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  1. Palm Beach inlet webcam shows ship back in port today.
  2. Palm Beach Post ran a story yesterday that said the cruise line is being sued by employees for non payment and being held hostage on board during the no sail period.
  3. The ship has been anchored off Palm Beach for the last week or so.
  4. Rkelly22..... got some serious anti NCL for a while now. Thanks for your unbalanced opinions😀
  5. Celebrating 43 and she leaves dry erase marker notes on mirror for me to find her. Makes for fun!
  6. OP -Thanks for this timely Info. Just used OBC in Cruise Planner to upgrade from Premium on our upcoming 5 day cruise.
  7. Well, when I booked with the TA they said no they have had problems with that Amex offer recently and before, so that convinced me. Besides, Amex chatter online also said it had to be direct. I went with 4% reward on other card which was comparable.
  8. Went to my Amex website after getting offer and chatted with a “real” bot. He said had to be booked with Celebrity direct, I said it says or a Travel Professional. He said you call Celebrity number to talk to the Professional. I said goodbye Amex and booked with another card.
  9. Thanks for the replies, we got an S2 suite at a great price with all 4 perks!
  10. I’m considering a guarantee Sky suite at Sail-away rate. With Micheal/Retreat I think I would not need a beverage package since they are available there.
  11. ?What other suite perks does Sky include? Thanks!
  12. FYI, Dead and Company are playing Madison Square Garden on Halloween night starting at 7 pm. Jimmy Kimmel and Andy Cohen will also be in attendance.
  13. Hank, what elevator issues? Sailed S class many times nothing I remember that hassled me. Wall
  14. And the knitters, sleepers, and readers. No matter, lunch won’t stop them. You must get there first.
  15. Can you get those wines in all venues or just MC and Luminae?
  16. I’m wearing my usual embarkation tee. Can you read it?
  17. I think you need to mock book through Celebrity or a TA to get the accurate numbers.
  18. Following your Suite life this week. We board the Silly next week. Have fun!
  19. My response is from the Cheech and Chong self titled debut album circa 1971.
  20. Lots of good points Don, especially about the immediacy of the moment. I believe it is more importantly about consideration. We often think those commandeering public spaces are those that don’t like their cabins. Wall
  21. Before 8 or 9 pm at the latest, I’d say all about the same. After 9 pm, Celebrity has the most active and interactive in my opinion.
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