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  1. I suspect they see longer cruises as more susceptible to an onboard outbreak.
  2. What they may have been talking about is that here you can win the popular vote but still not firm government, something the Americans were complaining bitterly about, I imagine the same can happen in Canada.
  3. I didn’t realise they were looking at a round trip cruise from what was said, I am sorry.
  4. My Aunty made wonderland scones, she passed away a couple of weeks ago, so Te few who could get together after her funeral all bought some scones alon, next year we hope to have a wake on what would have been her 90th birthday, I imagine scones will be plentiful.
  5. But even if you made a new country there would it be a “distant foreign port”
  6. Been known as Gut most of my life. My brother got gut for some unknown reason, me on the other hand I have a big gut his mates called me little gut, then when I started high school one guy knew my brother and asked are you guy’s brother, for a while he called my gut’s brother, the brother got lost, the playing Rugby my team mates thought it was guts, as for how I played the game, with a ton of guts. 20 years after finishing school, there was a reunion coming up and I knew the mum of one fellow no one could find, so got his phone number, rang, his wife answered I told her who it was (my real name) she called out telling him who was on the phone, in the back ground I heard “I don’t know a .... holy ***** it’s gut”
  7. Keep the mushies, and crack a couple of bum nuts and count me in.
  8. Older than you, and that says something.
  9. Been telling you for ears if everyone takes a bucket of water the ship will sit lower plus the water level will go down and it will fit. see that’s why I am Gut the Nutter.
  10. Yep some cars with out the auto rear door, Mrs Gut almost does chin ups on.
  11. We are going for the FWD too, but looking at the Cruiser (mainly for the electric seat memory we change it so often) and the hybrid, Mrs Gut still does a lot of kms.
  12. February is summer. Auckland is cooler than Sydney, so all else being equal Auckland to Sydney may be better. the later you are there the cooler NZ will be. The earlier you are in Sydney the hotter it is likely to be.
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