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  1. Just watched it...nothing new that we didn’t already know.......and only heard Ruby Princess twice..but it only ran for a minute or so.
  2. Lets count the number of references to the Ruby Princess and number of incorrect facts in the story.
  3. Fresh bread roll, butter, vegemite and some Smiths chips 👍👍
  4. As long as it does not get into a “blue” vein
  5. Give me COON cheese any day........... Cheers 🤔
  6. Nah, all good , we got all our “real” money back when the first cruise was cancelled plus a full FCC so I was only using Princess’s money anyway so did not expect anything extra.
  7. Sadly you could be correct,...and then I find out we only get back the FCC we used for the deposit......no compensation for them cancelling the cruise.
  8. So we’re we, originally booked on the Sun Princess to do New Guinea in March 2020 but covid put an end to that so booked this one to replace it. Someone is sending me a message...oh well ,at least the FCC are building up. 😂
  9. Yeh, those spethial nudge bars take forever. At least the longer it takes to get, the longer it stays brand new . 😁
  10. Don’t tell me you ordered it with red carpet.😱
  11. No they are not doing next year’s worldlie as far as I know and no, they are not the opposition at the OPT. Yes they are loyal Princess cruisers ( even convinced my wife and I to do one with them to New Guinea in 2022 😁) but they actually both work with me at Intercruises doing Royal and Celebrity.
  12. Hey Gut, have you got your Rav 4 yet? Jo & Garry aka Packetau got theirs today so yours must be close if not already. 🤞
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