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  1. Some years ago a guy on our roll call said that he wouldn't go ashore at Santo Domingo or at Willemstad, Curaçao because they were dirty.
  2. Picture yes, name no. And the picture you upload for that purpose can be anything you want.
  3. Alaska is anticipating a big year for people flying in: https://ancairport.com/pr/ak-airports-respond-to-can-cruise-restrictions/ Spring of 2019 I took an Alaska cruise on the Royal Princess. I had a good time, but had a lot more fun on my 2 ferry voyages in October of that year: 1 day and night on the MV Columbia from Sitka to Ketchikan and 2 days and nights on the MV Kennicott from Ketchikan to Bellingham. No, they're not cheap, but they are crewed by US citizens making a living wage. Part of the fun is being on a little ship that can wind along narrow pa
  4. All I've gotten this morning is an email offering to sell me more add-ons.
  5. All of the major U.S. legacy airlines went through bankruptcy not too many years ago, and they're still flying. Bankruptcy just allows them to shed debts. Of course the cruise lines aren't all U.S. companies, so I don't know how it would work for them. I'm rather surprised that it hasn't already been tried by at least some of them.
  6. I know we had them on the Mardi Gras in '83 and the Song of America in '84.
  7. We went Tourist Class on the Raffaello, and I'll never forget the Italian guy who thought that a tank top style undershirt was appropriate attire for the dining room.
  8. In Tourist Class or Cabin Class on a classic liner? I doubt very many of the passengers owned a tuxedo.
  9. Let's see; in a Force 10 storm, would I rather be in an outside cabin, or in an inside cabin with less motion?
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