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  1. And some people can be hissed on one drink, others in total control after dozens, I worked with a fellow who would drink about 20 scotches and still blow zero on the breatherlyser.
  2. I know what you mean I range from a power wheelchair, walker (rollator), walking stick (1 or 2) or nothing, so many judgemental ......s, who say things like “I saw you walking fine the other day, is the chair just for priority ....” I tend to ignore them, Mrs Gut (who sees the tears and screams that most don’t) goes “mother grizzly”.
  3. Depends what you mean by settled. Asians (mainly Chinese) were trading with indigenous groups in the 1400s. Dutch about 1600s English visited 1770, and sent out a bunch of convicts in 1788. The French right on their heels.
  4. So many seem to take so much unnecessary junk. My one tip, if your cruise is ruined without it, keep it with you.
  5. Lots of good seafood in Australia.
  6. Ordering for Mrs Gut gets complicated... Chai Latte on Soy extra hot, no sweetener, double strength....
  7. You’ll be asked if you want Sugar. Or order “Long black, no sugar” or whatever
  8. Haven’t sailed Spirit but always found all the lines to be very good with allergies and restricted diets.
  9. Often they seem to have a script for each eventuality, the good reps know when they can vary it, the also ranks stick like glue.
  10. Sorry never seen anyone asked to show cause when I’ve seen people removing them, save on NCL.
  11. I’ve used Maps me for a few years now. I think I have the whole world downloaded.
  12. Tons of ATMs ask if your bank has a relationship with one of ours that may equal less fees. Favourite attraction is anywhere Mrs Gut can’t spend money.
  13. Do the6 make any in Aus anymore???😳😱🤪
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