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  1. Until Celebrity redesigned their website it always said 2- 750 ml bottles, Royals still says 2-750ml bottles.
  2. Didn't see any tuxes or gowns in Blu this pas t December, Equinox Caribbean
  3. I booked 10 night Reflection 11/29/19 while onboard, $4006 Aqua , two perks plus extra $150 OBC , todays price with two perks $6716 Also booked the Edge for 11/15/20-9 nights- while onboard , $5301 Aqua two perks plus 150 extra OBC , today"s price $10,222. Our 50th anniversary cruise , also booked onboard ,12 nights on 3/15/19 on Silhouette $5025 Aqua ,two perks,plus$200 extra OBC todays price $9530 So 3 cruise I paid $14,332 that today would cost $26,468 , if this pricing continues ,I doubt we will keep sailing Celebrity.
  4. If you purchase the Premium Beverage Package, the 20% grats are added to the purchase price. If it was a perk, the 20% is included in the perk. If you upgrade, the 20% is added to the upgrade price. You never pay for a gratuity if you have a drink package unless to you exceed the maximum drink price covered by your package. Then you pay the difference plus 20% gratuity.
  5. " Is the kitchen tour the $100+ behind the scenes tour or something else? " They have a free kitchen tour that is not part of the Inside Access tour.
  6. OP only had go better, that is two perks. He picked beverage package and gratuities on a 7 day cruise.
  7. Usually Terminal G , although once last year we departed from E and returned to G
  8. Why would you take gratuities as a perk on a 7 day cruise, you come out ahead by taking the $150 p/p OBC.
  9. Plenty of cigar smokers at the Sunset Bar, they even sell cigars at the bar.
  10. as I said in previous post, when I sailed her in Dec 18, they have eliminated the deck 12 smoking area.
  11. Sailed the Equinox(sixth time) in December, no more smoking in the pool area.
  12. Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao , the ship is docked, no tendering.
  13. Found this about 6000: "Booked this cabin based on deck plan drawings, wanted some extra space and it was really a great sized room for two singles...little sitting area inside the window which was nice, very spacious. HOWEVER, the 3rd nite of the cruise around midnite very loud bass 'thumping' began and continued on, even with continued calls to front desk. Apparently the crew 'disco' was on deck 5 in same vicinity and this happened every nite from midnite on. Very loud, continued every nite...:eek: Ended up getting moved to another cabin...:cool:"
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