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  1. I am another with a Dec cruise booked but not expecting it to happen. Even if it does I really don’t think our international boarders will be open for a while yet.
  2. Depend what awe temp you like and where in our massive country you are.
  3. Still nothing from my Easter carnival get away.
  4. Remember one thing, Australia is BIG joint, as big as the USA, near enough. So if you are planning on going from say Darwin to Sydney you will lose one whole day, by the time you get to and from Airports, wait to board and fly. Next thing is it can get Hot. I would seriously look at a more limited itinerary. But then what interests you, that may change what cities are best for you to visit.
  5. One thing for sure I am dragging Mrs Gut on a camel ride.
  6. I agree, if anything I find the food a bit too fancy for my liking, especially on longer cruises where I start to look forward to a toasted Sanga or sausage and three vege.
  7. It does say from, a trick many companies use, not just cruise lines, sakes as discounts up to x%
  8. My favourite too and the one on Princess with Macadamias in the base and white chocolate over the top is one of my favourites.
  9. Back in Early March I had six booked, now there is just one lonely cruise on the books and no idea if it will happen or not, also no idea when I might see some money back in the bank.
  10. Who knows. was meant to be 213, but really it is anyone’s guess at the moment.
  11. Over 40 years since I have been to Rottnest, but always have great memories of that trip.
  12. I first visited Fremantle in the 70s it was a dump, when I was there after 84 it was amazing, the America’s Cup made them clean up. Te maritime museum is worth a visit, one day wil explain my theory about the Museum and the Dutch, I explained it to some school kids and later heard them telling their mates about it, some of them were real smart kids, one even said “That bloke is a nutter” see they were smart figured out in a flash that I had nutted the problem out. one girl was clearly on the way to being a nutter herself, I was impressed, I told them how all them old blokes like that King Tut fella clearly died of nose cancer, all their noses is missing see, and she imediately spotted that the dead guy at the museum had foot cancer, cause all his foot bones were no longer connected. See she was on her way to nutter hood.
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