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  1. it's lovely. I've had all the windows open refreshing my apartment as most of next week is rainy so I have to keep everything closed up.
  2. I moved to Melb for the weather. It suits the polar traveller in me. Gorgeous and sunny here today.
  3. In a world of instant communication and news these days you really are not "so very far away" geographically. We all have the same news available to us through the same resources. I read international newspapers everyday in order to be informed. And that is the point I was trying to make. Locals can't guess or "give you a feel" for a situation where only the respective govt departments know the answers in every country. Anymore than you can guess what your not so sane leader will decide tomorrow or next month. We too still have state borders closed and people required to quarantine when returning from international flights and when crossing state borders. It's up to the individual state legislation as to when they cease that depending on how it affects their specific states (particularly states with large First Nations communities that would be wiped out by one errant visitor). To be honest - if you want my "feeling" rather than informed govt facts - I think everyone needs to just accept international travel wont be happening in its normal sense for 12 months or more. Business/medical/compassionate travel is likely to take priority over leisure travel. At least until there is a vax and it is made compulsory for entry. The other "talk" - again - speculation - is of a NZ/Aus/Pacific travel bubble being created for travel by residents of these countries to travel within the bubble. This "may" include cruise ships but who knows with the current govt opinion towards the cruise industry. But it would be highly unlikely to include allowing people from other countries to come down to travel/cruise within the bubble as that would defeat the purpose of the bubble. Again - purely speculating - I can't see our govt or NZ govt permitting anyone in from the hard hit countries - for some time. It's pretty dry reading but if you do want to stay directly informed re Aus - this is the Prime Minister's media release page and it'a where all National updates will be each day https://www.pm.gov.au/media and our govt health department has updated including travel related ones daily https://www.health.gov.au/news/health-alerts/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov-health-alert
  4. Nini it really isn't up to any of us to offer our thoughts as the thoughts are pure guesswork. At the end of the day it's all up to governments and it's literally a week to week ever changing situation. As it is all over the world. We all have to be practical and pragmatic about that and just get on with day to day life until governments make announcements. Sitting around guessing, and asking others to guess, just isn't practical. And like Chili - I have an "in Aus" cruise booked in Dec. I am giving it zero thought until such time as first the federal govt makes its decisions, second the state govts make their individual decisions, and third - the actual cruise companies make their decisions.
  5. I follow most of the stations on twitter and Facebook and all have reported it's 100% Covid free.
  6. If you are travelling on a massive cruise ship the cutlery might wiggle a bit on the table cloth. If you are on the ferry - it can be awesome. On one of my first trips in the 70s the back doors came open and cars went to the bottom of the strait and the ferry went into dry dock for considerable repairs. We had dinner with the captain about a decade later and he said that night was still the toughest crossing in his career. If you are travelling on a yacht it can be fantastically rough. There have only been roughly 1000 shipwrecks in the Bass Strait since early 1800s. None of them include current day cruise ships. I'm guessing you will be on a large cruise ship with stabilisers etc and will barely notice it. I usually have to stand outside and check the ocean to make sure I am actually moving. I prefer smaller vessels where I can actually feel the ocean.
  7. I have a couple of mini cruises (3-5 days to a specific location I fancy going to) that I snapped up a couple of months ago for 50% off. Not til Dec. But given all that is going on and not knowing what the industry will do etc - I'm not going out of my way to book shore trips etc until much closer to the dates. I don't have a powerful enough crystal ball to predict how the industry will recover and indeed what it will do down here in Aus. Also one I booked is with Princess and they are currently being investigated by the police for the Ruby debacle so there is the potential depending on the findings for them to be banned or pull out of the Aus market. Who knows. Again. Crystal ball stuff. it's a weird unpredictable world to be in at the moment.
  8. One of the crew is tweeting - not sure from which ship now that they have all been moved around but he says it's route is Bali then India to disembark all staff.
  9. according to the Facebook group set up for all the passengers to communicate with each other from their cabins, there are over 130 Aussies on board and 30-40 Kiwis. An Aussie crew member is posting regularly and is in touch with dfat on passengers behalf.
