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  1. I just booked a last minute cruise on the Magic for April 29th. Anyone know what movies are playing on the ship now? Hoping for Dumbo and Mary Poppins.
  2. Does anyone know if Celebrity Cruise Line provides foam mattress toppers for the bed? Hubby has a back issue and will be miserable if the bed is too hard. We usually cruise Princess and they provide toppers but when we tried Royal Caribbean the room steward told us Royal does not provide them. Len was in pain the entire cruise. Len wants me to call Celebrity but I have found that customer service does not often know what is happening on the ships and will promise anything to make a sale. Thanks to anyone who has had experience with foam mattress toppers.
  3. Has anyone ever requested a foam mattress topper for the bed? Hubby has a back problem and will be miserable if the bed is too hard. We have cruised Princess and they do have toppers but when we cruised Royal Caribbean the room steward said Royal no longer supplies them. We have never been on NCL and I need to know before I book. Len wants me to call but I have learned customer service usually doesn't know what actually is happening on the ships and pretty much says whatever they think will make the sale. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  4. I really think the cruise line is at fault for the number of babies in their pools. A large sign by the pool would help make new cruisers aware of the rule. Perhaps a picture of a baby with a line through it. The cruise line knows who is bringing babies. It would be simple enough to put a notice into the cabin of people with babies to advise them of the rule. Sometimes the parents really do not know a cruise pool is different than a land pool.
  5. I tried loading the app on my android phone. I got my name listed once and my husband's name listed twice. This does not happen in his Apple Iphone. I put in all our information for our passports manually because I could not figure how to scan them in. I was able to use my phone to take the security picture. I got an email saying my medallion s would be mailed. Maybe I might print my boarding pass just to be sure I have a hard copy. Guess I don't trust technology.
  6. We are stopping in San Juan on our next cruise. We have never been there. Can anyone tell me where the ship docks and is it within walking distance of Old San Juan? We are not able to do excursions because my husband has a medical condition that is unpredictable makes it impossible to know when he will feel well enough to get off the ship. So whatever we do will be on our own. Is transportation available near the port. Is it feasible to try to go to Old San Juan? If not what can I expect near where we dock? Thanks to all that respond.
  7. Andy C, This is not true. If the chlorine was sufficient to take care of possible contaminants the CCD would allow diapered children in the pools. The fact that there are regulations requiring the ships to ban diapered children in the pool tells me that they recognize a danger to the health of the other passengers. Parents of diapered children do not have the right to endanger the health of other passengers. And I love to see the little ones enjoying a vacation with their parents so this is not about not liking kids. It is about the health of other passengers.
  8. I know most people think 4:45 is too early, myself included, but when I checked the personalizer for my February cruise the only time that has a waitlist is the 4:45 time slot. Both of the other 2 times do not have a waitlist. To be honest I'm not sure if there was a waitlist for the earliest traditional before the changes were made. Maybe all those people think they are waitlisted for 5:30 and are unaware of the changes. I only looked at mine after I read about the changes here on CC.
  9. Yes I just checked as well and it shows that the gratuities are paid. I guess someone at Princess fixed the problem.
  10. I booked a Feb cruise almost 2 years ago with a confirmed 5:30 seating which of course was changed this week to 4:45. But the odd part is I am now on the waitlist #27 for the 4:45 seating. I find it hard to believe people are rushing for this time slot. And how did I go from confirmed to #27? Something very odd is going on at Princess headquarters.
  11. I see mine was changed as well to 4:45. I live in FL and we eat early but definitely not that early. I wondered if they are trying to eliminate the second early traditional dinning by making it so early no one will book it. Then they have more room for Anytime. I don't like it but am not sure what we will do.
  12. Thank you everyone. I also found it in the travel summary. I will print a copy to take with me.
  13. I booked 2 cruises with the free for 3 promotion but the free gratuities isn't showing anywhere on the personalizer. It does show up on my confirmation. The personalizer gives me the option to pre pay them but does not show that the gratuities are free with this promotion. It does show the on board credit from the promotion but not the gratuities. Is this normal?
  14. HI Again, First thanks to all the people who responded to my last post about gluten free foods on Royal Caribbean. Lenny, aka hubby, now wants to know if anyone can tell him if there are any gluten free cocktails. We have found some vodka is gluten free and so are some rums but he wondered if anything is marked gluten free on the drink menu. Since a lot of cocktails are made with mixes (like a pina-colada) the mix would need to be gluten free as well as the alcohol. If anyone has any experience with gluten free cocktails, we would welcome any help you can offer. This is all new to us. Thank you.
  15. Thanks everyone. I am so glad to hear the dinning room will help him. We are looking forward to a great cruise. Thanks again for all the responses.
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