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  1. Great to see you (and your camera) on yet another cruise twangster. Between you and @John&LaLa, we're in continuous cruise mode.
  2. Good idea. They always give us more than needed. Have never had a problem with the numbered luggage tags coming off, but better safe than sorry. Bad enough that I'm leaving the ship. Don't want to make it worse by losing luggage
  3. Had a strange experience on my computer yesterday where I could only select a couple of letters with my mouse. I could double click and select a word, but couldn't click and drag to select a sentence. I refreshed the web browser and it started working. Not sure if that works on a phone browser or Tapatalk, but try refreshing. Actually, not even sure this quoting method works with Tapatalk since I do everything in a browser.
  4. Or just select the text that you want to quote (like I did above) and click on the "quote selection" box that pops up. Very fast and no need to delete anything. Someone else mentioned this tip a few weeks ago. Lesser known option that I don't think existed in the older version of CC.
  5. Thanks everyone. I'll look for the Concierge email the week before the cruise. My Wonderland question was whether we could get a better price onboard thru the Concierge or look for pre-cruise deals.
  6. We're in a GS on Symphony in November. How do we book CK reservations? I thought I read somewhere that the concierge will contact us by email a couple of weeks before the cruise and ask about reservations, but I want to confirm that this is correct. We're also interested in trying Wonderland. Are we better off booking this pre-cruise or waiting until we get onboard. We're Diamond if that matters. Thanks.
  7. This time, think of it like going to the casino. Put $10 down and see what happens. Good entertainment.
  8. Just wait until they open the over the water cabanas on South Beach! Cha-ching.
  9. Yup. Don't know if I've ever set anything down on the makeup table (formerly known as desk), other than chargers. DW says that she wants this setup in our next house.
  10. Never heard of Cards Against Humanity, so I had to check out their site. "A party game for horrible people". I'm in!
  11. I agree that it's not appropriate for younger children, but it's up to the parents to enforce this, not the CD. The CD can point that out (and does so repeatedly in my experience), and even call out specific people in the audience who have kids. They should NOT make the game tamer because there are kids in the room. That spoils it for everyone else there. Parents need to take responsibility.
  12. He showed the western itinerary a few posts ago. You're right though, with normal east/west alternating and a week in between cruises, you would think it would be eastern again.
  13. Like everything else Royal, the specifics vary by ship. Some ships swipe, some don't. Some ships make you sign a receipt, some don't. Whatever the details, I've always been able to have 1 person with 2 cards get 2 drinks.
  14. I've lost track (I'm easily confused and unfortunately can't follow in real time). You both did a Harmony Eastern, then Laura did a 4 day Majesty, and now you're both doing a Harmony Western. Is that correct? We're on the same western itinerary (Symphony) in November and am interested in what you do at Roatan. Whatever it is, Bon Voyage.
  15. Another great review Twangster! I like the warp drive pictures. You have me excited to get more creative with my future cruise photography.
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