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  1. I am also very curious. I know of 5 people offhand that took advantage of this, and each of them was able to do it on multiple cruises.
  2. Thats strange! I posted in this thread because I keep getting notifications, lol. I received my offer at 45 days before sailing. I was, at the time, in a Central Park View with no balcony for four people. I bid on a Neighborhood Balcony for $75pp ($150 because they only charge for the first two people). My mom was in a regular interior and bid $100pp on an Oceanview Balcony. About a week after that the ship showed almost all categories as sold our or waitlisted and it stayed that way right up until sailing. 8 days before sailing both my mom and me got confirmations that our bids were accepted. I was given a Boardwalk Balcony and my mom an oceanview balcony. Both in good locations too! This is why I continue to remind people that "sold out" doesnt mean sold out.
  3. This thread is long so its easy to miss stuff. Try to search my name in here to find my details. I sailed on the Symphony in May. I got a Royal Up offer and it was accepted. My mom also got an offer and hers was also accepted.
  4. We've had balcony seats both times. I wanted to try floor seats this second time (two weeks ago) but by the time they got to us in line they were full on the floor. People lined up an hour before the show. If you're short and in balcony seats you may need to stand to see. I leaned all the way forward across the table top to watch. Otherwise the view was fine!
  5. I just booked with daytrips for my transfer between Rome and Civitavecchia (port). They had three options to choose for stops along the way. I am leaving on my trip today and will be using them Wednesday. So far I am impressed, they have emailed me a photo of my driver, his name, vehicle color make and model, as well as his license plate number. I love that I know exactly who and what to look for!
  6. I am sailing on the Epic this coming week, Oasis will also be in port with us. I am not concerned, its a large enough city thats already full of tourists. I personally like the idea of boarding in Rome (which is what I am doing) because there is more for me to see and do in Rome pre-cruise!
  7. Someone commented about different colored wristbands. That would be the simplest way to differentiate!
  8. That depends where you are from and what you consider to be cold water. As a Floridian, I have never experienced water warm enough to swim in the Bahamas. (Typically same weather and temps as south Florida). But perhaps a northerner might find the water to be refreshing!
  9. I assume you are coming from the United States, so no. the rooms are equipped with 120 volt outlets, what we use in the US. You may need one if you spend any time in a hotel before or after though.
  10. Our tour is booked through Liven Up, so I don't think we're on the same one 😞
  11. I have this same concern! My tour indicates the same thing (I think I am on your sailing too). We are boarding in Rome, which means all the people boarding in Barcelona will get the early tenders and I fear I will be left with much later options. I plan to email the tour operator with my concern to let them know I will get the earliest available but since I board at a later port I may not get the first.
  12. We watched them raise the balloon later in the afternoon, I assume as practice or something. No one was on it and I was glad, it was swaying pretty far. It would have been a scary ride. Sorry it was cancelled on you, as it looks like it would be a neat experience to see everything from above!
  13. They had a towel pick up and drop off on the pier on Sunday. Never had to get towels from the ship or even bring them back on.
  14. This is a good point to consider. We had about a week's notice for the change and could have had an impact as far as the water park was concerned. As for the rest of the island, its was great and pleasant even with 6,400 people on the ship this weekend.
  15. They were all in the sand from what I recall because there was a lot of wide open walking space between the chairs and pool. The chairs we got, in the second row, were in the sand.
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