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  1. PerfectlyPerth

    Packing list? ....what we used and what we didn't!

    I take a single foldable hiking pole with a small snow basket that can be swapped with a stumpier end. I like it for added balance when on pebbly shores and slippery icey surfaces. And as above - well and truly useful for Sth Georgia and the aggressive fur seals. Ive taken normal Polaroid sunglasses and also ski goggles on all of my trips and interchange them as needed. When speeding in a zodiac in katabatic winds googles are invaluable.
  2. worse - if they sprung a leak!
  3. hahaha and icepack undies !!!
  4. LOL personally I avoid places where one cannot escape 10,000 cruising Americans on tiny islands! I don't do the tropics etc. I prefer Antarctica and similar. The only reason I suffer Pacific cruises lately is because of the entertainment on board the Bravo cruises. But I love Aus history so the circumnavigation on a small vessel does still interest me - I just have to make myself think beyond the heat !!
  5. I usually feel it for the first few hours after getting home then it fades. But I am currently on day 11 post cruise and still have it. I also have a foul flu (from the ship), sinus infection and terribly blocked ears so I am assuming that is contributing to the overall inner ear muddling. I feel it most when I lean back in the shower to wet my hair - and promptly grab the walls!
  6. Whole itinerary looks great to me, lining up with historical dates and some great smaller locations etc. But ugh I hate the heat and so much of it would be real nasty tropic temps. Ok when on board, but shore excursions would be unconfirmed for me.
  7. Ooh just refreshed their website and there it is. https://www.coralexpeditions.com/au/destinations/special-expeditions/circumnavigation-australia/
  8. Hmmmm will check my spam folder as I'm on their mailing list but this one hasn't come thru yet and I'm dying to see the whole list !
  9. Where did you find the itinerary ? I still haven't had a reply from them.
  10. PerfectlyPerth

    Solo and Specialty Restaurants

    Awkwardness is more about your own feelings and emotional security. I cant be bothered waiting for friends to decide if they want to try out the newest restaurants in town so I just go myself because I want to try the food. On ships I am no different.
  11. I posted on their Facebook page last night asking for a link to online brochure or whatever. No reply yet.
  12. PerfectlyPerth

    November in Antarctica

    Lol you have fallen for the trap !! I've done 4 trips totalling 116 days and there is still "stuff I might have missed that I need to go back for"!!
  13. I have friends who do multiple trips with them per year and like me they prefer small ship expedition cruising. I was hoping to find the actual itinerary on their website as I imagine they will be accessing some smaller less run of the mill ports and I wanted to check who the lecturers will be. Will check the site again in next few days. Seems odd to send out their media release to The Australian before having anything for potential clients to actually look at.
  14. Can't see it listed on their website as yet and the only news article coming up in google searches for today is The Australian and I have run out of freebie views for the month so I can't read it - darnit !!
  15. PerfectlyPerth

    Radiance says hi

    I disembarked the other day but as you can see from my posts - it was a private charter cruise with all the performers booked specifically for the charter. I've only done the private chapters previously and likely to do so in the future. So I can't answer what it's like on a non charter.