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  1. Nope - if you check news articles over the past 2 years it was heart attacks period - nothing to do with stingers. Nor sharks.
  2. PerfectlyPerth

    Volunteer Point

    There are more posts about Falklands Is tours on the Sth American board https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/47-south-america/?page=3
  3. More people have died from heart attacks while snorkelling than from sharks !
  4. PerfectlyPerth

    Flight Ck-In & Gen.Questions

    Melbourne is the capital of rallies. At least 2 a week here - usually in the CBD and blocking tram lines, or at Fed Square. Really nothing to make an issue out of - just attention seekers and rent-a-crowd. Handy to follow PTV and Yarra Trams and @Melbourne on twitter so you know straight away if they are blocking public transport. Re shows - Halftix office is located in Town Hall on the cnr of Swanston and Collins and they have all the spare tickets to any kind of show around Melb each day for that night - plus they usually have some for the next few days.
  5. PerfectlyPerth

    Antarctica Cruise Video

    You Tube stopped being "social media" many years ago. It's a video service. It doesn't exist purely for 'the masses with 4 minute attention spans'. Your stats are based on only the people choosing to watch your own videos - not the entire using/viewing audience of You Tube. The majority of us view it on our TVs to watch full length movies and documentaries etc - ie multiple hours long. Hence why I would have utterly no issue watching someones lengthy travel videos when they are in a location that interests me.
  6. PerfectlyPerth

    Solo and Specialty Restaurants

    See - we are the sensible people. We who chose to not live according to other people's constraints and expectations. I refer to myself as happily solo and child-free. I made that choice at age 12 - and now at 50 I still feel exactly the same. I have been travelling solo since mid teens and have never encountered the bizarre comments from 'marrieds' that often get mentioned here. To be honest I think its localised to the US. Aussies, Kiwis and Euro's all mastered solo travel many many decades ago and we don't think there is anything unusual about it.
  7. PerfectlyPerth

    Arriving Sydney by air - why not to bring

    I have to agree with buchhalm. Where there is full blown intention and zero declaration, and a mass of prohibited items hidden throughout luggage - the fine should be ten times what it currently is. They currently are 'on the spot' fines - but far too low for the actual crime of non-declaration, and far too many are simply let off with a warning. Especially when their stupid intentions can wipe out our agricultural industry.
  8. PerfectlyPerth

    Bluff -New cruise port for NZ ?

    The very fast indian lives in the cutest quaintest little mall - I felt like I had tumbled back into the 60s.
  9. PerfectlyPerth

    Bluff -New cruise port for NZ ?

    Bluff is the port for Invercargill. I have departed from there for Antarctica.
  10. PerfectlyPerth

    Australian travel agent folds

    Yup you and me both. Many of us provided submissions including real life examples - to Treasury during the feedback phase and I read the hundreds of public and professional submissions. Not one felt that "one year terms" were appropriate for any type of individual. And to see it as a way to 'encourage entrepreneurship' as the consultation paper suggested - seriously! I see it as rewarding poor behaviour by people who clearly should not be in business in the first place! I mean - wouldn't we all just love to wipe our debts every calendar year ! (sorry I get so firey re this - it has been ticking me off for months now as I can just see so many repercussions and in many cases it's the general public who will lose out).
  11. PerfectlyPerth

    Australian travel agent folds

    Indeed - and bankruptcy would not be seen to be a reward for bad behaviours. ie https://www.accountantsdaily.com.au/columns/12051-one-year-bankruptcy-what-could-possibly-go-wrong
  12. PerfectlyPerth

    Review of Noordam - Dec 2018 cruise

    That high tea looks sooo yum !! Great review so far.
  13. PerfectlyPerth

    Australian travel agent folds

    ASIC barely has the resources to pursue the large cases sadly. So the small and mediums will just keep on being problematic unfortunately. One 'hopeful' thing that 'may' come out of the Banking Royal Commission is that ASIC will have its funding increased (likely just my wishful thinking) so it can actually perform its agency functions in their entirety. That way the general public (who don't get to see what goes on behind the scenes like some of us) actually have confidence that the appropriate people pay in situations like these thieving phoenixing directors who rip off travellers.
  14. PerfectlyPerth

    Australian travel agent folds

    And the difference is - ASIC is understaffed and doesn't have the time or resources to actually go after 99% of the directors - so while the legislation exists - in practice its not achievable. As someone who has personally wound up over 1000 companies, and made an uncountable number of directors bankrupt through their personal liabilities - I do actually know how it all works at the coal face. I do it all day every day.
  15. PerfectlyPerth

    Australian travel agent folds

    Ahh no. Companies trade insolvent, not directors. A company found to be trading insolvent can be wound up under the Corporations Act by any creditor. Directors can be found to be personally liable for unpaid pay as you go withholding and super - but only by the ATO and that must be prior to the company being wound up.