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  1. Looks like we should probably coordinate a glass of wine from a bar with our dinner time in Blu. Thanks, everyone!
  2. Terrific info! Thanks to all.
  3. On our transatlantic last April, we had 3 glasses of wine loaded onto our Seapass each day, and we were able to get wine by the glass in Blu. Is that happening on Edge?
  4. Are there any USB ports in the staterooms on Edge?
  5. On our transatlantic in April, we were able to get wine by the glass on our Sea Pass Card while dining in Blu. Do you know if that will work on Edge?
  6. I'm guessing it's the same throughout the fleet! Thanks!
  7. When I contacted them, RCCL described it as an "assisted listening device" with no further description. It was pretty much a form letter type of answer and I thought I'd get better info here.
  8. I am somewhat astonished. More than 24 hours and not a single response. Surely there are Cruise Critic members who have some information to share. :o
  9. Celebrity has advised me that I can use one of their Assisted Listening Devices in the theatre on the Eclipse, but they didn't say what kind of device. Can anyone tell me what that device might be? Is it a Tcoil or something else? Thanks!
  10. We both have waterproof hooded windbreakers so that's a good start. And although aloha shirts, shorts and sandals are my usual daytime cruise attire, I'm thinking of not bothering. We know Miami might be pretty warm in the middle of April, but I'm thinking it won't take long to get into cooler ocean waters as we head to the Azores. And since we fly back from Dublin to Durham, NC via Boston, no need for hot-weather stuff. I'm looking at jeans (for excursions); no-iron chinos, polo shirts and no-iron dress shirts for sea days; long-sleeve T-shirts and sweaters for layering. Throw in a blazer even though it's no longer necessary on Celebrity. My wife will likely pack similarly, exchanging a dress or two for the blazer. Continued feedback is appreciated.
  11. We are seniors going on our first transatlantic, 15 days on Celebrity Eclipse, Miami to Dublin (6 days in Dublin post-cruise) mid to end of April, stopping in Azores for 2 days. Return flight on WOW airlines. Packing recommendations, please, male and female. We're Elite on Celebrity, so we have a laundry benefit. We've never done a 3 week vacation before and we'd really like to travel as light as possible. Does someone have the perfect packing lists for us? :confused: Thanks!:confused::confused:
  12. We are Celebrity Elite doing a transatlantic in Aqua Class this spring. Our first Celebrity cruise in about 4 years. I know these questions are likely to have been answered before, but sometimes searching for the right thread can be somewhat exhausting, especially when I have multiple questions, so here goes: 1. Does Aqua Class still get slippers, upgraded robes, "sparkling wine" (which we would try to exchange), afternoon canapes (we have requested cheese and/or fruit in the past)? 2. Will the Blu menu repeat itself during a 15 day cruise? 3. As elite, I believe we get an evening cocktail hour. Where is that done (we'll be on the Eclipse)? Can we get house wines? 4. With the recent changes in dress codes, is there anything awkward about DW dressing up a lot more than me? I am certainly willing to bring a navy blazer, if that might be recommended. 5. Any recommendations for apparel? Leaving from Miami and ending up in Dublin (where we'll stay for 5 days post cruise). We both have Aran Isles sweaters and waterproof jackets so that's a good start for layering. Likely more questions to follow. As always, input from Cruise Critic members is highly valued! Thanks!
  13. Confusion here. We put down a $100 per person deposit for a future cruise with Celebrity back in 2014 and now we have a transatlantic booked for next April. Question: how do we get insurance that covers cancellation for any reason including pre-existing medical condition?
  14. It's not fancy or overwhelming. Just a good place to eat. An easy walk from the Renaissance on 17th Ave.
  15. We have sailed in Aqua Class on multiple occasions and we love Blu. But for the first time ever, we will have traveling companions, also in Aqua Class, so we will be having most of our evening meals in Blu. But here's the "catch." Our friends also love the specialty restaurants and, despite the superb reviews for them, we have never tried any of them. So the question is: can we find out, in advance, the sequence of menus that will be used in Blu on our cruise so we that we can determine what Blu meals we are reluctantly willing to forgo so we can make appropriate reservations for specialty dining? Hope this all makes sense.
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