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  1. I am well aware of who your son is but I think when we are talking about an expedition that resulted in a death and several near deaths, and many people (passengers, expedition team and crew) who are still suffering months later from the effects of the virus then no - there really is no room for 'jocularity' - its actually quite insensitive.
  2. My comment related to the judgemental statement re someone's occupation - by a poster with dozens of cruises in their signature block that likely added up to a lot more than $15k. Also inappropriate to suggest Medicare paid for the trip. I can assure you everyone paid for their own tickets. And yes there are cheaper trips - short tick & flick ones mostly designed for time poor Americans. Aussies, Nz, Brits & Europeans tend to be on the longer expedition voyages I have taken that range from 24 to 33 days long. And my experience is that no-one on board judges you for your occupat
  3. A tad judgmental. $15k is cheap for a polar trip. I have done 4 and paid a heck of a lot more than that and I am not wealthy nor in that kind of profession. The reason there were so many medical professionals on board is there was a medical convention group pre booked. I know several people who were on board - both passengers and in the expedition team.
  4. We had a man on my first trip whose luggage never arrived. He had two hours to find what he could in Ushuaia and then we all loaned/gave him enough to get through the month long trip. I had a pair of thick men's merino socks too big for me so I donated them. So he ended up with enough for landings but around the ship he spent most of the trip in a business suit !! And on my second trip one of the expedition team had just finished one trip that ended in Falklands so he did a roundabout of flights to get to where ours started in Tasmania but his luggage took a scenic tour up to northe
  5. On my first 3 Antarctica trips the cabins actually already had the non slip stuff inside all the drawers and on the desk and benchtops - so even in the roughest of seas my stuff never budged. On my 4th trip the suites were newly renovated and my friend knew the owners of the ship who had told them nope they had not thought of that in the redesign. So I knew in advance to pack a small roll and scissors. One place I found it useful was on the wardrobe rail so coat hangers didn't slide back and forth!!! (That noise use to drive me nuts).
  6. if you head over to the Trip Advisor Antarctica forum you will find FAQs that list every single operator and vessel (including upcoming new builds etc) with links to all their websites etc, along with trip reports searchable by year, operator, vessel & region. https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/ShowForum-g1-i12337-Antarctic_Adventures.html Quark does The standard FI, SGI, Circle Cross a couple of times per season. It's usually called the Epic Antarctica in their itinerary list. I think Peregrine/Chimu are also doing one. It's targeted to Aussie/Kiwi pax - with well known Aussie
  7. For those that didn't spot it - there was a Q&A with Quark Expeditions over in the eco forum. Thought I would pop the link here for folks. There were some good questions asked and answered. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2489-qa-with-the-quark-expeditions-team/
  8. I've done 4 Antarctica trips. 3 with Quark. The age range has been really varied - from 10 to 96 !! So it's really hard to predict. I've mostly been on longer trips - 3-4 weeks so they attract a more mature aged group with stragglers that are younger. The shorter peninsular trips are more affordable to the 20s 30s crowd.
  9. I've been 4 times. 3 with Quark. I prioritise: - Length of the trip (choose the longest you can afford - my shortest trip was 24 days and longest was 33). - Including South Georgia and Falkland Islands. - cabin sharing if you are a solo. You can choose twin, triple or even quad share to reduce your costs. To me a bed is a bed and a shower is a shower. Luxury is of little importance. Your time is spent on excursions or out on the decks. You only go to your cabin to sleep. Having said that - Quark vessels are lovely, comfy, and excellent food etc. Passionate and skilled
  10. I've travelled to Antarctica 4 times - 3 with Quark. Part of the booking process for all polar expeditions includes a medical questionnaire and requirement for further details for certain conditions.
  11. Sub Antarctic islands with resident or staff like Falklands and South Georgia Island have already put out guidelines re visitors in next season. I haven't seen an update for Port Lockroy yet. It's possible it will stay closed. Staffed research stations will also put out guidelines and restrictions closer to the season (if a season goes ahead this year).
  12. I've been to Antarctica 4 times. 3 times with Quark so I definitely recommend them. Yes they do landings. Generally aiming for minimum of two per day. Always with the addendum of weather permitting. Zodiac cruising is also exciting - especially when whales appear right beside the zodiac. Smoother seas ? It changes day by day and even hour by hour so no sense worrying too much about it. If you know you suffer motion sickness pack your usual remedies.
  13. it's lovely. I've had all the windows open refreshing my apartment as most of next week is rainy so I have to keep everything closed up.
  14. I moved to Melb for the weather. It suits the polar traveller in me. Gorgeous and sunny here today.
  15. Nini it really isn't up to any of us to offer our thoughts as the thoughts are pure guesswork. At the end of the day it's all up to governments and it's literally a week to week ever changing situation. As it is all over the world. We all have to be practical and pragmatic about that and just get on with day to day life until governments make announcements. Sitting around guessing, and asking others to guess, just isn't practical. And like Chili - I have an "in Aus" cruise booked in Dec. I am giving it zero thought until such time as first the federal govt makes i
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