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  1. I find the motion is like rocking a baby the sleep.
  2. Way too early for me.
  3. GUT2407

    Connecting rooms

    Probably not a huge demand.
  4. GUT2407

    Titanic to set sail!

    Clive has about as much chance of pulling this off as he does of becoming Prime ?Minister,
  5. GUT2407

    Kettle or coffe maker in balcony cabins

    It can’t hurt to ask.
  6. GUT2407

    Sydney/New Zealand Port Help Please!!!

    You sure it’s not White Bay?
  7. GUT2407

    Sydney Must do's

    What are your likes. a stroll through the Botanic Gardens a visit to the Opera House a wander around The Rocks The Queen Victoria Building is worth a drop in. River Cat upto Parramatta is a nice outing.
  8. GUT2407

    Sydney...Where to eat???

    Or try one of the food Courts.
  9. GUT2407

    Sydney...Where to eat???

    Mrs Gut is a big fan of Ribs and Burgers. We often have lunch there in cruise day, snag a window seat to watch our ship. and then there’s always Harry’s for a pie (or three) around at Circular Quay there are numerous outlets or the pub on the corner near the Holiday Inn (sorry can’t think of the name) does some decent pub grub.
  10. GUT2407

    Beware freebies as advertised

    Surely the terms and conditions and fine print are always taken into account😫🤪
  11. GUT2407

    Power wheelchair for standard cabin

    Here’s my old chair it was great for a standard cabin, folded without removing the batteries, light compact, could run off one battery at a time so use one while one is charging. and if you end up flat can use manually
  12. GUT2407

    GoPro Cameras

    I’ve been using a go pro since they first came out. They are good for their purpose, but can’t imagine replacing my SLR, Mirrorless, or Compact with one exclusively. i love the waterproof nature and compact size, as well as the ability to mount it almost anywhere.
  13. GUT2407

    Advice for first "real" camera.

    Some great advice already. one of the bridge cameras might be better for you than a DSLR have a look here https://www.digitalcameraworld.com/buying-guides/the-best-bridge-cameras for some helpful tips.
  14. GUT2407

    BEWARE OF NCL “guarantee policy”

    Exactly why I no longer book guarantee category on any line.
  15. GUT2407

    Is this the norm...for pricing?

    As per normal it depends where in the world you are sailing. In Australia it is likely to be the opposite.