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  1. I am really surprised that there have been no recent posts about his! Am thinking that Princess can decide which posts to publish? all in favor of captain's decision, BUT wondering about all the folks who changed flights twice? No princess credit? Just asking
  2. jbeth

    walking distance

  3. jbeth

    walking distance

    About how far is the distance from the ship to the taxi stand at Hilo HI? My hubby has walking problems, can't walk too far Thanks!!! Julie
  4. please tell me who was the head waiter in the Club Class? We loved Giovanni, but heard he's retired. We'll be on the Grand in January! Loved your report!! Julie
  5. BELLE! Any news about Givonni in Club Class dining being there the end of January? Thanks!
  6. Hello!!!! Can you please do me a favor? Could you please say hello to Giovanni , the Head Waiter, in the Club Class dining room from Mr. Frank and Julie???? Also, please ask him if he'll still be there in end of January when we sail to Hawaii We loved him!!!! He's terrific!!! Julie and Frank Chico, Ca
  7. Have had conflicting reports! What is the dress code for MDRs on non formal nights? Lunch and dinner Hawaii cruise Nice shorts and shirt for men? Same for women? Thanks!!!
  8. were you able to find out if Giovanni will be still on the Grand in January Remember: "Mr Frank" and Julie
  9. love club class dining separate dining area with tables not close together different linens beautiful flowers on the table NO WAITING personal service they know you by first name after the first day separate dining room entrance always a non menu item prepared by the head waiter much quieter
  10. happy B day Melissa! Did you have a chance to talk to Giavonni? Thanks, Julie and Frank
  11. Cougaraz! We were on the Grand last month and had club class dining with Giovanni as the head waiter in Club Class! Would you please tell him "Hello" from Mr. Frank and Julie ! We'll be back on the Grand in January. Could you please ask him if he'll still be on the Grand then? We loved the Club Class dining and Giovanni was the hit of the entire ship!!!!!Julie and Frank Chico, Ca
  12. Does anyone know about how far it is from when we get off the ship in Victoria to the taxi stand? Hubby has walking issues!! Thanks!! Julie
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