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  1. None in my Royal Princess balcony cabin last month.
  2. That depends on what you value. No buffet restaurant, just a small selection of lunch items in a bar. No TV in your cabin, but a nice movie theater. One of the nicest upper berths I've had, with a regular mattress. A real promenade deck, but cheap, uncomfortable deck chairs. Good food and service in the classic liner-style dining room, but (some) wobbly chairs.
  3. One odd thing about this ship (when cruising for Chandris Fantasy Cruises) was her name: The "The" in "The Victoria" was an official part of her name, so she was "MS The Victoria", sometimes referred to as The MS The Victoria. We sailed on her out of San Juan in March 1987.
  4. That's what I was going to ask. Just got off, and E625 had a shower curtain. Anyway she's TOO BIG for me. I like taking stairs when possible, but ended up on elevators a lot. A promenade deck is also important for me. She has the little bits of deck, but they are hard to find and closed more often than not. Not being under the boats, they also don't have the shade that I need. Very good food (mostly ate at the buffet) and service.
  5. The email they just sent out about the cruise on 5/5 says: MUTS: Mary Poppins Returns Aquaman Guest Entertainers: Carlos Oscar 2011 WINNER OF PRINCESS CRUISES ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR CARLOS OSCAR Tricia Kelly A high energy show of music and laughs with tunes from Janis Joplin to Julie Andrews and everything in between!
  6. If you didn't mind that she had a permanent list as a result of adding the top deck.
  7. And they were heavily subsidized. Your tax dollars at work.
  8. I doubt they'll see a hurricane in April. I've yet to see anything resembling a storm on 14 spring repositing cruises from Florida to Europe, but I've been lucky.
  9. French Polynesia. Easy from Australia, spectacular views of islands from the ship.
  10. Has anyone seen anything about which stabilizer it was? Problems with the aft port stabilizer on the spring 2008 TA resulted in an "ineresting" cruise, with 2 ports canceled and near riots on board as a result. They ended up cutting off the stabilizer fin; makes me wonder if there could have been a problem with the repair.
  11. Can't say that I've ever seen them waiting to take down the yellow flag:
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