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  1. Gidday fellow cruisers-in-waiting 😉 I have our March 2020 trip rebooked for March 2022, what do you reckon, should I stop looking at Sydney hotels now? TraceyG 🙂
  2. DH & I are subscribed to Alfie's channel, we really enjoy his candor & the way he makes nautical terms & explanations easy to understand. I was going to state my fave clip but they all have something special. The one regarding the Panama Canal was very interesting. TraceyG😀
  3. I think there will be many happy tears in airports across Australia & New Zealand. Our trip was cancelled the day before we were to fly out from Auckland in March 2020 so I am hanging out to see my brother in Sydney. The open borders have been hard won by both countries, I watch what is going on in other places worldwide with a mix of bewilderment & horror, why governments & individual citizens continue to do what doesn't work & then wonder why we in the Antipodes have such 'good luck' it wasn't luck people! Still feeling uncertain that my March 2022 cruise from Sydney is a certainty, watching events closely. TraceyG 😀
  4. Thank you for the update. I offer my sincere condolences to David's family. Our whanau had the wonderful joy of cruising with David on our first family cruise on the Diamond Princess. David was always gracious, in person & on the boards. I really enjoyed his photos and banter. David will be greatly missed. TraceyG
  5. Gidday cruise support team! Just went into the Aussie Royal website to see if late 2022 bookings were open yet and I noticed that the earliest booking for ANZAC cruises are April 2021. Have I missed something? Mum is booked on a replacement trip for March 2021 for the late notice cancellation we had this year but has not been advised her 2021 trip has cancelled, any ideas? TraceyG😀
  6. Gidday all! Chiliburn that is very tempting. Our whanau (family) is awaiting the late 2022 release so that we can sail on Wonder of the Seas. We were very blessed to have sailed on Ovation of the Seas in her first season in ANZAC waters, she is a lovely ship. However, 2020 wasn't kind in that our cruise was cancelled the day before we were due to fly to Sydney. I am still trying to recover accomodation costs... Have heard a rumour that there are discussions regarding domestic sailings, would be happy to sail on one of those, although the draft conditions regarding Covid cruising look pretty scary. All we need is for a couple of people to get sick and we wind up confined to quarters, DH not keen. Level 4 in NZ was difficult enough, lockdown on vacation would be too much. Resigned for a long wait at the moment, but very grateful as we are in a much better place than some. TraceyG 🙂
  7. Thank you for the updates Chiliburn 🙂 Really looking forward to cruising on Wonder of the Seas. TraceyG
  8. The Grand Final would have to take place 14 days after the semi finals to allow for quarantine 😉
  9. I would finally get tickets for an AFL Grand Final yay!
  10. I wonder if you will add Louganville, have seen that on some amended itineraries. Thank you, Buzz Buzzen and Kiwi Kruzer for the information. TraceyG 🙂
  11. Gidday Craig. Like you I am on the 18th sailing and am wondering when we will get a revised itinerary. I have heard that some get about a week advance notice, some 3 days and others have been told as they embark. Reckon this may be due to the ongoing reviewing by the local authorities that Voyager is cruising to and their review processes. At present all my Cruise planner information and my Royal App are showing no change to our port calls but I understand that there are ports closed to cruise ships with the review at the end of this month. Makes planning a bit tricky but most in the group I am cruising with are going with the flow. I hope the itinerary works out for you. TraceyG🙂
  12. Thank you guys for the photos and the updates! My family is booked for VOTS departing Sydney on the 18th of March 2020. We too are calling it a mystery cruise. Scheduled ports are Lifou, Port Vila, Mystery Island, Iles of Pine, & Mare. Could be a NZ cruise yet 😉 Going with the flow, celebrating Mum's 70th and will have a large family group, so making a purse as the saying goes... TraceyG 😊
  13. Welcome to CC Rach / Kev 😀 Take a squiz at the Roll Call, also sign up for the Meet & Mingle. Most of our group is from NZ too, Jaffas mostly, but it is always nice to meet up with fellow Kiwis onboard, although, I am Aussie by birth... See y'all soon! TraceyG😊
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