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  1. Cruised many times on Allure in OV balcony. But once I decided on the Boardwalk balcony hopefully to see the Dive show from balcony. Well, that was not a good choice as we were not far enough back to really view. I guess if we were in the last cabin or maybe up to 3rd cabin back it would of been OK. But the bad issue is noise, privacy and breeze. Noise from the boardwalk traveled up to our balcony even with slider closed. I can not remember what deck we were on but it was not that low. Lack of privacy, i had to make sure curtain was closed while dressing which was a pain. And balcony was hot as seemed no breeze was blowing. Never again
  2. Thanks to all for your advise on keeping up with your travelers via phone. Come October will try it out
  3. We will be aboard the Allure in October after over a year of being dry docked. We are traveling with another couple and in past used a Walkie Talkie to keep track of everyone. It was a pain the the %$#@. but better than wandering the ship peeking in all the bars and shops. I thought I heard through the grapevine you can use your cell phone on board the ship (or off for that matter) to locate your partner when your not together. Via text or even call. If anyone knows the answer to this question would love to hear from you. Is there a charge and just how this works. 🤩
  4. Looking for cruisers that have been in the "so called" Retreat Class on Constellation. We are booked for 2021 in Accessible Sky Suite and hoping they will be retrofit to a complete Retreat by then. My understanding is the only real amenity is the Lumanai Restaurant and MIchael's Club. Frankly astounded at price when they only have those two offerings in my opinion. If anyone can clue me in on the Retreat on the Constellation amenities to rectify the price I would love to hear it. It is unfortunate the Connie does not offer Accessible rooms in Aqua as that our usual go to cabin as love the Blu and Persian Gardens. The main reason on the Connie is we live in Tampa and cruising out of our city would be a plus for a change.
  5. We have usually sailed in Aqua Class on Solstice ships in Accessible but accessible is not offered on the Connie in Aqua. Therefor we will be sailing in a Sky Suite Accessible. My question is about the Retreat. We have never been in the Retreat class. Of course the price is very high, but my husband really requires a accessible so we are going for it as it is an 11 day cruise. I would like to hear from those that have been in Retreat, preferable on the Connie but not limited to. Please tell me what you loved, hated if anything. I understand it is open 24hrs, does that include food and cocktails. Did you find you spent most of your time on board there to warrant the extra expense. We have always loved the Martini Bar on the Solstice. Let me hear your thoughts
  6. I had a butler and he told me he would take care of morning coffee and I did not have to request room service in the AM. Well that did not happen. Also asked him to take care of booking shore excursion, again he could not get it. So I went to the Concierge and got request. I guess a butler would be fine for first time cruisers that do not know a lot, but for me a butler is a waste.
  7. To all that are stating you can not remove prepaid tips. I have never encountered that issue whatsoever on RCCL, prepaid or otherwise.
  8. I am a frequent cruiser and love Celebrity. We want to sail on Edge but when we sail with Celebrity we always get Aqua Class as love the Blu and Spa. BUT with that said the price for Aqua is like triple of their other ships. If we were to take a balcony prices are more in line. I am disheartened to see the price difference on Aqua Class
  9. I have been in both and I swear I can not see difference. But for the variety I would do it. Love both
  10. This may sound bad but hear me out. We remove tips all the time as we tip daily direct to the person/persons that connect with us directly. First of all I we only dine in dining room maybe twice and if we do we tip that evening. We are mostly at specialty restaurants which we tip. All bartenders we tip over the 18% already added. Room steward we tip directly. We also usually have gifts in hand we give out. The amount of money we tip far exceeds the allotted amount and when we tip direct the amount of service we receive is two fold. We sail a multitude of times on same ship and know a lot of crew and they seek us out as they know we tip far and above. I have no contact with the Matre d' so I see no reason to tip. We have never had a issue in removing tip with Guest Services
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