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  1. Thanks for a great review AND for mentioning La Brasserie restaurant in Condado for breakfast. Just had a good ham and cheese Mallorca sandwich. Yum. Ready to board!
  2. In San Juan at the AC Marriott waiting to board Freedom on Sunday. Looks like I can see your San Juan Stallag 13 from the rooftop bar.
  3. Anyone with any Palm Beach recommendations? Leaving now to board our flight to head to San Juan!
  4. We'll be in a JS on Freedom starting this coming Sunday 😎. If I remember, I'll report back about toiletries. Might be a Freedom specific thing, or just an excuse used on OP's cruise. Who knows with Royal.
  5. It's been a while since I've cruised on Allure and I'm not certain, but I believe that the docks have the old iPhone connectors and won't work with the lightning connectors. Makes them pretty much useless,
  6. Looks like it might be the sitting area in the back of Sorento's, or maybe the back of the Promenade Café??? I need another cruise on Freedom to be sure (in 6 days!).
  7. We have a sunset cruise booked with Red Sail Sports, departing from the Hyatt Pier. Our plan is to spend the day on Palm Beach and then make our way to the Hyatt Pier. Looking for recommendations on where to go on Palm Beach. Looking for a place where we can rent lounge chairs/umbrella (how much $$?), and where there is nearby food/drink. Not looking for a huge party atmosphere but don't mind music and activity around us. What can we expect to pay for a taxi from the cruise port? Our sunset cruise ends at 8:00 and all aboard is 8:30 with a 9:00 departure. How long is the taxi ride back to the cruise port and should we book a return taxi in advance or will there be plenty available? We'll be there on Tuesday, May 21 if it matters. Thanks.
  8. Wow. That would suck. No friends for that person the rest of the cruise.
  9. Thank you all for your answers. Very helpful!
  10. Isn't there also a time delay between fill ups...15 minutes or something like that? Thought I remember reading that so people can't use their cup to get soda for others.
  11. Are those current plane pictures? I didn't realize that the hotels on the North end of Maho Beach had been rebuilt. If so, very good news for the island.
  12. We booked a trip to Disney Land (California) several years ago through the automobile travel group (don't think I can mention their name here). They had a special that allowed unlimited fast passes. We didn't realize what a bargain that was until we saw the crowds. We'd get off one ride, immediately get a fast pass for that same ride, and then use an existing fast pass for a different ride. Never waited more than 15 minutes. People who booked directly through Disney didn't get that option. 😎
  13. I've heard it called that in New England also, although with a different accent.
  14. I'll second the opinion that the Promenade View cabins are not noisy. Our kids have stayed in them a couple of times. The only time they complained was when there was an early morning Zoomba class. Anything that disturbs a (then) teenager before 9:00am is "annoying". I think they are classified closer to an inside than an ocean view.
  15. Loving the review so far. We'll be on Freedom in 2 weeks (different itinerary) so this is helping me get excited! Do you have a tilt shift (aka miniature) setting on your camera?
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