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  1. Keep posting Mic ..you will get there 👍 I think this forum is great in that we can "spoke" fun at each other and we all ( well..most) "handle" it without getting"barred" or "framed" by some one else. And it's free .you don't need to " fork" out for anything. But you do get some "tyred" jokes occasionally. Over to you mate 😁
  2. OMG.....wheelie???? You know. I think I am starting to agree with that poster that said you post too much 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😂😂😂😂
  3. Sounds familiar.......but they never give me the key
  4. It beggars belief that the Pollies and powers that be just refuse to build dams and also water pipelines from the NT. It is a win/win situation with the jobs it would provide, the boost to the economy ( providing they use Aust companies and products) and then the farmers get the water they need. Etc etc Who cares about a few whinging greenies.get on with it before it's too late. 😡😡😡
  5. why don't you book your cruises earlier, that way you would not have to cycle as far every day 👍👍😂😂
  6. If you knew how , it would not be a puzzle 😂😂😂😂 Why would you need to book it ?
  7. It was a joke Joyce......whereas it would appear that your comments were serious..oh well
  8. Sounds like a " Conflict" of lnterests to me.😱
  9. You are joking aren't you?? Whats next ..convert the Opera House into a cruise terminal.
  10. It was announced recently that HMAS Platypus is to be redeveloped as a public area with cafes walkways park etc so you missed the boat with that one. It would never have worked as a terminal as vehicular access is far to restricted and congested.
  11. There was no Noro on the ship. Mr& MrsCookie were just being facetious as normally the only time channel 9 ( or any other station) mention cruise ships is when there is an over exaggerated ( by them) Noro outbreak on a ship. They think it helps their ratings or something. Don't worry about the truth 😡
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