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  1. Haven't heard anything more, so maybe just a precaution and things will be almost back to normal by Sunday!!
  2. Heard there was a covid outbreak among the entertainment crew and mama Mia as well as the Aqua shows have been cancelled due to quarantine. Truth or fiction?
  3. On Allure Several week ago, was told by concierge, there were 11 rooms that require genies and 3 genies.
  4. Powers that be have now decided to keep it the way it was with beer, wine, water and soft drinks available from 11 to 11. I wish they would make up their mind and stick with it. This back and forth stuff is very irritating.
  5. Yes I heard the same thing, higher ups decided against implementing this, so they are NOT going to discontinue.
  6. I am not sure you are understanding what I am saying. I'm not talking about pinnacles at all, only suite guests. Yes some of them have coupons, I for one have a suite and am diamond plus, so I have 5 coupons. I can use those coupons anytime I want in the suite lounge, but if a person who has a suite has no coupons, then they have to pay for any type of drink unless it is between happy hour. This new policy starts on the Allure with the Sept 12th sailing. You are correct suite guests do not get coupons, but other tiers in a suite do.
  7. Straight from Dexter (the Suite concierge) starting next week in the suite lounge no free drinks until happy hour. That's no water soda beer or wine, until happy hour, unless you use coupons (from being diamond and beyond) or pay for it.
  8. Cant speak for the Oasis, but on Allure starting next week, only free drinks are during happy hour from 4:30 to 8. A drink another time you have to pay for it, or use a coupon if you have one. No more free beer, wine and soft drinks from 11-11
  9. Yes on Allure, 8/29. After taking out money, I put a credit card on file.
  10. All you have to do, is go to guest services and take out all of the refundable on board credit. Did this last week on allure had 500.00 and 75 non refundable, they gave me 5 crisp 100 dollar bills.
  11. Here is the exact count, 2300 passengers, 690 diamond & diamond and 90 pinnacles
  12. Sailed allure, 8/29. Stressful to the 10th power trying to get test results. Yes it was a good cruise, but not my best. Don't you dare cough or sneeze, because everyone around will assume you have the thing that shall not be named. I didn't like having to basically wear my mask around my ear, or neck, you need to put on everywhere inside, except casino and when sitting in vaccinated theatre or sitting down drinking or eating. So walk to coffee shop on, sit off, get up on, walk to show lounge on, sit off, get up to go to bathroom on and so on. We also like to get off ship and walk around, but stayed on for all ports except coca cay. Just too hot to walk in the sun, with mask on. Even if no one is around, you must wear it outside in Mexico (where our 2 stops were). I am going to wait to cruise for a few more months, all the stress was not really worth the fun.
  13. I heard there's about 3000 passengers on this week's sailing of the Allure.
  14. Yes the current sailing, have the white ones. What will happen on the 12th, who knows.
  15. We were on the week before and they said starting today, they were not using them.
  16. Was on the 8/29 sailing of the Allure. My boarding time was 1, we arrived at 11;15 with intentions of staying in car. We went to use restroom and asked the workers about boarding, they said no problem and we were on the ship by 11:30.
  17. I got the results from the outlet mall for the 1 hr test 24 hours later, the night before the cruise and cvs came in Saturday afternoon. CVS took 2 days 6 hours. The most stressful thing, frankly isn’t something I want to do again. But may not have been so stressful, if I would have known they can do the testing at the port.
  18. I am answering this question, we too boarded on Sunday. There were 3 people in front of us, they were asked for their test results and they were clueless and didn’t have any. They were directed to the tent at the end of the building, cost I don’t remember but under 100. And results in 30 minutes. I asked why, they said they were turning away so many people.
  19. No results yet. Here's the quicker, went to clinic paid 300.00 for test 1-2 hours they said, it's now been 6 hours and when I call, they say they can't find them, they need some time. Like how long,, oh they do't know. I said can I come back and redo, sure they say, but have to charge another 300. At this point I think someone is trying to tell me not to go, so I'm done, will call royal tomorrow and tell them none of my test results came back. I honestly feel like blood pressure is through the roof, cant eat, sleep etc, all from worrying about these test results that never come.
  20. There are some great prices for cruises in the next few weeks, I'm not going to book anything until this 3 day testing requirement is over. My mental health cannot take it.🥵
  21. Yeah, unless they cancel your appt the day before, then you are forced to take the long test and wait 1-4 days, as I sit here making myself sick over this, supposed to cruise on Sunday. Too late to make other appts now, they are all booked, I don't know how all these people are getting tested, been on computer now for hours trying to schedule something. I hate having to put in all my personal info, set up account, password etc, then they say sorry no appt available.
  22. I'm just North of Tampa, found a place in outlet mall, paid my 129.99 via credit card to get appt tomorrow, hope I didn't just get scammed. Called several walk in clinics prices vary, but said all booked up. cvs and Walgreens don't have appts for rapid test until next week.
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