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  1. GUT2407

    WBCT accommodations

    Thank you, I so wish I was still going, but sometimes you must follow sound advice.
  2. Of course you can do it in reverse as well, ie Sydney etc first then onto Auckland
  3. Obviously hard to predict. But this week in Sydney area we have had 40+ C every day in Western suburbs and it has been very humid. Today is much cooler probably only low 30s. February is usually warmer. January is still School holidays so some lines will have a lot of kids. with a month, here’s what I’d look at Fly to Auckland, spend few days, cruises to Sydney, look for one that includes, Hobart and/or Melbourne, spend time in Sydney then either a Queensland coastal cruise out of Sydney, or fly home
  4. GUT2407

    Just booked a cruise on the Ghost Ship

    Sounds like the stars were in alignment for you.
  5. GUT2407

    Melbourne hotel

    Look at something in the city. Too ends of the scale in Little Bourke St, IBIS or Mantra, depends on on your budget. Both central and airport bus drops you pretty close, then tram to the dock.
  6. GUT2407

    WBCT accommodations

    Sounds great, enjoy.
  7. GUT2407

    Noro Virus

    Not limited to Disney though by any stretch.
  8. GUT2407

    Ovation of the seas

    Many obstructions are very limited in nature, ie you may not be able to look straight down, or there may be a post in the line of sight.
  9. GUT2407

    Ovation of the seas

    I’ll only book with Cabins above and below.
  10. GUT2407

    Beverage package & Suitcase Under Bed?

    We pop one under the bed, open and use it as a drawer to drop dirty clothes in. The rest just go in the wardrobe.
  11. GUT2407

    Noro Virus

    Last cruise Mrs Gut saw some passengers taking food at the buffet, to their table, then deciding to change tables and going via the bathroom, or maybe needing to go to the bathroom, and then changing tables or not trusting table police not to move their food, but taking the food with them. We reported that real real quick and washy washy girl was relocated to be near the bathroom door.
  12. GUT2407

    Children's menu

    Sure do, I don’t have a copy though, but recall, fish sticks, ho5 dog, Mac and cheese etc... Jelly and ice cream, and volcano cake in desert menu.
  13. Last time I went I couldn’t even get info unless I wanted to sit through an hour long presentation that told me nothing I didn’t already know, before I could ask questions. we came home and booked Cunard and a circumnavigation of Australia, direct.
  14. GUT2407

    Does Empress OTS have cabin safes?

    Ive yet to come across a ship without safes.
  15. GUT2407

    Guarantee Assignment

    You’ll get a room, and yes at heck in isn’t unheard of.