  10. Well said SrCruizer. Some sensible perspective. At the end of the day the Aus tourism industry is in a spiralling collapse. Small businesses (who are the largest employers in this country) offering credits to customers means they can retain funds to pay their staff so as not to make them unemployed during the next 4-6 months. My friend is a tour bus driver in WA. Their boss had to close the company a month ago as it was 100% reliant on Asian tourists. So my friend and all the other drivers are now unemployed. This will be occurring in every state, town, city. Sorry LexMiller but your complaint is literally what the commonly used statement "first world problems" was created for. Claim the loss on your travel insurance. Or write it off as a life experience in a new world that none of us ever thought we would witness or live through. Personally I have just lost several thousand dollars in theatre bookings over the next few months, with many more likely to be cancelled. Audiences are being given the choice of a refund or donating the money already spent to the theatre so it can keep paying staff. I'm not in a financial position to do that with every ticket so I have elected to do it with the small non profit theatres rather than the bigger privately owned or state owned ones. >>>>>>They are a HUGE company - their website even has photos of super famous Hollywood and sports stars who have done the climb. <<<<< Actually they are quite a small company. Just because they are known overseas and attract celebrities - doesn't make them a large enterprise. They are still a SME. And what the heck does photos of celebrities have to do with anything? They are tourists when they are here just like everyone else. The average Italian restaurant has just as many Celeb photos with the chef pinned on the wall. Again - get some perspective.
  11. All the athletes from around the world that I have seen interviewed are asking for the Games to be cancelled. Most are unable to travel to qualifying events etc and those in Northern Hemisphere are prevented from training due to self isolation rules.
  12. Per media conference today https://www.9news.com.au/national/coronavirus-latest-self-isolation-for-all-arrivals-into-australia-14-days/8b2978f9-9cbf-48e3-8294-232b0a8b63a3 Includes a ban on incoming cruise ships for next 30 days https://www.9news.com.au/national/coronavirus-cruises-princess-cancels-sailings-60-days-ships-japan-diamond-quarantine-australia/2c59e8f0-3621-447a-93e4-96e851ba3b3a
  13. if you genuinely believe they are shonky then do your civic duty and dob them in. https://www.ato.gov.au/About-ATO/Contact-us/Report-fraud,-tax-evasion,-a-planning-scheme-or-unpaid-super/?anchor=Reporttaxevasion#Reporttaxevasion
  14. Yes we are first world nations down here in the southern hemisphere with advanced banking technology (far more advanced than your own country where people still use cheques - something most of us stopped using over 20 yrs ago). Its perfectly easy to travel cash free.
  15. yup agree with Mike. >>>There has to be many benefits going solo on a cruise. I must admit I cringe at the thought of eating or doing activities with others who would rather be by themselves or are not welcoming or I feel out of place or odd some how with them. I also cringe at the thought of being the only person solo at an activity usually done with another, or last to be invited or chosen. How can I handle these situations should they arise or better yet prevent them? Sandra<<<< sorry can't work out how to do a double quote on my phone. My first response would be short and sweet. "Stop cringing". Simple. It's about how you are perceiving things. There are millions of solo travellers & cruisers around the world. They are not unusual nor rare. How non-solos perceive them usually means little to them. I know I give zero thought to it. A saying in Australia is "put your big girls blouse on". It essentially means just "get on with it". With confidence. If you encounter unwelcoming people - move. Simple. If you are worried they will judge you - forget it - couple of thousand people on a ship means you will likely never see them again. Heck I do it on ships with under 100 passengers !!!! (My Cate factor about what people think of me is close to zero). Odds are with the size population of a cruise ship you will encounter plenty of other interesting welcoming people. If I fancy doing trivia I do a slow stroll thru looking for smaller groups who might be seeking to build up numbers and ask if I can join. Other times I might get there early and take a seat and let others approach me to see if I am waiting for anyone or can they join me. The absolute biggest positive to going solo is everything is your personal choice. To do what you want when you want. To be who you want to be. To be as introverted or extroverted as you personally feel like being - I change through the day ! I'm extremely introverted at breakfast and lunch so I ask for a solo table - but may still get chatting to nearby people if they or I initiate a chat. At dinner I tend to ask to join a solo table for 4, maybe 6 - def not more than that. I have zero issue sitting with couples. In my experience they are usually so bored with each other they have run out of topics and are usually dying for fresh conversation !!! I have quite often had elderly couples ask me to join them for dinner.
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