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  1. If you do a search in Facebook for 'cruise buddies' you will find a heap of groups - many for females only, some are split into country specific or even cruise line specific. I belong to an Australian female only group that is quite active. They hold regular get together in each state so members can meet before deciding to travel together.
  2. Have I look here. I compiled all the trip reports on Trip Advisor into a centralised FAQ directory. The actual reports are cross referenced by year, expedition company, and vessel. http://antarcticafaqs.boards.net/ There is also a list of every expedition company and vessel including future new builds. For me - having done 4 expeditions there so far - from 24-33 days each - my golden rule is to choose the longest voyage you can afford, with the smallest amount of passengers, and include South Georgia Island (particularly if you have images in you heard of pebbly shores with tens of thousands of penguins and seals). Dont get hung up on luxury levels of balcony's (you will hardly be in the cabin). And definitely don't get too fixated on specific landing spots. It's important to have a 'go with the flow' flexible attitude for polar travel. The expedition team will do lectures in between landings etc. you will have biologists, penguinologists, ornathologists, geologists, volcanologists, (and every other 'ist') and historians at hand.
  3. Loving this review. Such great detail and gorgeous photos.
  4. If you list all the places you want to see we can all help with a more logical and realistic solution for you. Sydney traffic is like a car park at the best of times. It won't be an enjoyable stay when all you see is the inside of a vehicle and lots of cars and traffic lights.
  5. I can't imagine overthinking this to any real degree. I'm on my holiday. I really don't care who else is on theirs.
  6. PerfectlyPerth


    Thats a very uneducated bias there. You need to understand how it affects the taxation circumstances of the individual as it is untaxed at source income. In some countries that can cause the individuals to be pushed into a different taxable income bracket which can affect them for the following year if their respective tax department then assesses using an estimate for the following year. There are also also many cultures - especially through Asia - where it is a deeply offensive insult to have a tip thrust upon oneself. They are then placed in an even more embarrassing position of having to refuse it. Is it that difficult to difficult understand that while you do it as a matter of course in your country - that is not the case everywhere. Just respect that. Seriously. Not doing so is why the whole stereotype of American tourists actually exists.
  7. I've used Covermore for years. Its always been very clear in the PDS re accidents while drinking. It's why most Bali claims get knocked back. All the more reason to learn to read all the 'fine print' no matter what it's size.
  8. PerfectlyPerth


    Tayana I'm guessing you don't know many folks living on FI? Where do you propose they spend their US$ tips ? They need to hoard them up until it's worth the lost value in FEX. That's money they are then not spending til then so it is out of the economy and useless. If someone feels like they absolutely must tip and nothing is going to change their mind - then it is basic courtesy to do so in the local currency. On FI - buying the guide a beer would be suffice.
  9. PerfectlyPerth


    I tip in countries where it is relevant to do so. I do not tip it countries where it is not needed/required and in some cultures actually offensive. The advice was specific to Ushuaia and Falkland Islands - and as I have been to both very regularly - it was also correct. So lay off with the 'ugly Australian' inference that you felt the need to direct at me. Sadly yes Sue. We all understand that its a die hard habit in your own country. But when travelling one should adapt to the appropriate custom to the location they are in.
  10. Maybe ask on https://www.facebook.com/P-O-SS-Oriana-1960-2004-24417281414/ loads of past crew and passengers with exceptional memories and also memorabilia that may include something dated that matches your dates.
  11. CBD or Southbank is fine. Southbank is also handy as it has a train stop from the airport train. It's nicely set up for tourists with the rainforest walk and loads of dining options. Yes uber is plentiful in supply.
  12. PerfectlyPerth


    I have never taken cash - just credit and debit cards. And don't tip. It's extremely unnecessary.
  13. Ummm care factor zero! Seriously. I am not loyal to any specific line because I select my travels based on destinations. I really don't give a toss about "OBC" - that is not remotely part of my decision making process when booking my travel. And given some of my trips have cost over $60k each - I really don't care whether some bored CEO is checking what I am spending in a gambling den or giving any thought to whether I will travel with their line again.
  14. Can safely say in all my decades of cruising solo (and also very occasionally with friends) - I, and my friends, have never set foot in a casino and never will, the spa has never interested us, and nor have the shops! None of that is why I go on a cruise. And the majority (actually all of them) of my cruising couples friends and family also don't gamble, shop or 'spa'. Our interests are the ships themselves and the destinations. The specialty restaurants are still quite new (to me) - in the 80s and 90s it was the main dining room or nothing! I do occasionally dine in them these days and spend money if its a food style I particularly like.
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