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  1. Agree about Laura, but I think time is too tight to spend nearly 4 1/2 hours on a train.
  2. GUT2407

    How many days until your next cruise??? Part 2

    Lucky you, still 26 for me,
  3. GUT2407


    Hey I don’t earn enough all of you send me some of your tips my way. seems the main justification for tipping is that people are paid low wages.
  4. I can’t read it either. But yes some strange questions at times. And as you say, if it’s that important surely you’d find out prior to booking.
  5. Personally I’d go, you’ll enjoy being spoiled rotten.
  6. GUT2407


    Or do what they allow you to do under their rules and opt out. that too is YOUR choice, for as long as their rules allow it.
  7. GUT2407

    Booking with a TA

    Though the Hawaii cruise I booked next year I missed cancellation by two days and lost two FCCs.
  8. GUT2407

    Booking with a TA

    Due to some health issues we pick and stick, now it even has to be wheelchair friendly, but have still had price drops honoured. best was seven refares, saved over $1000 ea, (though to be fair I knew I booked over the odds when I booked it) plus about $700 OBC lost a bottle of wine and a diner in a specialty restaurant, we dont drink and diner would cost about $60 for the two of us. i book, watch fares like a hawk, when I’m a few days out from loosing any money I decide if the price is low enough to live with, keep watching till I know they won’t honour price drops, then stop watching.
  9. Unless $$$ are a major consideration I agree. though on longer cruises I drop The beautiful Mrs G at the OPT (or hotel) go park at the airport long term car park and get the train into the city, for one it works just fine.
  10. GUT2407

    Staying logged In.

    Apple yesterday was the last pie I ate, with ice cream and custard naturally.
  11. $50 to 60. i think the fare estimator comes out at just under $50
  12. Never had an issue e getting one if you follow the directions to the right spot.
  13. Maybe. Check In will close about 10:15. goolge maps can’t get any worse 16 minutes might be with no other cars on the road, maybe 1/2 hour, if your lucky. That time on a Friday can’t get any more rush hour so personally I’d budget an hour. walk off is normally around 8:00 ish one problem and you miss your flight
  14. GUT2407

    Airport transportation

    Gee that’s not a lot less if it’s less at all than a taxi, fare estimator says 45-48
  15. GUT2407

    Staying logged In.

    Today it’s saying my password is invalid, had to reset it three times so far. just a touch annoying.