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  1. Unfortunately chair hog culture has invaded O. At 6am people saving chairs by 8 am non left in shade around pool. Although they will remove items, few ask. Saw high rollers come out with bag and only use chair for one hour out of entire sea day. SAD .. about 50% new passengers. Someone showed up in terrace cafe flip flops, bathing suit bottom,muscle shirt, beach towel for dinner. Spouse had bandeau bathing suit top and shorts, both asked to please take their beach towels to room and put on shirts with sleeves. Heard them grumble but they returned later in appropriate clothing. Thanked head waiter for their actions.
  2. Thank you. Always willing to learn and it us very helpful to start new threads
  3. From what I have read dry aged is only available for Polos and other Speciality.
  4. No need to apologize I was curious how it evolved to this. I did say it was interesting. Enjoy your future travels whatever line they may be on.
  5. How did this conversation get moved to price analysis ???? Sounds like we have a few folks that want to dive down this rabbit hole. Thought this was about Marina not state of cruise fares, although it may be interesting.
  6. One of the things O instituted was that items would be removed and placed in central area. And staff was good about supporting that. With a new mix of passengers I am hoping it will be a matter of education, and courtesy. See you Saturday.....
  7. Really a sample menu item is not a guarantee. I would rather them limit food waste, and focus on quality, JMO. Many restaurant websites are not up to the minute current.
  8. Hi, Joining Insignia next week. Hoping they are still supporting removing articles on chairs being held around pool deck, shady areas when it has been extended amount of time. Any recent experience????
  9. Just an FYI with potential new passenger mix, they need to learn any new dining patterns. Not having enough unfrozen steak is far different than not having for rest of cruise. I am sure that other changes may happen as O looks to new passenger mix.
  10. Hi all, Looking for someone who is on Insignia who might know who is CD and restaurant mgt. Hoping our friend George from Greece will be on board next sailing 10/12.
  11. Just put the do not disturb sign out. They will clean when it is removed. Having them wait to PM puts more strain on them. Towels, hang up they don't replace. This is not a hotel they do not push you out of your room to clean it.
  12. Unfortunately there are very few spaces for children to play. Although the crew may appreciate their normal activity, guests are used to quiet. Not saying don't bring them just saying be prepared. Some guests will appreciate the joy of having children around. If this is a port intensive cruise it may be better because their is less "confined" time.
  13. Interested in hearing pros and cons of which place to go to. We will be visiting La Balata Gardens and want to add one Rum place, either Depaz or La Favorite. Pros and cons please. We will have about fours hours to tour.
  14. Okay so who do we think will be on Insignia for 10/12 ? Love to learn who may be CD, Restaurant Manager, and F&B Director. Just curious if any of our "old friends" will be on board. Know it can change at the drop of a hat.TIA
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