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  1. The new April sailings have been posted for the Caribbean extension and we are booked for an East/West adventure for two weeks! Happy we will able to secure the same cabin we were originally booked in, D729 aft.
  2. We are extremely disappointed by this move. We were booked for a 7-day from Rome to Athens in late April for our Honeymoon. Now we have to head back to the Caribbean for sub par ports. Even if we were to wait a month for the Europe itinerary...its not even close in comparison.
  3. We are booked for April 24, 2021 on Enchanted. I have not received any notification of it being cancelled, and it is still showing in my account, however I tried to search it and it's no where to be seen. Any clue?
  4. Thank you for all of the wonderful pictures! We will be on our Honeymoon aboard Enchanted late April 2021. Regardless of "normal" or not...we will have an amazing time. -Kara
  5. It's so good to hear of another honeymooner with a positive attitude! We are booked for a Mediterranean cruise at the end of April 2021 and our fingers are crossed for smooth sailing. These are all great ideas and I will keep them in my back pocket for sure!
  6. Love this picture, what a great view! I am also assuming that it will be basically the same as the Royal. The Princess rep said it best to my TA, we will have a full ocean/wake view, plus when in port the ability to see both the starboard and port sides rather than only one of those views. I just hope that it sails 🤞
  7. That is what we have as well. I am one of those who covet the caribe deck balconies on the older ships because of the larger balcony plus the half shade/half sun...so if these mimic that, I'm a happy camper!
  8. Not worried about vibration, just didn’t want it to mimic about 20 years ago when I had a far forward cabin and we heard the anchor at 5am, that was a pleasant experience. 😂
  9. Thanks everyone! We will be on deck 9, how much engine noise do you think? Either way, we are very excited!
  10. Aft it is! Our TA talked with the Princess rep and they said it'll be a great spot for our honeymoon.
  11. Give me your suggestions on if I should book a premium deluxe balcony looking out on the wake or if I should snag a port side cabin. We will (hopefully) be traveling from Rome to Athens, on the Enchanted Princess in April, 2021 for our honeymoon. Thanks! Kara
  12. Wonderful to hear that things are going well! I, along with Musky Ike will be boarding when you depart. Keep us updated!
  13. Yep, all we have gotten so far is who our Captain is...I guess that's the most important, at least someone will be in command of the ship 😂
  14. @WestcoastGirl12I'm beginning to think that we aren't going to have one, there is zero information! If I see anything, I will let our group know.
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