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  1. Testing for many is still bring required to be done in ATL CDC, unfortunately the WH was very slow to certify testing in labs across the country. 24 - 48 hours is still what is quoted.
  2. Please be careful about posting videos and links to "medical " advice that is not CDC or infectious disease personnel..
  3. Unfortunately since the passengers were not isolated, it is not correct that they do not interact with other cabins. Some choose to continue to connect with nearby cabin mates, thinking I feel fine so no harm.
  4. If people are wondering why this maybe spreading so rapidly on ship it ,at be time to stop blaming crew. Think about all those folks that assumed since they were not coughing or feeling ill they could "visit" other cabins. Let me say I hope everyone recovers but quarantine does not mean I feel okay so I can socualize with next door neighbors. Or I can do what I want when I get home.
  5. Bathing suit cover ups are requested in all dining areas including waves. In Terrace men tried to come in "swim" shorts and were kindly asked to change at dinner hour. Also please be sure suits are dry if dining in waves Terrace, no fun sitting on damp cushions after someone has dined wearing damp suit. Food for thought.
  6. Hi all. Love the idea of whale watching but concerned about motion sickness, don't do fishing because of boat motion. Love to hear people's experience. Awful lot of money to spend and then be miserable.
  7. Not sure I understand why reviews are now being posted here. I appreciate the info but thought there was an area for reviews.
  8. Not sure what you are concerned about. Have met lots of same sex couples on ship. Some events in daily news letter, and like the line itself all things are well done. No enormous parties, but that is true of all events on ship.
  9. Had the pleasure of "dining" with him. He is truly a treasure.
  10. We have used O air, taken credit for one leg and then waited till flights were known and determined if we want them, or want deviation. Your TA should have walked you through this.
  11. If it is a true service dog owners will not let them be petted while in service, should have a vest or harness, and should be on floor by owner. Otherwise it is a strong violation of food sanitation standards.
  12. Ask TA to note, then we boarding speak to Rest. Mgr and Terrace Cafe executive chef, may take a bit of asking but after a few days you should be able to learn what you can eat.
  13. Same thing happened to us. Guess people think I got here first.
  14. Love lamb in Polo, Dover Sole in Jacque, Osso Busco in Toscano.....
  15. No problem getting water around pool, off the ship they still provide plastic water bottles. Love new Vero system, you could look use the Vero water in room to fill your personal water bottle if needed. Love also the idea of fewer plastic water bottles being consumed.
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