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  1. The question was asked on another forum about Endeavour and parkas. It's my understanding that the jackets are only for certain destinations. This passenger is going from England to Scotland and wants to know if they are included, even if this is on an expedition trip. I have tried google and ended up back here. thanks!
  2. I'm Australian and I much prefer the South Island, but I love Melbourne more than I love Sydney 🙂 we self drove both islands, so can't comment on an ocean voyage. We have done several sailings to other destinations in the South Pacific, with varying degrees of weather.
  3. We are on Endeavour this September. We didn't even consider the layout of the ship, its restaurants or its pool - our only consideration was the amazing itinerary of eastern Greenland. We saw an ad on tv showing polar bears, then $28,000 each (within less than 24 hours) we were booked! it was later we found out about butlers etc 🙂
  4. Great to know when doing a 16 night cruise or more
  5. I've just been on Virgin's Resilient Lady Have been to Alaska twice. Our last cruise was on Celebrity where the highlight for us was Icy Straits - we got to witness whales bubble feeding. It was a very emotional experience.
  6. We are on The Endeavour this September. The itinerary keeps changing, but feel this might be normal? I'm hoping to see polar bears in Greenland...
  7. None on Resilient Lady, but loads of satin and plenty of funny pjs
  8. we almost booked with them, but it could probably happen to anyone? hate all the loungechair experts coming out calling it a "floating petri dish"
  9. We are doing a cruise from Reykjavik that goes up the east coast of Greenland. We are doing Iceland via road.
  10. "Everything needs to be secure down below" lol Davenport have some great ones too 🙂
  11. Saw this new ad on tv tonight, and now I’m super excited about cruising! https://youtu.be/YGu-LBVTugs
  12. I’m female and 100% agree with you. Ties can look really ‘stuffy’ on some men. There’s some beautiful shirts available these days.
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