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  1. Thank you guys, really appreciate your input 😀 Fab photo too, I can see my cabin!!! Looks like they are really targeting the family cruisers, mostly by honing in on the how to amuse your kids section. I thought with the original upgrade the Voyager would be a scaled back alternative to Ovation, looks like it will be more like a slightly upgraded Explorer, yes, I know they are both Voyager class, LOL 😋 Going to be a great trip anyways! TraceyG😃
  2. Where are the photos? Seen a few on a fb page, but they are few and far between. I could just be patient...... TraceyG😀
  3. Yes, the Voyager ships are nice to cruise on and the blue hull I am sure will make it special, but I was really looking forward to what was advertised. DH says it will be a great cruise anyway! Thanks again to all for your help 😉 TraceyG😀
  4. Woah, if that press release is all there is I would rather have sailed Ovation! No mention of the Bamboo Room, Playmakers, Jamies or Hibachi at Izumi. This trip could be a bust. When NOTS and MOTS were getting amped lots of info and sneak peek photos. Getting sweet sod all updates regarding the VOTS amplification, maybe this is why. Thank you for the info guys! TraceyG😀
  5. Really? When the amplification was announced Bamboo Room and Playmakers were on the list. Will find out in 2 weeks when passengers are on the first post upgrade cruise! TraceyG😀
  6. Thank you Chiliburn & MicCanberra 😀 I am an Aussie so no sheep, bringing my very handsome DH 😗 Have put together the Scavenger Hunt already figured it will help our group get familiar with the ship layout, then the Bar Crawl will confuse them! TraceyG😀
  7. Gidday😀 Now that I have your attention, sniggers...😉 Planning a Bar Crawl on Voyager, not sure what times the bars open. Checked my previous Explorer Cruise Compasses but bar opening times not listed. Anyone have an idea what the opening times are? I know with the refurb that Playmakers & the Bamboo Room will add to the quota. Thank you TraceyG😜
  8. Gidday Chiliburn 😀 I looked into the Jamies issue, looks like the restaurants in the UK are under a different company to the RCI ones so we should be okay... TraceyG😀
  9. Gidday all! DH & I had the First Night Done Right 2 for 1 deal on Explorer in March this year, paid just over NZD $55 each, so about $27.50 per speciality restaurant, around half price. I understand you usually can't get Chops on this package, but due to there only being 3 Speciality restaurants on Explorer, we were able to book Chops for night 1. Second restaurant was Giovannis which was fantastic! Blue cheese ravioli, yummo!!! Previously have purchased the 3 and 5 night packages while sailing with DS & DD. Have been to Jamies, Chops, Izumi & Wonderland on Ovation, enjoyed them all. My advice, try for a cruise planner special, I wouldn't be paying an additional NZD$50 per meal on top of the cruise fare. If there isn't a special, as seems to be the case for our upcoming Voyager cruise, I am happy to wait until I board and negotiate. Have a large group for a celebration and am hoping for a decent discount at Jamies one night. Enjoy the MDR and Windjammer, I wont go hungry. I am sure you will figure what works best for your style of cruising. TraceyG😀
  10. Gidday all! Usually have a kettle in the cabin from the start of Australian, New Zealand & South Pacific cruises. Wasn't one there on DH & I's trip in March this year. We asked for one and the next time the room was made up our Cabin Attendant had it sorted for us, he refreshed the cups, spoons, sugar & tea supplies daily. As a Chilliburn posted there is an excellent variety of teas but no granulated or powdered coffee. We nip to the supermarket pre-cruise and grab a jar, hubby likes his coffee but doesn't like the filter coffee served in the WJ or the Restaurants. Also, there is powdered hot chocolate in the WJ you can take to your cabin. Happy cruising! TraceyG😀
  11. Yes, my Samsung is an Android. I realise that technically my 'calls' were not free, I did pay for wifi but it was nice being able to 'call' my kids using the Messenger app without having to pay the rates I got stung with on the previous trip😫 Did use the airplane mode 'button' much of the time, the last bill left me somewhat paranoid, you might be able to notice this, just a little😋 Read so many complaints about the Voom on these boards, I reckon we have good coverage in the South Pacific. TraceyG😀
  12. Gidday fellow cruisers! I have a Samsung J5 and on my last trip I got the voom surf & stream. Very happy with coverage, was able to swap the wifi between my phone and tablet, just not at the same time, would have been needing a 2 devices package for that. I used my Messenger app for video and for voice calls. Was very good service in the South Pacific and all covered by the Voom. Previous trip I was aboard the ship, but in port and used my phone, due to the phone using the closest antenna I got stung for ship charges as I wasn't on the internet package, even though my phone was telling me I was on Telstra. So, watch those portside calls... TraceyG😀
  13. I know what you mean!!! 😫 Council plonkers are bonkers, yes, English heritage there. Seriously, Tauranga can take 3 ships at a time, Picton, for crying out loud can take the big vessels. For some scale, there is 1 set of traffic lights in Picton! It is a lovely wee town. Sooo embarrassing to be an Aucklander, easier admitting to my Aussieeness 😋 TraceyG😀
  14. Thank you all for your replies 😀 I will make the call to sort the booking, although, like some of you have said, I too have had varied success with what one can and 'can't' book via the call centre. Another thing I have to watch is the currency, frequently have to correct the RCI Call Centre staff who try to charge me in AUD when my cruise is booked and Cruise Planner states NZD. Seriously find the CC boards a big help! Considering holding off the additional cabin booking until the VOTS Amped refit as there are new cabin areas opening up, might see if DD is keen for one of the new cabins. Thanks again, happy cruising all. TraceyG😀
  15. Thank you! Figured I was up for a telephone call, yay... Also, having difficulty booking a cabin for 1, already have a cabin for 1 booked, no, these 2 not inclined to share. RCI website determined to make me use the telephone, LOL. Thanks again fellow CCs! TraceyG😃
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