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  1. PerfectlyPerth

    Radiance says hi

    Just boarding Sydney for the Bravo cruise. She says hi to past passengers
  2. PerfectlyPerth

    Travel agent is easier?

    My personal preference is to book direct with the expedition company themselves. They own and operate the vessels and employ the expedition team and know the region like the back of their hand. I have never seen any need to involve a third party agent (who has likely never set foot in Antarctica) in the equation. I have been 4 times with two companies. The Antarctica forum on Trip Advisor has a FAQ list that includes the names of every Expedition company and most of the charter companies (a charter company is one who will charter part or or a whole vessel for a specific expedition). https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/ShowForum-g1-i12337-Antarctic_Adventures.html
  3. PerfectlyPerth

    travel books for cruises

    By the time a book is written, edited, published and sold - it is already several years out of date. The internet is updated every second of the day. You can use the Ports of Call board here and all the thousands of destination forums on Trip Advisor to easily plan shore trips etc.
  4. PerfectlyPerth

    Why travel solo?

    well now we are all just sitting here in suspense !!! 🤣🤣
  5. PerfectlyPerth

    Why travel solo?

    Lol. I'm directionally challenged. Two left turns in a shopping mall and I'm lost. But that's the fun of travelling. I give directions to tourists every day in my own city so I have no shame in heading over to a stranger in their city and asking for help. Plus these days it's much easier with maps stored on my phone etc and translation aps. I also photograph landmarks and street signs as I go - so I can use them to back track or to show someone to then be pointed in the right direction. Back when I was travelling solo as a teen in the 80s it was a vague paper map and a whole lot of interpretive sign language !! Technology in my pocket has made travel so much easier. Tho there are still some maps that I will never make sense of !!!!
  6. PerfectlyPerth

    Why travel solo?

    I've been living solo and travelling solo since my mid teens. Never wanted to live my life according to other people's needs or desires, or wait around for them to make decisions, or compromise my own choices to have to do something they want to do. Never been lonely ! Thru all my world travels I have met many solos who have a partner at home. They simply have different interests to each other so travel solo according to their own needs. One lady I have met on several of my Antarctica expeditions does the Arctic and Antarctic solo every year. Her hubby is not remotely interested in cold weather travel or major exertion. He prefers big cruise ships with all day bridge tournaments. Which would send my friend batty. They have been married for 50 or so years and have never been on the same holiday together ! My mother does ten week hiking trips thru Burma or Cambodia etc as a solo. Her hubby is disabled since his teens so she will do a cruise with him each year because it suits his mobility. The marriage contract doesn't state "must be joined at the hip for life" !!! People still have their own life to achieve.
  7. PerfectlyPerth

    Radiance of the Seas

    She is looking good. Am boarding her in Nov.
  8. PerfectlyPerth

    Crossing the Drake

    Happy to report that the folks on the Khlebnikov at the moment have had 3 full days at the Snow Hill colony so far. Looking forward to seeing my friends photos when they return. They are doing the 4 trips back to back (my expedition team friends and some past passenger pals) so it's going to be weeks til they are back in the land of wifi. There are 8 berths left on the final voyage due to a cancellation - if anyone has some wads of $$$ laying around.
  9. PerfectlyPerth

    Circle Pacific 2020

    Personally 77 days doesn't sound long enough to me ! And why shouldn't we measure our holidays by time ? For many people time is the whole reason for travelling.
  10. PerfectlyPerth

