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  1. No. And we flew domestically after disembarking from a Virgin cruise that visited Bimini Island.
  2. Every cruiseline I have checked, not just Hal, charges at least double what I would pay if booked on my own. I guess some using the cruiseline's booking service don't want to be bothered with the extra booking hassle.
  3. Ok, call HAL directly and post their answer.
  4. We are trying to be helpful here on CruiseCritic. There is no reason that this thread has gone on for 4 pages now. The proctored tests from Emed work, are easy to use and are accepted by HAL. STOP STRESSING! Just deal with it and enjoy your cruise.
  5. No one from HAL sees the expiration date. They are only interested in the document provided by the testing company stating you are negative. We did the tests with the extended expiration dates - no problem.
  6. No kids Tips included Creative food options without specialty restaurant upcharges Focus on healthy activities Quirky vibe Liked Virgin's humane treatment of crew - better pay, better living conditions, free wi-fi, better food, allowing them to express their individualism, etc. We are booked next March, but just had a chance to go on a two-night "friends and family" cruise prior to the official first cruise Oct. 6. WE LOVED IT! Really enjoyed Sid's review. So much to see that we missed. VV is not for everybody. If you think you might walk around the ship with your fingers in your ears demanding that they TURN DOWN THE MUSIC!!!! - or are offended by the mood lighting/music option in your cabin called "get it on" - don't even consider Virgin Voyages. We've been on many different lines...Virgin is like no other...and in a very good way!
  7. You definitely get clean pillow slips with your cabin. However (and please no grief for this comment) the pillows many times have a definite odor from people who have chosen not to wash their hair or scalp on a regular basis. Maybe a generational thing but we do notice it a lot on HAL cruises. It can be so nauseating to my wife that sometimes she has to cover the pillow with a towel. HAL used to offer a lavender-scented pillow spray that helped, but haven't seen that recently. My honest opinion is if this could be a problem for you, bring your own pillow.
  8. We did the Emed tests and they were really easy and worked great. No panic to find a test center with results in time. Also agree that wearing a mask isn't a problem to help protect our fellow cruisers. We felt much safer on our Alaska cruise with the mask mandate than we do in our own hometown. Now we've also got the booster. Back to Koningsdam for Thanksgiving!
  9. So much easier than before. Hope this becomes the new normal for muster drills.
  10. On our August Alaska cruise, they were delivered to our cabin. However, on our September Alaska cruise we were also given a note about a future mailing of our tiles. So yes they still provide them. It may take some time to receive them. Patience is the key. Glad to be back on the water!
  11. Set the pin on the app and just chill or you're gonna have a heart attack before you ever get on the ship. If you don't get the band before you leave, they have plenty of them at the port and it takes about 10 seconds to assign it to you when you check in. We got ours there. Easy! I agree - glitchy app but the ship is amazing!
  12. No, Virgin tests everyone at the pier before boarding in Miami. Cost is covered by Virgin.
  13. You're right! Same ship, same cruise. I see you've been on the Celebrity Summit. Quite a bit different, but Koningsdam has the most variety of the Holland America ships. And a much better free sauna than their older ships. Great way to spend Thanksgiving!
  14. We've got the same Cheeky Corner on deck 11 next March so curious as well. On YouTube - Cruise with Ben and David, they do a complete CCS tour but they were on deck 14. It posted about a month ago.
  15. We were on the Friends and Family two night cruise a few days ago. Yes, everyone takes an antigen test at terminal G and you wait for the results there before boarding. No cost. AMAZING SHIP!
  16. The supervised home tests are very easy. They are shipped overnight from emed and the zoom test takes about 30 minutes. There are many YouTube videos demonstrating how it works. Don't let other people's comments deter you from cruising. Our HAL cruise was fabulous and felt safer than staying home with all the wackos out there.
  17. Each test comes with a unique scanable code, so two different people can use a two-pack.
  18. So glad to see they HAVEN'T updated the Celebrity Solstice class ships to remove the single-sex free sauna in the locker area. The Edge class (their newest) has none. Just back from our second Alaska cruise on the Holland America's Nieuw Amsterdam.There was plenty of available space in their single-sex free sauna (has it been so long that guys have forgotten the sauna exists?). Hope active participation picks up by Thanksgiving time on the Koningsdam in Mexico. Great set-up on that ship with those floor-to-ceiling windows out to the ocean!
  19. No appointment required. You download their app, create an account and log on to start the test. Just took a couple of minutes for them to come online. We took ours about 3 pm yesterday. I don't know if they are available 24/7. The test was very easy.
  20. The self-administered Abbott test is simple to take, but the swab only goes 1/2 inch up the nose. The proper one that tickles the brain, I think, would be extremely hard to do properly by yourself. I had the correct one done in March and it was NOT pleasant. I'd be very surprised if their test qualifies.
  21. Why did you start a thread stating they wouldn't without any evidence? Other cruiselines are providing FFC. No reason Virgin would be any different.
  22. Where in the official VV literature does it say this?
  23. Hopefully some of the guys on the ship are reading your post. Normally on that ship (at least pre-covid) it would be really busy every day after about 3:30. Nice setup with roomy showers. Great way to relieve tension!
  24. The Barbados Travel protocol says for a Sunday departure, your test must be taken on the Thursday prior at the earliest. Hope this gives you enough wiggle room. The official site does not specify 72 hours.
  25. We also live outside of Seattle. Our Dr. did some research. Check out discoveryhealthmd dot com. They have several offices in Seattle including one at Southcenter. Call to confirm but the correct test is one they offer with results as fast as midnight same day.
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