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  1. Anyone here who is planning or was married on a Princess cruise? Looking for any ideas of what you wished you did or didn't do. Everyone else has been extremely helpful, very happy about the budget excel sheet, it will be so helpful! -Kara
  2. I can honestly say that I usually love the food on Princess and have never had a complaint. However, we sailed this past New Years on the Royal and yes, the buffet was expansive, but we had basically the same food every single day during lunch up there. That is something that I have not experienced, typically there is variety. We also did Anytime Dining which we usually do Traditional, and I think that making that change we had an expectation for something that just wasn't. We only ate in the dining room 3 of the 7 nights because our food was always served to us cold and if we said something to our waiter it seemed to be a hassle to fix it, so we just stopped going. Food is very subjective, but coming from someone who has only had good things to say in terms of the food, we were very disappointed on our trip with Royal Princess in terms of the food.
  3. We will be joining your brother on this cruise! We are planning to arrive at the port no later than 10am, even though my email said 12:30. We have always made it a point to arrive early so we have more time to get ourselves organized once we are able to board before they announce the muster drill. As stated above, he can arrive at any time. Maybe we will see him onboard!!
  4. We are boarding the Royal on Saturday, have you noticed the cabanas being utilized/booked for your sea days at the retreat pool? I'm trying to gauge if this is something we need to take care of as soon as we get onboard. Through all of the bumps in the road, it looks like your vacation is shaping up quite nicely! Merry Christmas!!
  5. Yay! Escargot!! I’ll take 4 of those, please. It wasnt listed on any of the menus a previous poster had shared a few weeks ago so I was thinking it was removed along with some of my other favorites.
  6. Fair enough...we have a private tour for a good portion of the day, but just looking to get a feel for crowds right in the port area. Enjoy that deserted ship!!
  7. Did you find St. Maarten to be overly crowded with the behemoth of the seas in with you guys? It's showing for us that we will be in port with the behemoth, Costa, Azura, and AIDA...yikes!
  8. I'm wondering about the beds too. It would make sense that they would be adding them daily to cabins. We decided in our roll call that we wouldn't organize a formal meet and greet because it can be difficult to get everyone together. Instead opted for a time right after Princess Cays to just meet at Wheelhouse. If you make it, great...if not, oh well. Sorry to hear that yours didn't turn out very well, but hopefully the few that did turn up become familiar faces for the rest of your trip!
  9. Your live review is just adding to my excitement. We board on the 29th for New Years, I'm really hoping we have the new beds!! -Kara
  10. We will be on this cruise with you. Florida/Michigan start at noon on 12/29 so I'm probably going to have to watch from my phone while we embark. Not having been on the Royal yet, but the majority of the games that I have watched were in the casino or in the wheelhouse bar.
  11. Not related to Christmas, but we will be on for NYE. Do you think we'd be ok with having a banner made with grommet holes in each corner, then suction to the glass on our balcony? I've seen people put up flags and such when we are in port, and I wanted to do something slightly corny for boyfriends birthday as well as New Years. I'm thinking if Framer got away with the flights on their balcony, we should be ok as long as we take it down when we are sailing.
  12. I'm not exactly sure other than by a car, how you would go about getting there. It is quite a distance away from our beach area. It's about a two hour drive as well.
  13. Thanks so much for these. We are sailing in 3.5 weeks on her and this stuff just gets me pumped.
  14. I've watched plenty of Bowl games while on board. If they aren't playing them on MUTS, check out the sports bar, or possibly in the casino. I'll get to watch UF beat Michigan this year in the Peach Bowl...it is right during embarkation though, so I'm not thinking it will be on anywhere and will have to watch it from my phone. -Kara
  15. Tracie, I sailed to Belize in early November and we found out from the locals that this is their incredibly rainy season. We had a tour booked to explore the caves system and go tubing, but alas, due to all of the rain the caves were flooded and we couldn't go. It was a bummer indeed. I'd love to go back someday, to try that excursion again, now I know to travel in the spring time! -Kara
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