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  1. Have recently heard stories of extremely long times to get a renewed passport. Has anyone tried to renew this year and how long did it take? TIA
  2. Thanks, appreciate hearing first hand info. Not sure why the testy multiple question ??????? Information is helpful
  3. How do you know? Can you send a link? Would like to hear from folks on ship.
  4. Makes Celebrity clear accountability policy more appealing to me, and other cruise lines hopefully will follow. People need to be held accountable for the impact of their choices, especially since vaccines prevent illness, JMO. Hope children stay well. Sadly I hear too many folks thinking of this as a reward. If their children were eligible to be vaccinated, they made their choice. Hopefully parents encourage their kids to follow rules, wear masks, and not make life harder for cruise line. Okay disagree....but please be respectful
  5. Actually this causes me concern, as more unvaccinated choose to cruise the likelihood of the variant finding hosts increases. I pray the children do not need to be hospitalized. And pray more people 16 -50 choose more vaccination. This is still nothing to treat lightly.
  6. So proud of Celebrity, ridiculous that folks would consider faking vaccination cards. Putting crew and passengers at risk and potentially costing cruise lines millions. Personal choice comes with accountability for impact of choices.
  7. But what happens if you dont bring documentation at check in. Seems like a trust but dont verify is a tricky situation.
  8. If you read their protocols the crew is expected to get its vaccine from its home nation, so good luck with that. Sure that doesn't apply to officers.
  9. Thanks for doing this. Very helpful. Curious how did you folks get to go on this cruise?
  10. No they won't, who is going to question them. Like our state no wears a mask even though less than half of population has been vaccinated
  11. Oh please unless they are given passports with vaccine info no one will reinforce. Shoot hard to get staff enforce chair hogs, and poorly dressed and acting passengers. Not enough brig space. Wait till someone sues because unvaccinated become a super spreaders. Thanks DeSantis.....
  12. Since most crew will not gave access to vaccines from their home countries, we must assume they will not be vaccinated. Also if they are allowed off of ship or interact with locals will they be tested in each port? Seems to me Crystal is not going out of their way to ensure their crew is vaccinated esoecially housekeeping. Other lines have brought ships and crew in and arranged for mass vaccinations.
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