complaining that they happened to be out of whatever was included in the package but they had a more expensive drink and they had to pay extra. After I read that I completely lost interest them. On Celebrity, a former TA upgraded us without our permission to a cruise that included a beverage package for $600 more per person. We had her change it back because we didn't plan to drink that much alcohol. Now, Celebrity has raised their prices by including perks in their go Big, Better, Best policy.
  2. knittinggirl

    One time only Norway

    Wanted to add my two-cents. We did an eight-day from Copenhagen on Royal Caribbean and managed five ports in Norway. Wanted to add that Norway isn't very handicapped accessible. I never considered it a problem until my hip went bad.
  3. knittinggirl

    Princess shore excursion?

    Travel guard has paid for a shore excursion where we had to cancel after the deadline. I also had been to the ship's doctor. It was on Holland America, and guest relations did write a letter which accompanied my claim as well as the shore excursion tickets. Can't remember if it was also one where we got a note from the home doctor when we got home. Each claim is a little different. I take a large envelope w/ the policy with me, and all travel insurance claim documents go inside.
  4. knittinggirl

    Been A While Since We Booked w/ Princess

    Thanks. Is the token machine in the laundremat or at the front desk?
  5. Got a few questions. 1. Do they have an unlimited laundry package? 2. Do we each need to purchase a New Grounds Coffee Card? Do they charge tax if we request delivery on day 2? 3. How much does it cost to use the laundremat? The last time, the closest laundremat was out of order the entire 14 day cruise. Have they improved?
  6. knittinggirl

    Best beverage card for a coffee addict

    Not food, but I purchased a merino possom resort wrap after visiting New Zealand.
  7. knittinggirl

    Best beverage card for a coffee addict

    We've bought Blue Mountain at the Jamaica dock for years.
  8. knittinggirl

    Best beverage card for a coffee addict

    I believe there are three different cards. The beverage card is for both alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. We had some beverage cards on one of our cruises, and got coffee with it. The coffee card is only for coffee. I think there's an option for a coffee set that includes coffee mug and card. The third is a soda value card. Pay $25 get $50 worth of fountain soda. I'm considering bringing a six or twelve pack of soda onboard if the husband will let me. They don't have root beer. I'm wondering if I can slap on a luggage tag printed on a label and check it. Hopefully, someone else will weigh in on that. I got refunded for what I didn't use on the beverage card. I did not get refunded for my $1 or so from the soda value card. I heard that if one gets over $25 worth of soda, no refunds since one originally spent $25. If you're a three-star or higher Mariner, you'll need to charge coffee to your account to get that discount.
  9. knittinggirl

    Best beverage card for a coffee addict

    Check out where the Explorations Cafe is located. We got more coffee when it was near the dining room, than in the Crow's Nest.
  10. knittinggirl

    “Returning” a gift given to us

    If you pick embarkation night, you may be able to get a discount for your teens. Also, I'd check into using Canelloto (or whatever it's called). It's cheaper. So maybe w/ the discount and the cheaper cover charge you may be able to afford it. I think Canelloto is also family style. Also, check w/ your waiter in the MDR. He may be able to assure you they'll be well taken care of. We went w/ my parents and my sister with her two boys on a cruise w/ Holland America, and one of he boys would gobble his meal and hurry off for fun w/ others his age. The 18-year-old wanted to hang around us. If you're 3 star, you should be able to get the 25% discount off specialty. Also, check if you can use your gift reservation at lunch. Lunch in Pinnacle is cheaper than dinner. We usually eat in Pinnacle at lunch for that reason. $35 per person sounds way too expensive for us.
  11. knittinggirl

    Binoclulars in Signature Suites?

    We had some on the Noordam, and both of us had trouble seeing through them. We both have weird vision issues. Found my telephoto lens worked better, and I was going to shoot photos anyway.
  12. I suspect the programmers may be using the same deck plans for both ships.
  13. On our Rotterdam Voyage of the Vikings cruise in 2016, one of the ladies in the yarn group said they had to book an Inside because it was the only room w/ a shower.
  14. Do I understand the OP's post correctly? Did they wait until the last minute or at least after final payment to tell about the showers only in the suites? Surely they knew about much sooner.
  15. knittinggirl

    HAL Neptune Suite Amenities Question

    Also, Nespresso machines in the rooms.