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  1. Now that's funny, I saw the word pando and thought, "What in the world does that mean? Isn't Pando some sort of British police car". Took a minute for the penny to drop. Do you actually pronounce it pan-do? Anyway I digress. We are interested in the Oceana as it's one of the only cruises that we could find that leaves from Malta and includes visits to ports in the Adriatic. And I don't object to the formality. I just want to understand what is expected. Many cruise lines are perfectly happy with a jacket and tie on formal nights even if they say dark suit. For me, it is just a question of packing as lightly as possible. In the last five years, on Holland America, I don't think I've counted 20 dinner jackets worn on formal night . It used to be "de rigueur". Times change.
  2. Hi We are thinking of taking a cruise on the Oceana and were wondering about the rigidity of the formal nights dress code. North American based cruise lines are moving away from formal nights but I understand that P & O has kept up traditions and formal nights are "dressy". I don't like wasting luggage space on a suit that I will wear for a total of 8 hours. I prefer to travel with a blazer, tie and flannels. It permits more flexibility as the components can be combined in different ways. Is that acceptable dress for formal night or do they actually insist on a suit? Thanks Marc C.
  3. 23 days before we board. Time is going soooooo slowly.
  4. Hi all This will be our first cruise on Star Clipper. We've booked Phuket to Singapore Feb 16 to 23, 2019. Are there any of you on the same cruise? The only roll calls I see are in the forum section and there are not many of those. Are there too few passengers per trip to run roll calls? Do people use the forums to organize group tours? I was hoping some of you would offer advise on what to expect. Give us an idea on the touches that make Star Clipper special and to answer a question or 2 or 3 or 4 or..... The departure from Phuket is scheduled at 10:00 pm. Does anyone know what time we may board and what time the cabins are available? What kind of entertainment is available in the evening? The bridge looks to be an open area on deck. Are passengers allowed to hang around? I read that they'll let you handle lines. Are there other things that are permitted? I was told that the engines could be noisy. We are aft on the lower deck. Comments? Do we travel much under sail alone or is the engine always running? Oh, one from my wife: What's the red wine selection like? Any predominant region? Varied? I'm sure I'll think of a lot more, we're still 6 months out but thanks for your patience in answering these to start. Marc C.
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