    Crossing the Drake

    Looxury !!!!! ;p
  11. PerfectlyPerth

    Crossing the Drake

    While I have done 75% of Antarctica's circumference - I haven't done it all - so there are still a thousand locations on my to do list and Snow Hill Is is on the list - but as I said - the colonies I did have the privilege of reaching were much bigger than Snow Hills colony (so all I was saying before is that I haven't been deprived by not going there in particular), and phenomenal and memorable for life. Yes more chicks than we could count - at their cutest and fluffiest - thousands upon thousands. We spent days up to 12 hours long with each colony - returning to the ship after midnight most times. I averaged 10,000 photos per voyage and hundreds and hundreds of videos of the chicks which keep me happy until I win Lotto and return! (someday - sigh!). The trips I did on the Khlebnikov were to extremely remote regions that have only had tourists reach there once before - or never before. If you google the Atka Ice Port and that region along Queen Maud Land you will see how inaccessible it is - so it was a rare experience to get there, making our way across the entire Weddell Sea and the packice, and spend a week around that area. On that same trip we also had 6 days around the Sth Sandwich Islands which almost never get reached other than by the KK. No emperors there but the largest chinstrap colony known of. We didn't land due to the force 12 storm that was across the whole region but we were able to cruise close enough to every island multiple times over the 6 days to be able to see the chinstraps, lava and steam vents etc without needing binoculars or zoom lenses. The Shackleton Ice Shelf colony along East Antarctica was discovered by our chopper pilots purely by accident when they were scouting out a days adventure hike for us - and it was reported around the world as it was a previously unknown and uncounted colony. The other colonies we spent entire days with along the East Antarctica region were of sizes that could not be exaggerated - incredible experiences. Most of the colonies in that region have not been located or counted so the total populations are unknown. They are not near any of the stations and generally its only known via satellite images showing all their guano patches. My friends that work at the stations only get out to the colonies near them if they are doing specific counts or research and thats not generally yearly. The Heard Island colony of King's and elephant seals is equal in size to SGI numbers - so that too was an incredible landing right below an active volcano. The Ush to NZ trip on Ortelius was much later in the season - Feb/March - so no big emperor colonies as all had gone to sea. Mostly just stragglers in groups on ice floes along the way. And plenty of adelies along the whole voyage, and a mystery chipstrap population that the expedition team were not expecting to find on Peter the First Island. It would be nice to see that expedition moved to Dec to utilise the choppers to get to the emperor colonies - but not being a proper breaker, the Ortelius would be hampered by ice more. Now - I need to go by another lotto ticket because all this reminiscing is making me want to return to the south promptly!:ship:
  12. PerfectlyPerth

    Crossing the Drake

    The emperor colonies I've been to are ten times the size of the Snow Hill colony so I haven't missed anything by not going to that specific location. Especially the many enormous colonies at Atka ice port and all the ones along West Antarctica between commonwealth bay and Davis station and the massive colony on the Shackleton Ice Shelf - over half a mil couples. The KK originally simply finished its 20 year tourism contract in 2011 and was recalled back to its Russian owners to operate as a working breaker in the north. Quark managed to negotiate a new contract for short term use in the Arctic season. Then worked on the new Snow Hill 4 trips. It costs over a million to bring the empty vessel south and unlike other vessels it cannot subsidise that cost by having paying passengers doing repositioning trips. As it is operated by steam the vessel itself gets unbearable hot and not ideal for "pleasure cruising". At the end of the final voyage as we moved from the Southern Ocean into the Indian Ocean it was 40 degrees C on board. Closer to the equator it gets even worse. So they have to do it with just a skeleton crew. A very sweaty skeleton crew I imagine ! The tourism market changed - to the larger pax vessels and more fancy cabins etc and the shorter trips just on the peninsula. Appealing to the box tickers rather than the expeditioners. It's a different customer base these days. The big long grand expeditions of the 90s and 2000s and the full circumnavigations are unlikely to happen again. And if they did - the cost would be prohibitive to the majority. I know quite a few folks who did the famous KK circumnavigation and a bunk in a triple share cost over $100k. It would cost double that today. When I win lotto I'm just going to buy my own second hand icebreaker and choppers ! DIY ! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. PerfectlyPerth

    Visa help please

    Does NZ have a website similar to the Aus Govt site https://smartraveller.gov.au/Pages/default.aspx - I use the site and ap to find out everything for every country - from vaccinations, travel warnings, and visa/entry requirements. If not that - then your travel agent should be well aware of, and have a login with, https://www.timaticweb.com
  14. PerfectlyPerth

    Crossing the Drake

    No as per my signature block it was two separate trips including the KK's final voyage (until it finally gave in to the public pressure and returned for the upcoming Snow Hill trips. I couldn't afford them this time around but I know plenty of the crew and also quite a few passengers who have booked the 4 trips back to back. On the big trips I have done its been generally a higher percentage of multiple polar travellers rather than first timers - maybe 60%. But then again - I chose the big 33 day obscure location trip as my first time. You should check our trip reports digest on Trip Advisor - plenty of folks post links to their Flikr or Smugmug accounts etc. Yes it is easy to launch into a spiel of a Monty Python nature - "Rough? You don't know rough" !
  15. PerfectlyPerth

    Crossing the Drake

    LOL - everything Don ! Just sit back and enjoy every single thing about the trip.