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  1. It would have been easier if I scrolled to the bottom of the page to see that link. 🤣 Instead, I found a few references to invisioncic.com in the source code. That lead me to their support forum where I see people reporting issues that I've experienced (.mov files can't be downloaded if not using Safari, old draft messages not cleared from input box, etc.). Some reported issues have a support ticket created but without being able to log in as a client, I don't think I can see the status of tickets.
  2. My oldest daughter went to Ohio State. Whenever we were visiting her, Easton Town Center was a mandatory stop. They have all of the big names.
  3. I see your secret agenda for this trip. You are trying to slowly convert Nate from a beer guy to a wine guy. 😁
  4. I have not been having many problems with CC lately. I typically come here using a Windows Edge browser on my PC, and will also use Edge on my iPhone as well. I'm saying that for completeness as I doubt that matters?? Maybe once a week, I'll need to refresh the page to allow me to like a post. I don't think Edge is any better than Safari or Chrome, but each one is slightly different in how they support some of the more advanced HTML code used in web pages. I've seen it posted here before but don't remember...what's the underlying software that CC uses? I'll see if I can do a little digging and find out if there are issues with that software.
  5. That was awesome. Thanks for posting. Love Steve Tasker. If that guy doesn't end up in the Hall of Fame it will be a travesty. I like how they flashed back to some of the players from years ago (years in the making). I even think I saw Doug Flutie in there.
  6. And the Buffalo Sabres are undefeated!!! Had to say it while I can. And using sports fan logic, when your team beats the team that was in the Stanley Cup finals last year, that means...
  7. Also, if your phone is anything like mine, you will have a very long list of websites in your Website Data. You can use the search box at the top of the page to narrow down the list. If you type "cruise", you'll only see web sites with cruise in the name. Surprisingly (maybe not), I had 12 different web sites with the word cruise in the name, but it's much easier to find cruisecritic.com that way.
  8. I don't know if this will fix your problem, but you can clear cookies from individual websites on an iPhone (i.e. without affecting other websites) as follows: Go to iPhone Settings, and scroll down to Safari. Click on Safari and then scroll to the bottom and click on Advanced. Click on Website Data. This will show a list of all website cookies stored on your phone. You may need to click on Show All Sites at the bottom. To clear cookies for an individual site, swipe left on that site's name. Hope this helps.
  9. Carrying the bags while the wife shops? If so, been there, done that.
  10. I remember a headliner from a few years ago. I think he was the lead singer for Foreigner, if my memory is correct. If that's true, it may have been Kelly Hansen. I remember that he sang a few classic rock songs but his act covered a variety of music types and I think he even played an instrument...maybe the clarinet?? We thought he was talented and his act was OK, but I was hoping for more classic rock. Anyone else remember this and can refresh my memory?
  11. Dani - I have not been there (yet!) but here's a 3D view of the switchback road from the ferry port up to the main level of the island. I can see why Crystal would get queasy going down, especially if the driver built up any speed.
  12. Fantastic review! Thanks for taking the time to do this. Very enjoyable.
  13. For as much as we complain about customer service reps who don't know what they're talking about (often rightly so), I'm sure many of them have equally bad stories about the idiots who call them and are completely clueless.
  14. Was it really nonstop or did he stop for bathroom breaks? Depends. 🤣🤣🤣 I crack myself up.
  15. I wouldn't worry too much about flying SWA at this point. The current situation should just be a short term blip. I'd guess that it will be resolved with flights returning to normal in a week. Even in "normal" times though, I'd look to see when the next SWA flight to San Juan would be. Some low cost airlines don't fly multiple times a day, or even every day, from an airport and they will only put you on their next available flight...even if that's a couple of days later. That was the problem that we had with Allegiant out of Cincinnati. If a flight got cancelled, they'd offer to rebook you 2 days later. Update: I just checked the SWA web site and it looks like there are several flight a day out of MCI that could get to SJU. Unless they are all booked, they should be able to get you there later on the same day...or worst case sometime on the following day.
  16. It was different for us on Allure. We had to check in at our actual station by the Aquatheater.
  17. This is the area of Western NY where I learned to ski. We mostly skied Holiday Valley and Kissing Bridge but once made it further to Peek N Peak. I think the biggest vertical of any of these is only 750 feet. Nothing compared to Vermont/NH/Maine or especially compared to out west, but still a good place to learn and spend many weekends while growing up.
  18. Shuckers. It’s just west of the bridge going to the island. Good place for a drink but don’t get any expectations about good food.
  19. Time to settle in with a Jefferson’s Ocean to watch the Bills play the Chiefs. This one has me nervous since the Chiefs have had the Bills number and Patrick Mahomes is, well, Patrick Mahomes. Good luck @Sea Dog and any other Chiefs fans here.
  20. Went to dinner at a local oyster/seafood place. Food is just OK but there’s a nice outdoor area overlooking the intracoastal waterway with live music and nice sunset views.
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