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  1. Booked on the 10 night Lisbon to Barcelona on October 9, 2021. Any guesses or word when they are going to do the upgrade yet? I'm in a Deck 11 AQ cabin and liked what they did to the Summit during the revolution......hope Infinity will be done by then (if they don't sell the ship that is...).
  2. All of the prices on all of the cruise lines are hyper-inflated because of the generous future cruise credits they handed out and lift and shift promos etc. There is NO WAY I would give any cruise line money right now, including Azamara. There is too much risk and who knows if several of these lines will even survive. I certainly have my doubts Azamara is going to get through this.
  3. I love cruises, but you just would not get me on a ship in the next 12 months (at least). I suspect most people feel that way and therefore don't understand how this industry can survive without major restructuring. The new big ships are more cost efficient and maximize revenue, they have to be the focus. The question will be...does anyone want to go on a big ship anymore? Fewer passengers seems a lot more attractive in a COVID-19 environment....so maybe smaller ships will stand a chance?
  4. It will be interesting to see what happens to the entire cruise industry. I suspect many ships will be sold or mothballed and several cruise brands will cease to exist. With 3 old ships you have to wonder if Azamara has much of a path forward.
  5. In my opinion, No. It's about the same quality as Celebrity, both food and service-wise. It's quieter, ships are a nice compact size...but no it is not worth any sort of premium over the usual Celebrity cruise.
  6. I don't even know what you're talking about at this point......but I'm glad you're having a good time.
  7. I don't understand why you are questioning the accuracy of my comments. Why would I fabricate or spread misinformation? I see no benefit to me in doing that, and that seems to be what you are implying. I'm glad this was not your experience, but it was definitely mine. Didn't ruin my vacation, and it was all minor stuff, but I think it would have been a better experience if they paid attention to these things. Cruise on.
  8. Please don't misunderstand, I had a GREAT cruise. The negative things I have mentioned were minor issues. I just think I like Celebrity a bit more. In Oman they took us to the new Convention Centre which was about 30 to 40 minutes away. There was a local band that played a few songs, followed by a brass band that played Christmas music. The show was probably about 45 minutes long and then they took us back to the ship. I wish I had just stayed on the ship. I would not do it again.
  9. Only once and it was very minor. I loved that cabin. I would probably switch to the one on the other side because 8073 had a tub and the other was just a shower. I only use a shower. I also liked that there was a partial blocked view on the balcony with the slant of the ship's structure. Others might not like that - but I thought it was great because it gave it more privacy on the one side and also some shelter from the wind when required.
  10. Not sure how I could have missed that....I was on the lounge chair all day on those days and never heard or saw a thing! How much did I drink??
  11. Sorry, the only time there was ever music played at the pool was at the White Night Party - no live music permformed or taped music played there during the day.
  12. Well I'm not tying to misrepresent, nor would I see any point in misrepresenting what it was like on board. What woudl I gain from that? Anyway, I commented that there was no live music at sailaway or poolside - there was also recorded music poolside during the day, nor was there before dinner or after dinner at one of the bars similar to Martini bar on Celebrity to liven things up a bit. That is what I was missing and I think it would have been a bit more enjoyable if there had been. Had I been on a Caribbean cruise I would have really missed have some music at the pool even more. The trio was quite good, but usually were playing when we were eating dinner. The the piano player in the bright room was good, but as I said the ambience killed her act and many people commented on same. I realize that you probably don't agree with my points, and that's okay - these are just my opinions and thoughts I'm expressing.
  13. Ha. Of course it did! Thanks. The Internet was so crazy slow on the ship I should have even demanded back the $69. Internet on the Summit in June was incredible. if Azamara is supposed to be a step-up from Celebrity, they need to upgrade their Wifi connectivity.
  14. So, I just got off the Quest yesterday, sailing in a CC suite and I am Discoverer Level. Why did I have to pay $69 then?
  15. Just off the Quest Christmas and Solar Eclipse cruise from Dubai to Mumbai. It has been over 10 years since I sailed this ship (also on a Holiday sailing) and thought I would share some thoughts on my experience. Overall, an excellent cruise with an amazing crew. Was lucky to win an upgrade to a Club Continent Suite and I absolutely LOVED my cabin 8073. That being said, I was originally assigned an accessible CC room on Deck 6 and I was REALLY unhappy with the condiiton that suite was in, even after steam cleaning upon my request. To the crew's credit they jumped on it right away, but in my opinion the upkeep of that room was neglected for so long that the soft furnishings need to be completely replaced. Also, the big problem was the height of the desk - it is way too high to sit at and be fuctional unless you are in a wheelchair. I had to do some work on this voyage on my laptop, and the desk was not at a height I could work at. Upon my request, guest relations moved me to Deck 8 which I very much appreciated. I also want to say how wonderful the guest relations staff are on this ship. An amazing team of professionals. Another highlight for me was the Le Club Voyage Discoverer's Brunch. Wow - what an incredible job they did on that. I was very impressed. White Night was also really well done and a lot of fun. The Azamazing Evening in Oman was a bad joke, but they tried. I was impressed with their coordination and logistics to get everyone there and back so easily. As far as food throughout the ship, the dining room was good but a bit inconsistent. Prime C was terrible - and I mean terrible. They could not cook a steak medium rare, and everyone was complaining about this particular restaurant. I went twice thinking I had a bad night the first time, and the second time was far worse. Aqualina in my opinion was absolutely no better than the main dining room. The buffet was very good as was the Patio Grill. I also really liked the tapas available in the Living Room. A shame that room is so under-utilzed. Taking the casino out may or may not have been a good idea. The room looks nice, but nobody wants to be in that lounge as the lighting is so bright in the evenings. Why couldn't Azamara install a dimming switch for the lights? Felt sorry for the piano player. No ambience in that room at night whatsoever. They need to fix this. Cruise Director and Assistant Cruise Director were also very good on this sailing. They also went out of their way to be welcoming to passengers who were sailing alone. The shows and entertainment however were not to my liking and I think this cruise line has way too much trivia scheduled. Also, really disappointed there was no music playing poolside or a live band at sailway etc. The other thing that bothered me was that there was not a similar venue to the Martini Bar on Celebrity where you could meet fellow cruisers either before or after dinner with some lively music. Don't get me started on the DJ in the living room and how many times he played the same 8 songs over and over and over. We could call them in order before he played them by Day 5. For that reason alone, I think I'm headed back to Celebrity. In my humble opinion, the Quest is the perfect size ship, and I loved the short walk to my cabin wherever I happened to be, but there just isn't enough entertainment or socializing onthis ship to make me want to go back. I will sail Azamara again if the itinerary is good and the price is right, but I don't think it is any better than Celebrity. In fact, I think Celebrity may be better - at least for my cruise dollar.
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