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  1. I'm interested in what people think about bloggers and their "live" stuff. I find these people with their cameras taping everything quite intrusive. It's also annoying when you are at dinner and get stuck next to someone doing a piece to camera and all you hear is them droning on and on and on. For some reason it seems so much more disruptive than a normal conversation would be. I know in a public space we have no right to privacy, but i also don't think I would be happy about seeing about seeing myself in one of these vids (maybe when I lose a few kilos i might think differently 🙂 ) Modern life eh?! I guess I need to move with the times.
  2. Hi Lindalk, welcome to the board Deck 11 is a good choice as it has cabins directly above and below - hence no noise of buffet chairs/sunbeds being moved etc. I would like to add about booking through a travel agent. If you choose one one of the "bigger" ones, ie one you might see on tv - always bear in mind the man doing the talking knows very little about the ships, and the people on the phones know even less! From my experience (and from what I have read here) they will tell you pretty much anything to get you to book. They are okay though if you know exactly what you want. I have been through Bay of Biscay (generally day 2 of the cruise if leaving from Southampton) on many occasions, and have only really felt noticeable movement once, but like an earlier person said its like how long is a piece of string. Get your seasick meds just in case! An important tip for any cruise on any ship is keep your important stuff (paperwork/passport, jewellery, meds) with you in a holdall. Do not put this stuff in your case because you may not see this again for several hours. You may want a change of clothes, a bit of make up and your swimming costume in this bag too so you can hit the pool straight away. There is tons of information here about Virtuosa. She is a beautiful ship. I am sure you will have a lovely time.
  3. I would have very much liked a chocolate ship when I became diamond... alas it wasn't to be. Yes, I could go to the Venchi shop and buy one but that's not the point. An awful lot of people here get het up about how nice it would be to have a bit of free laundry. That's something I'm not interested in at all - but I wouldn't pull them down by commenting about their need for "precious" whitey whites - or how "I'm far too busy having fun to worry about laundry" etc....
  4. I would prefer if people made their comments here and not just provide a link to their You Tube channel
  5. Gosh, I wish they would make their mind up about drinks at Hola They are included, then they aren't, then they are, and now they aren't again!!!
  6. its not snobby at all SeaSwirl. If the whole point of Loyalty Progams is to encourage one company over another, then the chipping away at these things will surely have the effect that a person may be less inclined to pick that company. If NCL and MSC for example had 2 ships I both loved going to the same places at a similar price, the priority embarkation etc. might just be the thing that swings it to MSC. But if that's gone, no chocolate ship, no fruit, no nice little "elevations" - why not just go on NCL? I can say I am more open minded to going with other lines than I was this time last year.
  7. I feel a lot of what made the MSC special has been taken away 😞 Going on my last 4 experiences:- The drinks package used to include a much larger choice in the champagne bar, the smokey cocktails were included, the mini bar was included. On Virtuosa, the bar behind that Rob Robot used to to be included (thats all speciality now). On a ship with a shortage of seating I think this area is a massive white elephant. Again on Virtuosa, i think the "Britishness" has taken away somewhat from the Italian style. I know I am going to miss not getting a chocolate ship.
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