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  1. At this point in time (being so close to sailing) I would venture to guess you will only be able to get a cabin directly form RC. We have been in the same situation and 2 weeks before the sailing cabins came available. I would call them instead of just looking online. Good luck!
  2. Celebrity recently changed to unlimited drinks at any bar for Elite and up during the daily happy hour 5-7. You would think if this was such a costly program this would have never happened.....
  3. If you've never done Alaska I would suggest it. It was one of the best cruises we have ever done! So much to see. I would recommend the cruise tour that starts in Alaska and brings you to Vancouver, BC and Vancouver warrants 2 days also. Its a wonderful city.
  4. One big advantage of having a cash account is no charges after you leave the ship!
  5. Someone told me that on ships that sail Asia they charge for many features like the flow rider, northstar that are free everywhere else, to keep the line ups down....it seems they have a lot of issues with people jumping the lines and fighting on the ships that sail out of China especially. (was told by a crew member that was onboard)
  6. Does anyone know if there will be an area for Pinnacle members to enjoy like at Barefoot Beach on Labadee?
  7. We use a cash account and then the last day I give them my CC/Debit if needed. They will do daily holds on you CC on file.
  8. I've found that although they say Irish Cream on the menu it has always been Bailys since the menu change/upgrade, maybe its just so when they run out an use another brand they don't get complaints.
  9. Its still called a Concierge Lounge. When they have many Pinnacle guests aboard they may restrict access to Full Suites and Pinnacle only but its still a Concierge Lounge. As a Concierge Lounge D+, Pinnacle and Full Suites have access. Navigator no longer has a Concierge Lounge, its now a Suite Lounge.
  10. So, no Triple Sec but they did have Ginger Beer.... The bartender would squeeze an orange rind into the cosmo...for flavor I guess
  11. I was told the waiters do not receive the 18% they charge you when buying onboard....
  12. What happened to the OBC....they use to offer some decent OBC....now your lucky to get $50....with NRD
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