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  1. Thanks to all for the helpful responses! I'm sticking to what I originally planned to bring and I'm sure I will love every minute.
  2. I'm starting to pack for my cruise this coming Saturday on HAL Rotterdam to the Norwegian fjords and in looking at the daily planner available on the app now, every night is "smart casual". I was planning to take a cocktail dress but am now rethinking my clothes! Have any of you had recent experience with this?
  3. Thank you for the heads up and I definitely plan to be up for every sail-in! Geiranger fjord looks particularly spectacular.
  4. Your kind words and generosity are so welcome and greatly appreciated. Thank you for letting me know about the Remembrance Day. I love that these heroes are never forgotten. I'll be sure to post how my travels were - I love adventures and a little challenge, keeps me looking forward. Thanks again, wish I could meet you sometime - I know you're a wonderful person!
  5. May 4th on HAL Rotterdam, out of the Rotterdam port. I'm coming to Amsterdam early to see the tulips at Keukenhof Gardens, have booked a tour on May3rd. The cruise is to the Norwegian fjords. I know it's early and will be cold and wet, but I've always wanted to see them and I've also always wanted to go to the tulip festival so I'm doubly excited! I'm a little sad that I no longer have friends that are capable of traveling (I'm a widow), but I'm in excellent health and I'm going to just travel alone as long as I'm fit!
  6. Thanks so much! Is the path on same side as station? Just wondering where to cross over. I don't think I'll have any trouble with the walk unless it's raining - then I'll take taxi from station.
  7. I'd like to just walk from the train station to Movenpick Hotel but I can't find how to access pedestrian path. Can I cross directly from back of station? Also, maps show a pedestrian ramp that leads to the Bumhuis adjacent to the hotel - can I access that instead of walking further down and around the back of the hotel? I'm 80 y/o female traveling alone, will have 1 piece of roller luggage. I'm trying to plan ahead as much as possible - arrive at Schipol May2nd. Thanks for any input.
  8. Yes, for that very reason I booked the 1 PM flight out of AMS. I don't like the stress of wondering if I'll make a connecting flight.
  9. Yes, it's Delta. I have only two airline choices out of Daytona - Delta through Atlanta and American Airlines through Charlotte. Delta is usually my best choice. I love having only one stop for international flights!
  10. Holy Moly, that's a huge increase! I just finished booking my flight and I fly r/t DAB - AMS with 1 stop in ATL and for main cabin I paid $1277. I'm satisfied so I won't look anymore, lol.
  11. Thanks everyone! As for getting in at midnight, I only live 8 minutes from our little airport, so no problem. As for not getting my flights yet, I just booked this trip yesterday, a last-minute gift to myself for my 80th birthday! And actually, the fares I'm getting aren't bad at all compared to what I paid for last August.
  12. I'm thinking the same way. I like having the opportunity to shop for some good cheeses to bring home and I'm really not a fan of Atlanta airport. Since I'll be spending a few extra days pre-cruise in Amsterdam and going to Keukenhof then (tour on May 3rd), I'm really not interested in more touring before the airport. Plus, I spent several days in Amsterdam this past August. Thanks for the input.
  13. That's what I was thinking. Sound like the 1 PM flight would work best, although it means a 6 hr layover in Atlanta - ugh. The 5 PM flight arrives back in Daytona at midnight, same as the 1 PM flight, with a 2 hr 15 min layover in Atlanta. But that would mean a long day in Schiphol. Decisions, decisions.
  14. I will be ending a Norwegian fjords cruise on May 11 and have booked the HAL transport from Rotterdam to Schiphol. I need to book my flights but would like to know how much time I would need. There are flights out at 10:35, 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM. Any advice?
  15. Thanks for the information! It was a bit confusing, I thought maybe things had changed since last year. You've put my mind at ease.
  16. We sailed on Beyond last December and really enjoyed going to all 4 dining rooms - never had a reservation, never had to wait in a long line. We're going on Apex next month and our reservation says "late dining." Does this mean we can't just go to any of the dining rooms when we want? Have things changed? Thanks for any advice.
  17. Thanks for all of the updates on water levels. I just returned last night from the Gate 1 Monarch Empress Amsterdam to Basel and absolutely no problems with water levels. Beautiful scenery and loved all of the swans!
  18. Thanks for all of the time you put into this thread! I'm flying over to Amsterdam tomorrow to begin my Gate1 cruise down the Rhine on Sunday. Looks like pretty awful weather Sunday will prohibit much walking around the city. Have tickets to visit Anne Frank house Sunday afternoon and will probably have to use the tram or taxi.
  19. Mine starts in Amsterdam August 6, hoping for the best!
  20. They got it resolved - asked to remove $40 from gratuities, got someone's attention, ended up getting credit for the excess laundry piece. And you're right, he wasn't fun to travel with, a real grouch. I, however, had a fabulous cruise and enjoyed every bit of it! Thanks everyone.
  21. I agree, but unfortunately he has had numerous problems with his bill, charged twice for bottles of wine he ordered and cancelled pre-cruise when he instead bought a beverage package, for instance. Being charged over $40 to wash a pair of underwear and then rudely dismissed by the desk agent after standing in line over an hour was the last straw. I wish I knew how to contact someone who could resolve the problem.
  22. I am traveling on the Miami to Rome TA on Divina right now with friends who've never traveled with MSC before. They're elite with Princess and now Diamond with MSC. They got their their statement (we arrive in Rome tomorrow) and are livid. The sent a 20 piece bag of laundry out and at the last minute threw in a pair of underwear, thinking they'd be charged for one extra item as a a separate piece. But they were charged over $40 for that one extra piece! He went to customer service about it but they were adamant that this constituted a 2nd bag and wouldn't help him. He is irate and vows to badmouth MSC every chance he gets. I told him to pursue the matter shoreline when he gets home, but I'm wondering if there's anything you seasoned travelers can suggest.
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