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  1. Yes, that could be it. He did seem to expect it to be an entree size salad. I guess the waiter could have offered another one. I just wish the man had not been so loud. We were seated so close that I was a little stressed by it.
  2. I should say that I have never been in the Haven, but do like to do a few extras each cruise. Depending on the itinerary, I love to get the thermal suite passes. Sometimes a few pricey ship excursions. I do have a story of bad behavior in O'Sheehan's and not from a Haven guest. A man at the table next to us was giving the waiter a hard time about the Cobb salad his wife had ordered. He was ranting that it was small, and that it barely had any turkey and ham in it. He was also upset that it came out before his food. He was being loud and it really put a damper on my husband and I enjoying our meal. I also had a Cobb salad that day, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I order it often and love that it is not too big and everything on it seems fresh. I also like that it is light and leaves me room for a couple of wings or some spinach artichoke dip and chips. The waiter was so calm. He apparently had learned to deal with this kind of person. I never could have been so calm. I felt bad because even though he seemed unfazed, I am sure it was not a pleasant experience. The whole thing blew my mind and prompted my husband to give our waiter a nice tip.
  3. I agree with you about the Haven restaurant not accommodating reasonable requests. Not being able to substitute a veggie for one that is on the menu is ridiculous. No bagel to the put the lox on is pretty lousy too. If they had them on board in other places, this should have been provided. Especially when the OP wanted one the second day, they should have had them available.
  4. If my room had a dirty sink and shower was not properly cleaned on turn over day, I would think that was not good! I would contact the steward and let them know they needed to come to my room and clean the sink. I would not be mad, but would calmly explain that it had been overlooked. As far as the OP stating that the room still had not been cleaned at 1:30, that is not a big deal. With the new system, some rooms will not be done until later in the afternoon. Minor issues that can be easily resolved by speaking tp your steward.
  5. You can do that if you want to. Whatever you are comfortable with.
  6. Thank you for this. I feel that MoCruiseFan insisting the DSC has nothing to do with tips is misleading to new cruisers. Of course it does. The DSC was invented to make it easier for the cruisers, so they do not have to run around the last night with tip envelopes. That said, I do tip drink servers and my room steward extra, and wait staff when I do my free Sapphire specialty dining. It is true that, technically speaking, NCL does not call the DSC tips. I also like to hear what others tip. It gives me a general idea of where to start when I do choose to tip extra. It would never occur to me to tip for laundry, but I kind of like the idea of leaving five dollars in the basket when my laundry is returned promptly and in good condition. I try not to get involved in tipping threads, but sometimes just feel the need to state my opinion.
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