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  1. Does anyone know if NCL has arranged a pre-cruise hotel and transfer package for Dominican Republic? I know it can be expensive, but the convenience sure is nice. I am thinking about booking Gem for August, but have never been to D.R. and would like the option to book a hotel with NCL.
  2. Lucky for people in Germany. They don't have to deal with the CDC. Their cruises seem to have only had a couple people sick/positive for Covid, but if that happened in the U.S. the CDC could shut things down again. NCL is just doing what they have to in order to sail. The CDC said vaccinated people could travel, so NCL is agreeing with them by say they will require a vaccine. I hope it works, but so far the CDC seems to be ignoring NCL's letter stating their intent. I agree with you that ridiculous restrictions need to end, but the OPs beef should be with the CDC, not NCL.
  3. I am thinking about booking Gem for August. Dominican Republic is the only place on the itinerary we have never been. Does anyone know if NCL has a hotel arranged? I know it is usually expensive, but usually includes transportation to ship. It makes things less stressful in an unfamiliar place.
  4. The people with cruises scheduled within the 30 days were offered a choice of refund or 125% FCC.
  5. The same thing is happening when I log in to check my cancelled cruise. We we're supposed to sail 3/29. I am trying not to stress until after the 23rd, and will try to get my refund processed then.
  6. I called 888-445-5231 press 2 for help with existing cruise, then press 4 for CAS. You may have to wait until the 20th for them to see your choices. The woman I spoke to was very helpful. She priced out a cruise that was not on my voucher, and said I could get a discount instead of using one of the voucher choices. I ended up using one of the voucher choices.
  7. I am pretty sure I booked a new cruise through CAS yesterday, so I don't think they are closed weekends. I originally called NCL to ask if part of a future cruise credit could be used to pay for excursions on the future cruise. I talked to an excursion person, but the woman couldn't answer that question. She said this was all new. I pointed out that people had received FCCs in the past and asked how it worked. She had no clue. After that, I called and got connected to CAS. I wanted to ask about booking a replacement cruise for my cancelled March 29th Caribbean cruise that I had booked through CAS. While we were talking, I mentioned to her that besides having had that cruise cancelled, I was also disappointed that due to the Twin River, RI casino having been closed Friday, I had not been able to pick up the free cruise voucher they were giving out on Saturday. She said she could see my voucher and read off all the choices I had. I booked a cruise to Bermuda, that may or may not happen, using the voucher. March 23rd I will call to get a refund of my money from my cancelled cruise, and keep an out eye for possible trips to replace my cancelled Caribbean cruise. I had received only a discount through CAS on that one, so I had ended up spending a lot of money on it including balcony upgrade, four excursions and two thermal suite passes.
  8. I was just on the roll call for the 3/14 Star cruise. It was cancelled. Does anyone know what the ship will be doing in the meantime? Will it return to Port Canaveral for the cruise due to start on 3/29? If it undergoes deep cleaning before coming to Port Canaveral, it could be the safest ship to get on. I am hoping that they are able to inform people quickly about any decision being made for the cruise due to leave on 3/29. I also realize it may be out of Norwegians hands and decided by a government decision that may restrict travel to and from the port.
  9. I certainly would like the deaths caused by this virus to be prevented. I hope the precautions that are already in place help. For now, we are leaning towards cancelling because my very healthy husband is considered elderly (65). If we go on the cruise, we plan on being very vigilant about washing our hands, sanitizing the room, and keeping our distance from people. We also discussed not eating any meals in the buffet. At this point the cruise vacation, for me, may be safer than going to work. I do not have the option to work from home.
  10. I have been wanting to change my user name for a long time. All the cute names I wanted were already taken. I didn't think I would ever want to comment when I made the name, so it didn't seem to matter, but sometimes I like to give my opinion.
