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  1. Our honeymoon cruise 33 years ago...still married :). Great time, wonderful ship - still cruising!
  2. Thanks everyone - will try to find some pictures...deck 6 & 7 are only aft cabins available for this sailing.
  3. Hello - I am not being successful finding pictures or description of deck 6/7 aft cabins. They show obstructed view. I am wondering if anyone knows "how obstructed"?. Is it still worth it to take one of those cabins over a regular balcony? Thank you for your thoughts.
  4. Do the South Beach Cabanas have a good beach? Looking for easy sloping beach into water but do not like the idea of the low tide and sea weed I'm reading about. I admit to getting confused about what beach is which 😎 Thanks!
  5. Grapau27 - Do you mind sharing which limo service you used? Thank you all for replying. Airluggage won't work for us as I tried to set it up and the earliest time on our date to pick up our luggage at the airport is noon. Our flight is 11:50 AM so obviously timing won't work.
  6. Hello - We are cruising on Serenade in 2019. We will disembark in Copenhagen and will go to airport for flight home. Does RCCL have a service that will take luggage from ship to airport for us? Do you buy that while on the ship or ahead of time? Also, is a 11:50am flight out manageable? Thank you for any input or suggestions you can give. ps - We will be in Copenhagen 4 days prior to cruise to see the city / area for the first time :).
  7. Reedprincess - Could you tell me if this beach has a dropoff making it difficult getting in/out? I am looking for a beach with beach chairs/umbrella, lunch or snacks and wifi for hubby. We will be there in November but I like to plan :). Thank you for your thoughts or suggestions.
  8. Wow, thank you everyone - great info!
  9. Thanks Debmacd....wow soot? I've done aft balconies several times and have never had that problem. I guess I've been lucky. Wonder if the problem is the same higher up? That is a concern. Don't mind the long walk to aft...I am currently booked on RCCL Serenade but thinking of switching over..this is a tough decision, but a good one to have :).
  10. Good morning - I am looking at the 11/18 cruise (12 night) southern caribbean. I like aft balconies. There is availability on decks 6, 7 & 8 right now. Any thoughts on which is better. We normally sail RCCL but have sailed Celebrity a few times - not on this ship though. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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