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  1. Just off the allure on the 15th. There was a couple with a cute little dog, never used a leash. One day while I was walking through the promenade he had the dog doing tricks for the audience, apparently all the people watching had never seen a dog sit, rollover and speak. This really did not seem like a service dog to me. Usually working dogs, are not permitted to be touched or petted, unless you ask permission. Not this one it ran all over getting attention from everyone.
  2. Also currently on board Allure, in a crown loft suite and NO FREE movies.
  3. Hi, currently on board, they made announcement almost 3500 people on ship.
  4. I cruise often so the itinerary change was no big deal for me, I live in the Tampa area. Yes they have activities and brought on new entertainment, Toni Tillman, he was great!! I am having an awesome time!! The only think I’m a little worried about is my care parked in lot ground level with no cover, I have insurance of course, but it’s just the logistics of it all.
  5. On allure now and received this on our door.
  6. Just made announcement allure coming back on Wednesday
  7. No worries, I am staying doing btbtb, so see you soon!!
  8. Yeah funny how people not on the ship like us have more info.
  9. I don’t think you info is correct I am on allure we left Jamaica last night and will be in Cozumel tomorrow.
  10. This scenario would work for most ships but not allure it is in Cozumel Friday and with the propulsion issues no way would it get in port on Saturday.
  11. Nicks mom, another neighbor here!! Following along to see if I find myself in your photos, 😀
  12. Yep i am getting on Allure tomorrow and think we will not be going to st. Kitts, during the middle of the week. I’m ok with wherever we go, just happy to be cruising!
  13. They do this all the time, remember when the key was first offered, it stated you did not need to make reservations for the shows, then bam, wording changes and now you do need to make them. I think everyone who has purchased the dining package for upcoming cruise, had best print the advertisement before they change it.
  14. I will be there early, since I will board with the btb's. I'm Cindy by the way and I hail from Tampa!! My friends will be on that week also, and they are from Melbourne, just like you! They are Debbie and Brian.
  15. Thanks so much!! I see you will be on the allure 9/1, I will too, see you there!
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