  11. I have been listening and the symptoms are the same as a cold or flu. If it wasn't over hyped, no one would even be getting tested specifically for the COVID-19 virus. I want the decision to cruise to be mine, and hope I still get to decide.
  12. I sure hope NCL does not shut down. I have been looking forward to the cruise I am going on in 2 1/2 weeks for a whole year. I feel like this whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. It is basically a bad cold. Not worth shutting down the globe. I do agree with people who are older and immunocompromised being informed about the virus, so that they can make smart decisions about their own health, but sending everyone into a panic is ridiculous.
  13. The USPS is NOT funded by tax payers. It receives no tax dollars for operating expenses.
  14. LOL "guerilla" mass marketing. I work for the post office so I get double the pleasure of seeing them all night at work.
  15. I enjoy getting the small catalogs. I like flipping through and getting ideas of where I may want to go next. We are platinum also, so I don't think that has any bearing on whether or not you receive them. If you don't want them, just toss them in the recycling bin. Why take business away from the post office or printers?
  16. I do like the idea of the extra savings with one cabin being an inside. It would be great if you could find rooms across the hall from each other. Extra Platinum benefits would be nice too 😃🍷🍾🍓
  17. I would only do this if they were adjoining cabins. Then you can use one as a living room, and one to sleep in. I would like having my own closet, and two bathrooms would be a really nice benefit.
  18. I agree that this looks like a great ship for adults, and am glad to hear they won't be sending this newly refurbished ship to Asia. We cruised on Spirit back in 2010 Boston to Bermuda, and would love to see it come back to Boston. Would be fun for Bermuda or Bahamas and Florida or longer trips to the Caribbean.
  19. I have been thinking for quite a while that it is ridiculous how long it takes NCL to make updates to their website about any changes to their cruise itineraries. They have no problem making changes in pricing to reflect the latest "sale", or rise in any fees or service charges. Never mind the talk of who should take the hit if someone wants to cancel an upcoming cruise to China or nearby areas affected by the virus. It wouldn't be that bad of a hit for NCL to at least offer 90% credit for a future cruise. This would probably be better than filling a ship with people who have flown into the area of embarkation and may have come in contact with an infected person. I think it would be very costly if the whole ship is quarantined like Diamond Princess. Not only did they have to cancel future cruises, they now have to feed and take care of nonpaying passengers for at least 14 days. I would think that would be a bigger monetary disaster for NCL. So far I am planning to go on my upcoming NCL cruise and am sure I will have a good time, but I always adjust my expectations when cruising with NCL. I also take their insurance and don't book the most expensive cabins so that if I have to cancel I won't be out too much money. Good luck to all affected cruisers. I hope you can work out a plan to still have enjoyable future cruises.
  20. Cool pictures. Thanks for sharing. Love seeing the colorful ship standing out in the mist. 🙂
  21. I grew to like the palm tree lights, and missed them when they removed them from Dawn. At least they made you laugh 😁🌴🍍
  22. Both areas have hot tubs. The Spice H2O has a large water feature to cool off in. Vibe has a much smaller place to cool off. We enjoyed relaxing in Spice H2O on several cruises. There are servers coming around to take your drink orders in Spice, but you should always order a drink the first time they ask or they think you don't want any and may not come back for awhile to ask you again. They figure out pretty fast who the drinkers are and come back to the drinkers regularly. We would rather go to Spice H2O and use the money saved by not purchasing Vibe passes for something else. It is a fun place to spend some time.
  23. Although I am sure I won't be sleeping/drooling in the Observation Lounge, it is a lounge. Why would you want it to be uncomfortable? The NCL site says it is a place to relax. I think some people have a hard time doing that.
  24. If they still have not replaced the safes when you sail in a few weeks, I hope you give them hell. That is bull**** if they can't replace them by then! I agree with everyone who thinks this is a problem. Rooms are often left open during cleaning/maintenance. We like to put our casino cash, phones, and tablet in the safe. It is an amenity that is to be expected on the ship.
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