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  1. Hank, what elevator issues? Sailed S class many times nothing I remember that hassled me. Wall
  2. And the knitters, sleepers, and readers. No matter, lunch won’t stop them. You must get there first.
  3. Can you get those wines in all venues or just MC and Luminae?
  4. I’m wearing my usual embarkation tee. Can you read it?
  5. I think you need to mock book through Celebrity or a TA to get the accurate numbers.
  6. Following your Suite life this week. We board the Silly next week. Have fun!
  7. My response is from the Cheech and Chong self titled debut album circa 1971.
  8. Lots of good points Don, especially about the immediacy of the moment. I believe it is more importantly about consideration. We often think those commandeering public spaces are those that don’t like their cabins. Wall
  9. Before 8 or 9 pm at the latest, I’d say all about the same. After 9 pm, Celebrity has the most active and interactive in my opinion.
  10. Can’t recall the last time I saw someone tip cash on a cruise ship.
  11. We never take our Passports ashore in Europe or anywhere else for that matter. That said, I’m concerned if we had an issue ashore and missed the ship, how would we get a plane, train, or car without a Passport? Thanks for any help in resolving my projected concern..
  12. It’s been over a year since our last MSC, looks like things have changed. Anyone have enlightenment? Thanks!
  13. It is different, cold and somewhat refreshing. No one stays more than a few minutes and it is never crowded. I did it a few times when in the spa and would do it again. I would not miss it though if it were gone.
  14. Also must be done before the last day or when your account is closed.
  15. I don’t recall that anyone or NCL said early drydock was occurring.
  16. Check Trip Advisor, Blexie is the Winner! One of the best excursions we ever have done! Our guide, Laura, was very personable, knowledgeable and passionate.
  17. Did you go to the Cruise Critic Meet and Greet? Was wondering how well it was attended. Thanks!
  18. Miami Heat basketball right at Bayside! Let’s go Heat (next year)!
  19. We did the partial to Colon then an excursion on a much smaller vessel which took us through to the Pacific Ocean and returned by bus to Colon.
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