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  1. My neighbor's house (Cincinnati) sold in 2 days, but the buyer dropped out and they had to relist. Sold again in less than 2 days. For the house that we just bought on Amelia Island, there were 3 offers in the first day, including one offer made by someone who had not yet seen the house in person. It's such a seller's market right now that our real estate agent said it's common to offer sight unseen, since you have some number of days to change your mind. I have only one regret (so far) about the house that we just bought...only a 2 car garage. Since we have a 3/4 finished basement now, we'll have a lot of decluttering to do. Already paid 1-800-gotjunk to haul away half a load, including a massive old 65 inch rear projection TV that they carried out from my basement. Best money I ever spent.
  2. Nothing booked right now and may only add one booking before year end. That would put us close to D+, but will still be D. Doing land trips instead until things settle down for cruising. Not too worried about points.
  3. I'm now seeing 60% off second guest loaded, which drops the suite gty on the RD canal cruise to $8K. Is it common to only offer suite guarantees? Seems strange that you can't pick your suite.
  4. The Louisville/UK rivalry is real. The first UK basketball game that I attended was against Louisville at Rupp Arena. Pitino was still the Louisville coach. Unbelievable atmosphere. Being a long time Ohio State fan, I was never really an SEC fan (to put it mildly). When my daughter went to UK, I started following UK football and paying attention to SEC football in general outside of Bama, GA, FLA, etc. UK football is an exercise in frustration. Still, my daughter was a UK dancer so we went to many games. At least the tailgating was good. I don't think there's such a thing as a little Kentucky fan. They all bleed blue. Here's my favorite Kentucky T shirt. For those who are not SEC fans, the ugly part is Tennessee. 😁
  5. Not sure about the port pass, but there is quite a bit to do right at the port. Lots of shops, restaurants, bars, pools with swim up bars, dolphin swim, birds, elevated walkway, swinging pole,...even Mexican style wrestling. Better than many other ports if you don't leave the port area. If you're willing/allowed to leave the port area, Maya Chan Beach Club is popular with many people here.
  6. Great to see your parents doing well at their ages, and it's nice to see the sacrifices that you're now making for them. My wife and I each lost both parents in their 70s/80s. I still occasionally get one of those moments where I very briefly think that I should call my mother to share some news. Picture quoted because you can never have too many pictures of Kentucky gear. I'm wearing a similar 3/4 zip UK pullover right now. My older daughter went to Ohio State, who I root for in football (hence my profile photo), and my younger daughter went to UK, who I root for in basketball.
  7. Is your land yacht in addition to a home or instead of a home? I know of a few people who own only a motorhome and just constantly move around the country. Friends of ours have parents that do this. I said that it must be nice having Grandma and Grandpa come visit whenever they want and have their own place to sleep. He said just the opposite...there's a community of people who do this and there are set events all over the US at the same time each year. They'll "drop anchor" somewhere and stay for a few weeks. Their travel/social calendar is booked months to a year in advance.
  8. John Winger (Bill Murray): "C'mon, it's Czechoslovakia. We zip in, we pick 'em up, we zip right out again. We're not going to Moscow. It's Czechoslovakia. It's like going into Wisconsin." Stripes is on my Mount Rushmore of 80s comedies along with Animal House, Caddy Shack, and Ghostbusters. In fact, I can't think of another comedy since then that comes close to those 4 until the original Hangover.
  9. Thanks for the replies. Since we will still want to do some "quick" grilling of steaks, burgers, chicken, etc., we'll probably need a gas grill. I like the idea of what M8 describes as his cooking process...just not sure that I'm ready to invest the time. We may add a BGE later when we want to expand our cooking techniques. I have no doubt, from what I've read, that we can get better flavor from a Kamado grill. I've even read that you can create a wood fired pizza, which sounds intriguing.
  10. I think I know the answer to this question before asking, especially with this audience, but I'll ask anyway. When we move into our new Florida house, I'll have the opportunity to set up the outdoor cooking area from scratch. Is it worth investing in a BGE? What else would you suggest that we include outside? I currently have a Weber gas grill, hard piped to natural gas, but I'd like to step up my game. There is something to be said though for near instant heat at the push of a button.
  11. Ah yes. I grew up in the Buffalo suburbs and I fondly remember crossing the border for Brador and Extra Stock. Very easy to do back then. Is Brador even still brewed?
  12. That would be the only way to get me to a community garage sale. In fact, it would need to be something stronger than wine.
  13. Funny story about gulls who live by the sea. In the late 80s, I rented a beach house every summer with a group of friends in Stone Harbor, NJ. The lifeguard stands were maybe 100 yards apart and had 2 guards on each stand. They would occasionally do drills where one stand would simulate a drowning. One of the 2 guards would go into the water while the other blew his whistle and frantically waved his rescue buoy/float thingy up and down. Guards from neighboring stands would blow their whistles, wave their buoys, and come running to help. Guards from further away would also blow/wave/run to fill in gaps. I think this was to ensure that there were enough guards to handle the emergency AND ensure that all stands have coverage in case a different emergency happened at the same time. One day, I saw a guard jump off his stand and start sprinting toward the next stand. There was no whistling/waving happening. He tried, unsuccessfully, to intercept a guard running toward his stand with a full bag of popcorn. The popcorn wielding guard got around the other guard trying to play defense and threw the entire bag of popcorn on their stand. The seagulls had a better communication process than the lifeguards since I think every seagull within a mile radius descended on that lifeguard stand in a matter of seconds. Although there may technically be no such thing as a seagull, they sure do like popcorn.
  14. Never heard of alpha-gal before. I just looked it up and it does not sound like fun. Hope it goes away for your wife at some point. Good thing that at least seafood is safe.
  15. Adding to M8's response, we use our Sous vide cooker probably once every week or two. Works well for steaks since they are perfectly cooked to the right temperature all the way through the steak. Very helpful if you like a thicker cut like a filet. We like it for pork as well. As M8 noted, it's important to get a good sear at the end to give it a more grilled appearance/char/flavor. We usually use a cast iron skillet as hot as we can get it with butter and sear for about 60 seconds on each side. Supposedly, many high end steak houses use the sous vide method to get perfect meat temps. You do need to be careful not to overcook, but you can put steaks or chops in the water bath for at least an hour (usually more) and they turn our great. Very easy to get the meat started early and other than a couple of minutes of searing, no need to worry about timing the meat with the rest of the meal. You can spend thousands on high end sous vide cookers, but we use a wand style cooker that clips to the side of a large pot. The water in the pot circulates through the cooker which keeps it at a constant temp. Rinse and dry it when you're done. Our cooker is relatively inexpensive. I bought it as a gift for my wife several years ago, and wondered if it would end up in the closet next to the bread maker, the pasta maker, etc., but it gets a lot of use. Much more on Sous Vide here.
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