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  1. GUT2407

    El Cheapo Cruises Thread

    I think the NCL Ewen is sold out. Showed that way when I was doing check in, anyway.
  2. I use a wheelchair much of the time. I can get by with a rollator or two sticks around my cabin. Previously I had a power wheelchair that could fold to fit through the door of a standard cabin. But can’t find anything like it now. it folded down the middle and you could still wheel it through the door. My current chair folds folds differently and needs to be lifted sideways to get in, which is too much for Mrs Gut.
  3. GUT2407

    Hotel in Sydney

    Where to stay will depend on what you wish to do in those two days. your ship will depart from the Rocks, The passenger Ferry’s are from Circular Quay as is a train station. The Rocks and quay are only a short walk apart.
  4. Rsato was you cabin ready when you boarded, or was there a delay? thank you
  5. We’ve done a couple of road tours of Tasmania, we love all of it, but work would probably mean Hobart for me and Mrs Gut, when we came closest it ended up I had to choose between Tassie and University. Came closest when Port Arthur tried to temp herself with a job.
  6. Tells me most people don’t care about it.
  7. GUT2407

    Hotel in Sydney

    What do you call extremely expensive. Sydney is consistently placed in the top few most expensive cities in the world to visit. do you belong to any rewards programs. we stay Holiday Inn the Rocks for convenience when cruising. travelodge or Ibis are lower price but still OK quality.
  8. GUT2407

    How do I change my username on this site?

    You need to contact admin.
  9. GUT2407

    excursions and tipping?

    Doubt they’ll say no to money.
  10. GUT2407

    Tips for cruising with chronic pain?

    Definitely get a wheelchair, or scooter, hire one or buy one. take regular breaks and nana naps. try to follow your home routine as much as possible, be aware of foods and drinks that act as triggers.
  11. Be there eight weeks from today, looooove Hobart, nearly moved there a few years back. Wish I had.
  12. GUT2407

    Celebrity Solstice is Here

    I wish she had more itineraries suitable to us, a lovely ship.
  13. Personal guides are the best. I’ve shown a few cruisers around my town. Holiday In. Does have a laundry, I forgot. It is a bit old, but the location takes some beating the night before a cruise. You will embark at the Oversaes Passenger Terminal directly over the road. The roof top pool offers some wonderful views. And just a short walk to the ferry terminal and Opera House if you want to explore a bit more. We will be there just over seven weeks time, before our first trip in Jewel. yep collecting points can help, defray those flight costs, ive heard good things about tours with locals but never used them.
  14. There are a few threads in Aus/NZ ports of call and Aus/NZ Cruisers that deal with hotels. When we cruise we normally stay Holiday Inn Old Sydney the Rocks, it is directly over the road from the Terminal. But that is just the one night. For a longer stay maybe one of the serviced apartments with a kitchenette and laundry would work better, or if you are a member f any of the loyalty groups look at that chain. Money no object, or points to help Park Hyatt at the Rocks is spectacular. ask as well about Ports of Call, we generally just do our own thing in most ports. princess, celebrity, P&O Australia, Royal Caribbean and Carnival are the lines that sail here the most, I’d say. yeah I don’t envy that flight, not just the cost either but the distance.
  15. GUT2407


    In Australia now, if you book in Australia and are an Australian there is no mandatory tips onboard. (Some say we pay more in the first place, but given the constant changes in pricing exchange rates etc, it’s hard to know for sure) i take it you are from OS, so I’m pretty sure they still add the auto grats. we do tip staff that make our cruise a little better. On land rarely tip at all, I’m sure no one will say no yto your money.