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  1. Not sure I explained properly. I did not receive an email invitation to bid. I was actually told that my booking rate made me ineligible to bid on an upgrade because it was a last minute voyage pricing reseration. (I cancelled my previous reservation and switched to this because it was very worthwhile to do so even with forfeiting all my onboard credit). I checked on the website just to see if I could bid....and in fact I was able to bid after my cabin was assigned and did so. Then after I bid I got an email saying that they would advise as early as 60 days prior to sailing if the bid was successful. Looking at your spreadsheet it doesn't look like anybody has had a bid accepted within the 60 to 90 day out window...so was enquiring if that is indeed the case. If anybody has had a bid accepted over 60 days out I'd be interested in knowing. I think Celebrity accepts further out than that.
  2. Is it true that they don't notify successful bidders of upgrades until 60 days prior to sailing date?
  3. Yes these prices are nuts and Azamara is not that superior a product to Celebrity or Princess IMHO.
  4. Yep. This is exactly what I ran into. The answer from the agents at Azamara is essentially "Too bad, so sad.". It's crap. Loyal customers who stick with Celebrity and Azamara get treated worse than new customers. I think it stinks. When I originally booked my cruise the old upgrade program was in place and I filled out the form to participate in that. Azamara didn't even let me know they cancelled that program. I had to learn about the new upgrade bidding program on Cruise Critic. Another fail.
  5. Yes that's correct. It said I was not eligible to bid. Agent told me it was because I was now on a Last Minute Sailing fare and they are not eligible. Whatever. I really think their pricing is a joke. I would never EVER book with Azamara until within the 120 day prior to sailing window. Their prices drop like a rock and everybody who has been booked for a year or two in advance are treated very poorly. Back to Celebrity I go.
  6. Only if you qualify for a bid. . I've also since learned that last minute voyage bookings don't allow you to bid either.
  7. So I wanted to pay extra to upgrade my oceanview to a balcony because the price has just dropped, but unfortunately the balcony guarantee rate is for new bookings only. We are 2 weeks after the final payment was due now, and I wrongly thought that as long as the new rate was more than my current booking it would be allowed. Have done this many times with Celebrity bookings. So....this once again tells me that I shouldn't even consider booking a cruise until after final payment is due. I get that they drop prices to fill cabins....but honestly, I'm willing to pay them more and they won't take it. I"m not asking for a free upgrade or something unreasonable I don't think. I'm asking for the privilege to give them more money. Think it's silly, but am sure others will disagree.
  8. Bless, I'm so over this and the constant complaining. It's a cruise ship, not a tax return.
  9. It's Dubai to Mumbai. Not exactly a scenic cruise....
  10. Currently booked in an aft VX cabin for 11 night voyage. Price for an Oceanview cabin has dropped substantially.....there is now a $2,400 Cdn price difference (total) to downgrade to an oceanview cabin before final payment is due in a couple weeks. I love having a balcony (although we never use it much), and I love being at the back of the ship....but I'm having a really hard time justifying that kind of extra cost for a balcony on such a small ship when I can be on deck in about 30 seconds flat. Have stayed in a Deck 4 oceanview on the Quest previously for 18 nights and we were just fine. But I really am torn on this one a bit since I like the aft so much. Aargh. decisions decisions.
  11. Thank you Bonnie. Appreciate it.
  12. Thanks so much for your insight. Will definitely be comparing to our previous experience which was excellent.
  13. Thank you all for this information - you answered my questions. If lattes and bottled water are included then I don't think I'm going to bother to upgrade. Of course if I feel like I"m limited in choice or not liking the wines offered, it's my understanding I can do the upgrade at any point during the cruise anyway...which is fantastic. Appreciate everyone's help in clarifying!
  14. Hello - haven't sailed with AZ since a great 18 night SE Asia cruise in December 2008 for a Xmas and NYE. Our favorite cruise ever, so we are looking forward to the coming cruise this Xmas on the Quest. I've been reading the threads but am confused on the beverage packages - we usually sail Celebrity and upgrade to the Premium package because we like a good selection of wines, martinis, bottled water and specialty coffees. Honestly, if it wasn't for the non-alcoholic inclusions of lattes and waters (pellegrino and still) i'm not sure it would be worth our while.....but I'm seeking the equivalen ton Azamara. Do we need to get the ultimate package to get lattes and pellegrino included? Also confused if you get a larger of selection of wines on the premium package. Anyone who could answer these questions I would greatly appreciate. I find the AZ beverage packages extremely confusing. thanks so much.
  15. Second cruise I have done MoveUp bids for several categories - and both times all bids were not successful. Both times, emails saying I was not successful came through 2 days before sailing at exactly 2:41pm. I'm disappointed, but our balcony cabin is still a good one and I figure I have extra money to gamble with now. haha
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