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  1. I hit Prime status last year and enjoyed the free drinks etc. now that its after April 1 I think I have a free cruise but the other day I spoke with CR about not receiving there offers...(I do have a few $100 off offers under my account online) but I was under the impression they sent out specific sailing cruise discounts or comps a few time a year. Anyways the guy told me yes your Prime but becase your from Canada no offers can be mailed/emailed to me....He told me my free cruise should show up online in a few weeks. Just wondering if any Canadians that are Prime are receiving emailed offers... Thanks!
  2. We have decided to receive a full refund on 4 of our cancelled cruises. The first 2 got cancelled 2 weeks ago and our TA handled the cancelation and told us 30 days for the refund. The other 2 came a few days later and I handled them myself right from the cancelation email Royal sent, filled out the online form and at the end it said we would receive our refund 30 days from this date...Hopping this will happen... I too am worried that in the end Royal will run out of money....2-3 Billion bucks only goes so far!
  3. It's a cash flow issue those bookings show projected earnings and that's how banks lend them money...I would guess that if the cruises industry does not get cruising by the summer they will all go bankrupt....the cost to run all those ships is enormous.
  4. I would guess no more cruising this year....I say this because even if the USA get the virus under control by social distancing in 2 months (which is very optimistic because unlike China most of the world is not taking this matter seriously) there is no way they would let 2000-5000 people congregate on a ship (no way to 6 feet from anyone on a ship)....this just makes no sense. Even China who technically are out of the woods have stopped travel into there country because of new CV cases being imported... Cruise ships are much to confined quarters to start experimenting with until we have some sort of vaccine. A vaccine they say may take another 12-18 months to develop.....and then after that how do you control that everyone on the ship has been vaccinated...so more paperwork...maybe a stamp on you passport that shows you have been vaccinated...again limiting who can cruise.....no way they will fill ships. Cruise ships must sail almost full to work.... Between the ban on anyone over 70 (without a doctors note) and proof you have been vaccinated...will the vaccine be free to everyone....who will get vaccinated first....and lets not even start talking about the financial crisis that will leave many of us with much less money to live let alone cruise.... It will be amazing if any of the cruise lines are even around at the end of the year....no passengers, no revenue....banks start calling in loans..... I hope I am wrong, I love to cruise!
  5. The company that owns the Costa Maya port area also owns the majority of Mahahual restaurants, bars and shops. Many of the people are bussed in to work these shops.
  6. I was under the impression that the 3 drinks are for the member and not anyone else. An officer was explaining that some people share the drink vouchers and they were not suppose too at a lunch we had a few weeks ago.
  7. I think when on a mega ships (Oasis Class) TA the 9-10 days is fine as there is so much to do but on the Vision/Radiance Class....not sure...the most we have ever done on that class was 6 days and it was great to finally reach a port. We love TA cruises but on the smaller ships its better to have more ports.
  8. $5 per point, on my last cruise I reached 400 ($2000) points but did not put more than $250 of my own money the rest was winning that I kept playing. I got a $100 off my next cruise voucher for reaching 400 points during that cruise. I am at about 1100 points for the year and I have 3 cruises still to go but I don't think I will make it....normally I do not do more than 200-250 points per cruise.... Would be great to have free drinks and a free cruise....
  9. Totally agree! Best ones in the fleet! (Jewel, Serenade, Brilliance and Radiance)
  10. We were on Radiance going to Hawaii a few weeks ago and they had 4 bottles, Bubbles, Rose, Red and White....plus all the usual stuff...bingo shirts, backpacks bag in a bag...etc
  11. The only thing I would say is Chef Table is a large group (10-12) and at Chops you will have a nice table for 2 and for the same money as the Chef Table you can do Chops with a nice $80 bottle of wine (If you like red I would recommend Belle Glos, Pinot Noir). Also depending on your sailing you should be able to get a 25-30% discount at Chops. Sometimes on a special occasion you my want a more intimate evening. Enjoy your cruise!
  12. Freedom Class ships also have the free Sauna and Steam in the changerooms. All Voyager Class except the Navigator have them. All Radiance Class and All Vision Class except for the Enchantment have them. Not sure about Majesty and Empress.....
  13. I always wash my hands in the washroom just outside the MDR or WJ.
  14. Remove the Pinnacles from the SL and it would be empty.....very very empty and when Pinnacles are not allowed in CK because of too many Pinnacles aboard by mid cruise they are back in because CK is also empty.... This is the original reason Diamond members back in early 2000s were allowed into the Concierge Lounge...it was a space that was not being used or enjoyed by the suite guests so it was offered as a perk to the top cruisers at that time, Diamond Members. Royal has it figured out quite well I believe as most of there ships sail full. Some suite passengers, some first time cruisers and a whole lot of C&A members that today account for 10 million passengers and usually more than 50% of the ships passengers and growing....
  15. We found the food on Liberty as good as the other RC cruises we had been on recently.
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