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  1. marcc

    Newbie Star Clipper passengers

    Hi Solent Richard My wife and I loved your blog. Now we are getting impatient to start the cruise and we are still 3.5 months out. Thanks MarcC
  2. Hi all This will be our first cruise on Star Clipper. We've booked Phuket to Singapore Feb 16 to 23, 2019. Are there any of you on the same cruise? The only roll calls I see are in the forum section and there are not many of those. Are there too few passengers per trip to run roll calls? Do people use the forums to organize group tours? I was hoping some of you would offer advise on what to expect. Give us an idea on the touches that make Star Clipper special and to answer a question or 2 or 3 or 4 or..... The departure from Phuket is scheduled at 10:00 pm. Does anyone know what time we may board and what time the cabins are available? What kind of entertainment is available in the evening? The bridge looks to be an open area on deck. Are passengers allowed to hang around? I read that they'll let you handle lines. Are there other things that are permitted? I was told that the engines could be noisy. We are aft on the lower deck. Comments? Do we travel much under sail alone or is the engine always running? Oh, one from my wife: What's the red wine selection like? Any predominant region? Varied? I'm sure I'll think of a lot more, we're still 6 months out but thanks for your patience in answering these to start. Marc C.
  3. marcc

    Breakaway Boarding Question

    The porters grabbed our bag and tossed them in the forklift bins. It was so quick that I'm not sure they even looked if we had attached our tags. Then we had the bar code from the cruise docs scanned and had to show photo ID. (We're Canadian, so we used our passports). I think we had to present our credit card as well. They took our pictures and gave us our access cards and that was it.
  4. I'm the guy who started this thread. I just wanted to know if I had to bring my suit on this trip. I never expected it to turn into a philosophical discussion on group dynamics. I should have asked about something less contentious like politics, sex or religion. Thank goodness I didn't ask anything about tipping. :D Marc C
  5. Does HA still require tie and jacket in the MDR on formal (gala) nights? The last posts I found were ambiguous. We are on the Zuiderdam in the Baltic next month and I'd really like to avoid packing a suit and tie that I'll only be using for a couple of hours. Thanks Marc C
  6. marcc

    Diet sodas on Quest

    Thanks to everyone who answered. Club soda it is. :)
  7. marcc

    Diet sodas on Quest

    IMHO, you can get away with diet tonic in a G&T but I can't say I like it straight up. At least not the stuff we get in Canada.
  8. marcc

    Diet sodas on Quest

    Azamara has a CBO, I'll be darned !!! Hi Bonnie I like Diet Ginger Ale and Fresca. would you know if either are carried aboard? Thanks Marc
  9. Can anyone tell me what diet sodas are available at the bars and the in-cabin refrigerator on Quest? I may have to pack my favourites if they aren't stocked. Thanks Marc
  10. We are still thinking of booking the Aug 25 Equinox cruise that disembarks in Istanbul. Both the US and Canadian govt travel sites suggest vigilance and an increased risk but don't actually issue an advisory for Istanbul. if it looks like its getting worse, we can leave immediately upon disembarkation. My DW would like a chance to get a carpet but we could drop that idea if Istanbul sounds too dangerous. We'll have to decide before we book of course. But things get a little hairy if Celebrity decides to pull the plug on Turkey completely after we make our reservations. Anyone have any idea how bad it could get before they cancel the stop in Istanbul? If Celebrity does cancel, can anyone suggest the alternate port they might use? Back to Athens maybe? Does anyone know how would they handle the flight change? Do they organize it for you even if you don't use ChoiceAir? Who pays for the airline rebooking and change fees ? I called Celebrity and their operator said that nothing had been decided on cancelling the stop in Turkey and that Celebrity would "help" with the airline re-booking if there was a change but what kind of help was not clear. I can't imagine rebooking 3000 people would be easy. Thanks Marc C.
  11. Hi all I can't find much information about Vibe on the NCL site. Can anyone give me the low-down? I've read posts that it costs $20.00 day/pp or $79. for a seven day cruise and that it sells out very quickly. How do they handle longer cruises, Our Jan. 3 departure is 14 days. Do they just double the 7 day price? And if it sells out, how does the $20/day work? Do you purchase specific days upon embarkation or are the daily rates available later in the cruise. This is our first time on NCL and we'd like to see what the "public" pool areas are like before deciding to pay the Vibe surcharge. It does not sound like the ship is going to be full and I'd have thought the kids would be back at school. Thanks MarcC
  12. marcc

    My Cuba Cruise

    Hi All Since there is no Roll-call for my departure, I'm going to post this here. We have booked a taxi from Montego Bay - Negril - return on February 20. If anyone is interested in sharing let me know. It's going to run $130.00 U.S. Thanks Marc C.
  13. marcc

    My Cuba Cruise

    Hi All Thanks Ont-CA and Retiring Soon for your comments. Permit me to pick your brains a little longer. In Antilla. If we don't take a shore excursion, what are our options? Is there anything to see around the port? Is there transportation available to something interesting and accessible nearby? What did you do last time? For Cienfuegos, I'd really like to make it to Trinidad but I do not want to rent a car in Cuba and I'd like to avoid the ship's excursions. Any suggestions? Thanks Marc C.
  14. marcc

    My Cuba Cruise

    Hi All We will be on the Feb 16 cruise out of Havana and had a couple of questions. It's quite possible that they've been answered but the thread is pretty long and I might have missed them so i appreciate your patience. I've heard complaints about nickle and dime-ing with things like the cabin lock box being an extra charge and having trouble getting "free" water. Is this true? Are there other things we should look out for? Is the steak-house worth the money? Is the main dinning room OK? Is it fairly easy to catch taxis and tours from the docks or are you at the mercy of the Louis shore excursions. I'm sure I'll think of a million other things but I'll stop here for the moment Thanks for your help Marc C.
  15. Hi We are on the March 18 Volendam cruise through China and Japan. Yesterday, we received a letter from H/A about visas and passports. They write in the letter that they might collect and maintain all guest passports for the duration of the voyage. In order to take a private overnight tour of Beijing, we will need our original passports to check into the hotel. (They say that they can't accept a photo copy.) I contacted H/A and a service rep said that the letter was wrong, and that we will get to keep our passports. So now I have conflicting stories from Holland America. I'm hoping to get an answer from someone who has first hand experience. Has anyone been in China with H/A? Did you have to surrender your passports or were you able to keep them? Thanks Marc C.