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  1. I bet you felt a bit “sheepish” about telling a Mic joke about a lame lamb pie. I thought it was “ shear” genius.😁
  2. After all this Carona stuff I think the "RED" carpet may be a bad choice .🤣
  3. I think you are in the wrong place my friend ...Re meat pies is where you should be posting this.
  4. Not to me 😁. How about ......The Convenient Cruise Terminal .......seeing it is all about our convenience apparently.🤔
  5. Do you mean his disease ridden Petri dish. Only thing on his menu would be words and humble pie
  6. I foresee the biggest( most urgent) problem we may have is finding the best name for the terminal, Botany Bay Cruise Terminal BBCT , Port Botany Cruise Terminal PBCT, Yarra Bay Cruise Terminal YBCT or maybe according to “some” The Royal Caribbean Port Botany Cruise Terminal TRCPBCT🤑🤑......etc etc Maybe we could have contest to find the best name. Anyway, they have an extra eighteen months to sort that out 😁
  7. No way....You seem to have lost sight of the fact that, as we have been told many times by the fisherman, this terminal is purely for the profit of that greedy unscrupulous Royal Caribbean company and such a set up, as you are suggesting, would detract from their bottom line with all the added infrastructure etc so they would not consider this....they are after all only interested in making money .🤑🤑 apart from that, and realistically speaking, having customs, check in etc isolated from the ship and terminal would not be considered on an ongoing basis, there would be too many security risks and logistics problems. There is also a large amount of “ behind the scenes” interaction between the ship and check in / border force/ baggage processing etc on regular basis on any embark day which just could not happen.
  8. BCT will go ahead, just been delayed for eighteen months The almighty dollar will win over a few insignificant protesters 👍👍👍🤑🤑🤑
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